Best Cheese Slicers

Best Cheese Slicers


Cheese, Sliced Cheese especially is always a great addition to any meal as you can go from eating just it to pairing it with other eatables. If you are still using a knife to cut your cheese, it is either you have not heard of a cheese slicer before or you have and then decided not to use one because you feel you don’t need one. If that is the case then you are really missing out, I should tell you why you need a cheese slicer.

To start with, if knives were perfect with the cheese cutting tasks, I don’t think there would have been any reason for the invention of a cheese slicer. For it to have been invented, it meets that the inventor was certainly not satisfied with using a knife to slice cheese. Cheese slicers are dedicated to cheese slicing and it is a good to have a tool that performs just a particularly task. Cheese slicers are needed for more making finely cut cheese slices in the sense that they will be of equivalence. Also, using a cheese slicer in slicing cheese is more easier and faster. If you would want to make your cheese slices quickly and even then you sure need to buy a cheese slicer.

There are many quality cheese slicers in the market so it would be wrong to say that there is a (Just one) Best Cheese Slicer in the market unless if I’m trying to advertise my own product which is definitely not want I want to do.

In this article, you will find detailed information about the best cheese slicers you can buy. All the products on the list are of high quality and are currently the best selling and most customers recommended.

Note that this list is in no particular order

1. Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I am kicking off with a Westmark product, the Westmark brand is renowned  for making functional kitchen tools. This Westmark cheese slicer is a replica of the kind of slicers used in the 80’s and 90’s. It is made with quality cast aluminum material and the roller and cutting wire is made from stainless steel. The cutting wire is 4 inch wide and holds tight enough to give you the perfect slice width for your snacks, sandwiches and more. It has a handle to hold so it makes using this cheese slicer very easy. You can choose how thick or thin you want your cheese to be, the thickness or thinness of your sliced cheese depends on how you hold the slicer. You are to hold it on a flatter anger for a thin slice and on a steep angle for a thicker slice. The Westmark manufacturers made sure that this cheese slicer won’t be a hassle to store. On the handle, there is a hang hole so you can hang it in your kitchen if you are the type that don’t store kitchen tools in the drawer. This cheese slicer is to be hand washed with soap and water, you are not advised to put it in a dish washer for washing. With confidence that you will be satisfied with using this product, the Westmark issues a 5 year warranty on this egg slicer. If not satisfied, you can get your money back within that time.

2. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

The Bellemain cheese slicer is a top customer favourite cheese slicer. What it does is to help you slice your cheese easy, fast and efficient. I call the structure rigid but it would be OK to just say it is very strong. It is an adjustable cheese slicer, the advantage here is that you can both use it to make thin and thick cheese slice, you just have to adjust it to the one you want. The body is made of a solid cast zinc alloy, a kind of material that is very durable and resistant to wear and tear. The cheese slicing is done by the sharp stainless steel cutting wire with a roller. For cleaning, it is to be hand washed, using a dish washer is not advisable as it will certainly discolour it. The Bellemain manufacturers being so thoughtful decided to include an extra cutting wire for you, so that just in case the initial one becomes faulty, you can quickly replace it. But the con here is, if the replacement gets faulty too, you would find it difficult to get another one from the manufacturers, you are most likely to buy a new slicer. Not withstanding, you should not be afraid of it developing faults as it is actually sturdy. In addition to that, the Bellemaine cheese slicer is backed with a 1 year warranty so it is surely worthy of being purchased.

3. Barmix Cheese Slicer

In appearance, this Cheese slicer is different from the above mentioned ones. It looks like a kitchen spoon but the opening on the blade will certainly signal you that it is not one. It features an easy, simple and very unique cheese slicing method, it is majorly used for hard cheese. The Barmix cheese slicer has a thin slicer blade made from stainless steel, it is a perfect cheese slice for thin and very thin cheese slices, though it can equally be used to slice bit thicker slices. Using this cheese slicer is easy and done with comfort, the handle is made from rubber and about 5 inches in length so there is enough room for you to make a firm grip. The Barmix Cheese Slicer is dish washer safe so if that is what you have been looking for in a cheese slicer, you have an option here. It is dishwasher safe solely because of the manner in which it was designed. There is still an option for you to hand wash if you want. You can easily store the Barmix cheese slicer as it has a hang hole. Hanging kitchen tools has been the norm in so many homes because it also allows easy access to the tools. For recommendation, the Barmix cheese slicer will work fine for anyone, but since it is renowned for making very thin cheese slices, I would say you should get it if thin cheese slices is just what you want.

4. True Wire Cheese Lyre Slicer

Looking like a musical instrument (You can single out the “Lyre” in the description) or more like a hunting bow to me, you may be utterly confused as at if the True Wire Cheese Lyre Slicer will be up to the task it is needed for in the Kitchen. But, you should not judge a book by its cover or better still in this case, don’t judge the efficiency of a tool by its look. The True Wire Cheese Lyre Slicer is a handy cheese slicer, handy in the sense that is easy to use even with one hand. It has a single cutting wire made from stainless steel and a sturdy also made also of Stainless Steel but of a more stronger variation. Whether hard or soft cheese, it will be evenly sliced with the True Wire Cheese Lyre Slicer into thick or thin slices. You have to adjust the angle at which you hold this slicer to get your desired thin or thick result. Cleaning this cheese slicer is no work,  it does not stick cheese anywhere as it is has just a single wire. It is not dishwasher safe so you should hand wash it. It is definitely easy to store, you can hang it or put it in your kitchen drawer. Just so you know, the True wire Cheese Lyre Slicer is Amazons’ choice for “cheese wire cutter” so it is definitely recommended for purchase as one of the best cheese slicers.

5. Fox Run Adjustable Cheese Slicer

Coming from the Fox Run Craftsmen brand, we have a very high performing adjustable cheese slicer. In appearance, it looks more like a medium sized paint brush and can be quickly mistaken for one if not for the absence of the brush bristles. In place of the brush bristles, it has a strong stainless steel cutting wire which is what it is suppose to have as a cheese slicer it is. The remaining parts of this Fox Run Adjustable Cheese Slicer is made from zinc alloy and also durable. The construction is well made, making sure that the tool is sturdy and long lasting. It is an adjustable slicer so you can cut very thin, thin, thick and thicker cheese slices, you just need to adjust it to your preference. Having a handle and being adjustable are just the two major features that makes the Fox Run Adjustable Cheese Slicer easy to use. It is a cheese slicer that should be hand washed, you should not put it in a dish washer. With a hang hole in the handle, the Fox Run Adjustable Cheese Slicer can be neatly hanged for easy storage and quick access. We can say that the Fox Run Craftsmen manufacturers are more thoughtful than the Bellemaine manufacturers which was mentioned earlier. This is because there is an additional it also comes with additional cutting wires, not one but two. You will be completely satisfied with using this cheese slicer.

6. Norpro Stainless Steel Cheese Plane/Slicer

The Norpro brand does not really need any introduction because when talking about best kitchen tools, you are sure to find a Norpro made product on every list. This is yet another cheese slicer that looks like a kitchen spoon but again the opening will signal that off your mind. You see the word “Stainless Steel” in the description, that is exactly just what this cheese slicer is made from. It is the ideal slicer for executing cheese slicing tasks in your kitchen and it does the job with optimal efficiency. The blade that does the cheese slicing is 2 inches wide and very sharp. It is very sharp that it could injure you if you run your fingers over it. That was not intended to scare you, it is a cheese slicer and definitely not meant for your fingers. With the Norpro Stainless Steel Cheese slicer, you can make thin and thick slices from both hard and soft cheese. The handle is rounded and sturdy enough to let you grip firmly. At the very end of the handle is a hang hole, a relatively wide one to be precise. It can be easily stored and easily accessed as well by hanging it. In the area of cleaning or washing, it is dishwasher safe so a lot more easier to clean as you perform less work. But if you would prefer hand washing which is more safer, you are sure to keep it sparkling for long.

7. OXO 1071567 Cheese Slicer

The OXO Cheese slicer is a uniquely designed cheese slicer. It has a design different from everyone other cheese slicer and it is also a bit more tiny than the other cheese slicer. It was made by OXO to be different from its competitors and that gives it an advantage as it stands out and can be easily recognized. The OXO cheese slicer is strong as it is die-cast zinc constructed with a sturdy stainless steel cutting wire. In contrast, it has a handle made from soft rubber plastic so you feel very comfortable with holding it. It is useful for slicing both hard and soft cheese into thin or thick slices. While cutting, you can easily maintain your angle and adjusting the cutting angle changes the thickness of the slice. This cheese slicer features a tension wheel, the tension wheel is a useful function as it allows you to tighten the cutting wire in a situation where it gets loose. Cleaning the OXO cheese slicer would not be something to worry about as it is dishwasher safe. Just like every manufacturer would, the OXO manufacturers cares about the welfare of their customers and so included in the purchase package is an extra stainless steel cutting wire to your advantage. It can come in as a much needed replacement when the main cutting wire gets faulty.

8. Boska Holland 307063 Flex Steel Blade, Monaco Collection Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

As I earlier stated in the introduction, this list is in no particular ranking order so having the Boska Holland Cheese Slicer at the bottom of my list does not imply that it is the least performing among all. The Boska Holland Cheese slicer is actually a highly valued cheese slicer. It is among Amazons’ choice for cheese slicers for hard cheese. On that note, It may not be the ideal slicer for very soft cheese but it performs efficiently with hard and semi hard cheese. It uses its 3″ blade made from high quality stainless steel to make these slices. The blade is made sharp and stays sharp, it is likely never to go blunt for a long period of time even if you use it constantly. Just like the blades, the handle is also made from same high quality stainless steel material as it is a one piece metal cheese slicer. You will find it easy to clean when it gets dirty, the cheese won’t hang on to the blade while slicing. What more, it can be washed in a dishwasher. Talk about how durable it is, the Boska Holland Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer is backed with a mind blowing 10 year warranty. That goes further to show how confident the Boska Holland brand is for the quality of their product. There is more than enough reason why this cheese slicer is worth your money, if it wasn’t, it definitely would not be on my list of best cheese slicers.


If you need a cheese slicer, make your budget, get the money and order any of the items from this list that meets your interest. Of course there are other quality cheese slicers not on this list, but it will be helpful using this list to narrow your scale of preference. One important thing to note is that for your cheese slicer to last for you, you have to be mindful of how you use and how you maintain it. Let’s take for instance: reading through the items on this list, you would see that some of them are dishwasher safe but most are not to be put anywhere near. You are not to do otherwise because going against the manufacturers instruction will surely affect the functionality of the item and I am sure you would not be pleased with that. And finally, if you are a lover of cheese and you certainly find it easier to make cheese slices using a cheese slicer, then you have to be thankful to Thor Bjørklund (1889-1975) a carpenter from Lillehammer, Norway. Before you ask what for, you should know that in 1925, he invented the cheese slicer.



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