10 Best Baby Gates to Keep Your Baby Safe

If you have a baby, his or her safety would be your No. 1 priority. Therefore, baby-proofing your entire house is crucial to ensure that they are always safe, especially if you’re not looking at them for a minute or even a second.

Your baby can get hurt even when you‘ve just removed your sight from them for just a second.

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One of the most important baby-proof products that you can get for your home is a baby gate. These items can prevent your baby or toddlers from going to dangerous places, such as kitchens, staircases, electrical wires, and more. In this article, we would be providing you with the best list of baby gates.

1. Summer Infant Multi-Use Baby Gate Review

Some parents look for a tall gate, which is ideal for them as it prevents them from bending too much to open or close the gate. So, if you are one of those parents looking for a tall baby gate, this product is the one for you.

This gate can be hardware-mounted or pressure mounted for multi-purposes, which is why this is highly recommended for parents. Not only that, but it also has a door stopper to prevent the gate from swinging wide open towards the staircase. This can fit openings 28.5 to 45 inches wide.


2. Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Gate

If your house has wide rooms and doorways but wants to keep your baby safe, then you are lucky as there are wide baby gates out there that are suitable for your needs.

This Regalo Baby Gate is designed to fit on wide openings in your house. This gate is made of steel and available in white or black. Choose a color that can blend well with your furniture. It can also be pressure or hardware mounted and can be expanded to up to 192 inches wide! Now that’s a lot of coverage.


3. North States Deluxe Décor Gate

If you want to use a baby that looks more sophisticated, and can complement any house, this Deluxe Décor Gate would be your best choice. The gate is built from a long-lasting, heavy-duty metal for durability and is finished with an exclusive matte bronze color to complement all types of home décor.

The gate can fit an opening of up to 38.3 to 72 inches wide and a height of 30 inches, tall enough to prevent a baby from crawling into dangerous areas. The gate also offers a one-swinging walk-through panel equipped with a double-locking system for a more secure locking system.


4. Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Gate

Keep your baby crawler and walker safe with this very easy-to-install pressure gate, which easily opens and shuts quietly. It also has a dual locking system, which is also child-proof to prevent your child from opening it. You can either pressure or hardware mount this gate for an easy installation process.

This is ideal for doorways, halls, and stairways as it stands 29.5 inches high and 29.5 to 35.0 inches wide. The package includes an extension that extends to up to 2.75 inches for more coverage. This is a great addition in case you needed to have a bit more width length. Note that this gate is only suitable for babies that are 6 to 24 months old.


5. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

The soft and wide Evenflo baby gate has a different concept than the other products on this list. Unlike the previous gates above, the Evenflo doesn’t have a door that shuts, and swings open. But instead, it looks more like the traditional wooden expansion gates that our parents used when we were kids, which you only install and leave be.

However, as long as it’s not too high for adults to step over, it would work pretty well to prevent babies from going to areas where they aren’t allowed to. Since you need to walk over this gate, it is not ideal to be used on top or at the bottom of the stairs.


6. KidCo Safeway Gate Review

This is a top-rated baby gate that is best all-around for the top stairs. However, this is only specifically made for the top stairs only. Therefore, it is not suitable for doorways and walkway areas. Some of its criteria are that it doesn’t have a step-over bar at the bottom edge, is well-reviewed, and can be attached to walls or railing posts.

Also, it is very sturdy and reliable that could last long and keep your child safe. And for your convenience, it can be operated one-handed and doesn’t automatically swing shut on you.


7. North States Multi-Directional Swing Gate

The North States company is one of the best manufacturers out there that makes safety products for babies, and their baby gate products have most of the best reviews in the market and are fairly priced. And this multi-directional swing gate is among them.

Besides being multi-directional, it also has a triple locking system to ensure your baby’s security and offers you peace of mind knowing that your child is away from harm. This gate measures from 28 to 38.5 inches wide and up to 29 inches tall. This is suitable for babies up to 24 months old.


8. Regalo Home Accents Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Here is another great product from Regalo. This baby gate can stand up to 37 inches tall, which makes it ideal for 3-year-old toddlers, and can fit openings of up to 43 inches wide. This is wide enough to fit on most doorways and walkways of different houses.

Its design is fashioned with a high-end finish, which compliments most house decors, and has this New Zealand pine feel on it, making the baby gate look more elegant. It can be pressure mounted. Therefore, there’s no need for you to use any kind of tool.  Also, its easy-close handle features a one-touch release as its safety lock.


9. GMI Expansion Gate Review

If you want a more classic-looking wood gate for your kid, while also complementing your house, this expandable wooden gate is the best option. And since it looks more like a garden fence than a baby gate, you can reuse this when your baby is all grown up.

This classic-style wooden gate can expand to up to 36 inches, but if you want a wider gate, you can get one that can expand to up to 60 inches wide. Its height can be varied from 33 inches tall when fully closed to up to 30 ½ inches when fully extended.


10. Cardinal Gates Auto-Lock System

This Cardinal baby gate is suitable to be placed on the bottom of the stairs. Remember that a staircase is an attractive area for babies to explore who just have learned to walk or crawl. Therefore, it’s essential to use a baby gate on the stairs.

This gate has an auto-lock feature. If you don’t want this kind of feature, then this product is not suited for you. The product comes in white aluminum or classic black, choose a color that you think is most suited for your home. The gate expands to up to 40 inches wide and stands up to 29.5 inches tall.

Final Thoughts:

Kids would always want to explore areas and places that they haven’t been through before.

This is okay if only they are old enough to at last walk around the house on their own, but if they’re still just a baby, it’s better if you limit the area that they can go to avoid accidents from happening. Their safety should always be your top priority.



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