Best Baby Bike Seats Reviewed

Riding a bike with kids, especially those who just have learned how to crawl or walk, is one of the best ways of showing and introducing them to the world of cycling.

But since they are not yet strong and independent enough to ride a bike on their own, it would be great on having them on board with you to get you both on your bike.

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Parenthood would not mean that it’s the end of your cycling routine. Once your baby is old enough to support his or her head, you can bring him or her along by using a baby seat or trailer on your bike.

8 Best Baby Bike Seats for Your Baby’s First Outdoor Adventure

Before making a baby bike seat purchase, make sure that your child can hold up their head pretty well on their own to ensure that they can withstand a couple of bumps on the road, or better yet, you can just ask your baby’s pediatrician if they are even allowed to ride with you. After all, your baby’s safety is still your main priority.

There are a lot of different bike seats that you can choose from in the market, which makes the whole baby bike seat purchasing a bit more difficult with all the options. Therefore, we have searched and reviewed the best of them for your convenience.

8. Thule RideAlong Mini Seat Review

The age range of the child that this seat can hold would be around 9 months weighing around 33 lbs. This bike seat is very durable, made of high quality, and packed with easy-to-use features for your convenience. Its comfort is center stage with backpack shoulder style straps that are secure, soft, padded, have adjustable height positions, and don’t slip down.

Some of its features are handlebars to keep your child busy, a standard lock to prevent theft, and a variable-height footrest for your child’s comfort. With a simple quick release, you can easily mount and unmount the baby seat anytime in just seconds.


7. Bell Bike Child Carrier Review

If you are looking for a bike seat with a simple design, then this classic Bell Child Carrier may be more than what you are looking for. This baby bike seat can be easily mounted on any type of adult bicycle, you won’t worry about it not fitting on your bike.

The carrier can fit kids that are up to 40 lbs and is very durable. Therefore, you’ll be using this product for a long time until your child is big enough to ride on their own. The seat also has a five-point harness system that can only be unlocked with both hands, therefore, you won’t have to worry about your baby unlocking it accidentally by himself.


6. WeeRide Kangaroo Bike Seat Review

You should take a look at this bike seat and decide if you want to take it or not. If you are looking seat that can provide a very stable ride, then this product would be your best option. The seat is designed to give a good view of your child around his surroundings.

It is made of very sturdy plastic and steel housing, which makes it easy to be installed on most standard bicycles. However, note that this is a front-mounted baby seat. If you’re not comfortable with this type of bike seat, you can just get a rear-mounted one.


5. Thule Yepp Nexxt Bike Seat Review

In addition to being one of the best baby bike seats on the market, this seat can fit all kinds of adult bicycles. Why? Because this mountable bike seat can be wrapped around the entire headset of your bicycle, it can fit both threadless and threaded headsets without even using an adapter.

It is also very easy to install as you won’t have to remove your bike’s modifications or handlebars for mounting. Since this is made by Thule, you’ll see that some of its qualities and ease of use are quite similar to the ride-along mini. However, the included foot straps will keep your child’s foot more secure in place, and large air vents to keep your baby cool in hot climates.


4. Topeak Rear Baby Seat Review

This is suitable for a 9-month-old baby, but if he or she is about 48.5 lbs, he or she would be tightly snuggling with the adult in front of them. Trying to match a baby seat to a rack that you already have can be problematic because it might not be compatible. But with this baby seat, you won’t have to worry about its compatibility because this would be included with its rack, it would also have an option for disc brake bicycles.

As long as you know what kind of brake your bike has, Topeak would send you the right piece. The wrap-around design of the seat also offers extra protection for you and your baby. This rear-mounted seat is one of the easiest to use and install, so you should consider getting this product.


3. Peg Perego Front Mount Seat

For another option of a front-mount baby seat, this Peg Perego is one of the best ones there. The seat can fit the bike’s tubing frames from 1 to 2 inches. It has a one-click installation to make it easy for you to attach and detach the seat to your bike’s frame.

Aside from the straps being adjustable, the seat’s footrest also grows with your child because it has 3 positions that adjust to have a perfect fit. This seat is recommended for kids from 1 year to up to 33 lbs. And since this is a front-mounted baby seat, it would give your child the best view of his or her surroundings. This is another great option for bike seats that you can choose for your child.


2. Schwinn Child Carrier for Bikes

If you are looking for a baby bike set with a well-known name, then you might want to consider getting this Schwinn Carrier. This is a rear-mounted bike frame that is very easy to install and assemble, and also easy to dismantle from most types of adult bicycles.

The seat is made from a polypropylene construction, which is lightweight but has a very strong construction. For added safety, Schwinn has also included a crossbar, Velcro leg restraints, and a quick-release three-point harness that is easy for you but hard for your child to release.


1. Hamax Caress Child Bike Seat

Unlike the Topeak bike seat, this is not included with a rack. However, it is compatible with a disc brake bicycle, but you’ll be buying a separate compatible rack for it.

This is seat is quite similar to a frame-mounted version, but it comes with an adapter that can be mounted to a rack, which is for bikes whose frames aren’t compatible with a frame-mounted bike seat. One of the product’s great features is that it comes with a suspension, which is quite rare for frame-mounted seats to have.


Most Common FAQs:

1. What are the Mounting Types of Baby Bike Seats?

Bike seats come in three mounting types, these include:

  • Rear Frame – this mounts to your bike’s rear frame
  • Front Frame – front mounted bike seats will be installed close to your bike’s handlebars
  • Rear Rack – this is mounted to a rack on your bike’s rear side

2. Which is the Best Baby Seat for Me?

This would depend on a lot of things, including your lifestyle, weight, the age of your baby, and the kind of bike that you have. Therefore, you should carefully consider some of the products above to decide which would fit best for you, your child, and your bike.

3. Is there a Difference between the Safety of frames and Rack Mounted Seats?

No, there is no difference between them. Both mounting seats are tested and certified through the ASTM and EN safety standards. However, the frame mount option provides more movement as its suspension is provided through its bar, while the rack-mount option is provided through the spring in the seat’s adapter.

4. How Old Should My Baby need to be to Ride on a Baby Bike Seat?

Most baby bike seats out there recommend your baby to be at least 9 months old to ride. This is the average age for a baby to ride on a bike seat, as it is the age when they can fully support their head and neck. However, you should still consult your pediatrician first to make sure that it is safe for your child to ride with you.

5. How About the Weight Limit?

Typically, most baby bike seats out there can accommodate a baby of up to 48.5 lbs without much of a problem. And there are also other bike seats out there that can only accommodate a child of up to 40 lbs. You should first check the product’s description to know how big a child it can hold.

Final Thoughts:

As you already know, there are different types of mounting bike seats that you can choose from in the market, so you should think about which type of baby bike seat you and your child would be more comfortable using.

Aside from comfort, you should also know which one of them would be compatible with your bike’s frame. But thankfully, this article has helped you out on which seats would be best for framed and non-framed bicycles. All you have to do now is to decide which is more suitable for you.



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