5 Best Baby Bottle Nipples [Updated]

As a nursing mother, you may not always be readily available to breastfeed your baby at all times. You are sure to get a baby feeding bottle to assist you.

Baby bottle nipples go hand in hand with the baby feeding bottles which are needed in feeding babies. Using a container with a nice nipple makes your baby feed more comfortably.

Every baby has a feeding pattern, so you need to get the right baby bottle nipple for them to use.

If you search online stores, or you visit a shopping mall close to you, I bet you will be surprised to find out that the range of baby bottle nipple products is endless.

Baby bottle nipples are usually made of either silicone or latex. Both materials have their usability.

– Bestseller Baby Bottle Nipples Comparisons Table – 

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Using a baby bottle with a nipple is of significant advantage to you as a nursing mother. It saves you the stress of having to breastfeed your baby all the time.

Your baby can comfortably cling and suck on his bottle nipple thinking it is the real thing. Also, most babies even tend to like feeding with a baby bottle more than from the mom’s breast.

1. Comotomo Silicone Replacement Nipple, Fast Flow, 6+ Months, 2 Count

This baby bottle nipple comes in 4 sizes and is to be used for 6+ month babies. The quality is great it is very soft and thick, made of 100% silicone material, this product is BPA-Free and very durable. It is easy to clean, easy to use, and very durable. The flow rate is good and moderate, not too fast and not too slow, just perfect.

You can use them along with the Comotomo baby bottles or any bottle that matches the size and it will work just fine. It is designed just like a normal breast nipple so your babies can just enjoy their feeding all the same.


2. Dr. Brown’s Original Nipple Level 3 (6m+), 6 Pack

Your babies can feed themselves comfortably with this Dr. Brown’s product. This Level-3 product is recommended for feeding babies of 6 months and above. It is made of silicone and is dishwasher safe.

The price is very affordable; it is not costly at all. It is excellent for your baby; they don’t leak at all and can fit on various baby feeding bottles. The flow is good and ideal for babies who like feeding a bit faster. Many customers who have bought and used this product on their feeding babies and have confirmed its good quality. Your baby will have to problem switching from breast to bottle.


3. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Nipple, First flow Nipple, 2pk, SCF657/23

Philips Avent is a known brand when it comes to producing baby products. These Nipples are BPA-free and made of soft and durable silicone material. It is wide, and breast-shaped giving your baby total feeding comfort. It features Anti-Colic vent technology that helps vent air away from your baby’s stomach.

It has a very moderate flow rate that pumps in just the right amount your baby can manage. It is very flexible and is dishwasher safe.  It can be used for newborn babies as it is a first-flow nipple. If you are not always around to breastfeed, go for this baby bottle nipple, your baby will be contented while using it.


4. Medela 3 Piece Wide Base Slow Flow Nipple, 0-4 Months

You can start using this Medela nipple immediately after your baby starts breastfeeding. It helps you as a feeding mother to efficiently breastfeed your baby for as long as you choose to do, It can be used with all Medela breastmilk bottles.

This product is BPA-free and is easy to clean, you can hand wash, or you put you use a dishwasher. It comes in 3 pieces and features both slow and medium flow rates. You can use whoever your baby can cope with. It is recommended that you buy this product for your baby’s use; it is one of the best baby bottle nipples you can find.


5. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Medium Flow Baby Nipples, 0+ Months – 2 count

These Tommee Tippee baby bottle nipples are fantastic. They can be almost used for babies of any age as long as they are still breastfeeding. The designs are super cute, with a good, deep latch. It is made of silicone. It is soft and breast-like shaped.

It is BPA-free and Phthalate free andante-colic valve. All the baby nipples feature different flow rates. You have to pick your desired one according to your baby’s age and feeding pattern. It is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. This product is ideal for comfortable baby feeding; you will be surprised at how relaxed your baby will be while feeding on it.


What to consider when choosing a baby bottle nipple?

You should note these features when choosing a baby bottle nipple. The Nipple shape is important. Choose a nipple with a breast-like shape or a tall dome shape.

Your baby can easily suck on these types of nipples. Also, the size of the nipple is important, make sure you pick a size that fits in well in your baby’s mouth. You should also consider the flow rate of the nipple.

This should be dependent on how fast or slow your baby sucks, get a nipple with a flow rate that matches his pace.


Always try to wash your baby’s nipples whenever your baby is done with feeding. Also, replace these nipples once they become worn out due as they reach maximum usability.

Eventually, your Babies grow, so one day they would no longer need to suck a breast or a bottle with a nipple. For now, get them one and also save yourself some nursing time.



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