Best Baby Sleep Sacks To Keep Your Baby Warm

Are you a big fan of swaddling? Do you hate the idea of throwing it out the window once your baby learns to turn over or if it just no longer works?

Swaddling is an excellent method that aids newborns and infants sleep warmly and safely in their cribs, but when babies grow and learn to move with no assistance, it’s time to give it up.

Ironically, even babies who seem to dislike swaddling, enjoy its relief and coziness at sleep, and ensuring security and sleep comfort for newborns is quite challenging.

Fortunately, there is a new and effective way that replaces swaddling today, or at least aids your baby to easily give it up, along with providing safety and comfort: it’s the SleepSack.

If you’re frustrated by the massive number of choices on the market, you’re in luck, as we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you by choosing the best baby sleep sacks available today.

Without further ado, let’s jump to the list!

1. HALO SleepSack – The Best Baby Sleep Sack for Travel

Who said having a baby will prevent you from moving around and traveling? When you get the right clothes and equipment, nothing can stand between you and your freedom, even when you have a kid.

The Halo SleepSack is a godsend for parents who don’t want to fill the closet with sacks that they’re not going to use and would rather get a baby sack that can be used for different locations, weather, and conditions.

How may you ask? Thanks to the large sizing and the 0.5 TOG score, of course, which make the sack cool enough for hot weather, but spacious enough to add warmer sleepwear during cold seasons.

Moreover, the sleep sack is made of 100% breathable cotton that can help regulate your kid’s temperature. The sack is also machine-washable for easy cleaning, and you can easily change your baby’s diaper when he or she is wearing it by unzipping it from the bottom.

For aesthetics, the HaloSleep sack comes in 42 different colors, making it suitable for any parent and gender.

In short, if versatility had been a synonym in the baby sleepwear world, it would’ve been Halo SleepSack.


  • Comes in 42 styles and four sizes
  • Suitable for both summer and winter
  • Easy clean up as it’s machine-washable


  • The zipper’s quality isn’t that great according to some use


2. Burt’s Bees Baby – Beekeeper Wearable Blanket – The Best Organic Baby Sleep Sack

Organic is the new trend nowadays, and if you want to jump on the train before it’s too late, there’s no better way than to get a sleep sack that’s made out of 100% organic cotton.

You guessed it right! We’re talking about the Burt’s Bees Beekeeper Wearable Blanket, the one sack both your baby and the environment deserve.

Thanks to its material, not only is this sleeping sack soft to the touch and gentles your kid’s skin, but it’s also easy to clean and wash. Talk about convenience, huh?

Besides convenience and softness, this baby sack allows healthy hip movement and is also quite safe and secure, both for your baby, thanks to the integrated zipper guard, and your wallet, as it comes with a lifetime warranty from Burt’s, which is, by the way, a reputable brand in the industry.

Furthermore, Burt’s bees baby sack comes in unisex prints, making it suitable for both genders, and a great gift for baby showers. As for the size, it’s about the right to give your baby enough room to move and grow without making the cloth bulky or anything.


  • Affordable
  • Soft to the touch
  • Safe and secure while giving your baby enough room to move


  • Some buyers reported that the size was too big for their preference


3. Nested Bean Zen Baby Sleep Sack Premier – The Best Baby Sleep Sack for Hot Weather

Nobody wants their baby to suffer during the hot days of the summer, which raises the need for a high-quality sleep sack that’s breathable without compromising the looks, which is exactly what the Nested Bean Zen Sack Premier offers.

This baby sleep sack is composed of bamboo, making it breathable enough for your baby to sleep comfortably during hot summer nights.

It’s also sleeveless for your baby to maintain a healthy temperature. Want even more good news? The sack is well-designed and good-looking, not only practical.

The feature that we dig in this baby sleep sack is the lightweight sewn into the chest that mimics the parent’s palm’s weight while the child is sleeping, which is a nice touch from Nested Bean’s designers.

For the cleanup, this sack has double zippers that you can use to change the diaper easily and quickly.


  • Breathable construction
  • Sleeveless design for temperature regulation
  • Comes with adjustable straps to fit several ages


  • Only suitable for babies of 15 months or less
  • The price is a bit steep compared to other sacks


4. HALO Early Walker SleepSack – The Best Baby Sleep Sack for Toddlers

Why should babies get all the fun when it comes to the best baby sleep sacks? Toddlers deserve some attention too!

They say that time flies fast when you’re raising a baby, and that’s as true as it can get. One second your baby is sleeping in his or her sleep sack. The next, they outgrow it as a toddler and need something more suitable for the new size. That’s where the Halo Early Walker SleepSack comes to save the day.

This baby sleep sack comes in various patterns and colors, making it suitable for both little boys and girls. It’s also sleeveless and perfectly sized so that it can be worn over normal pajamas, and it’s designed in a way that allows the toddler to either tuck his or her feet inside or gets them out.

As with the other sacks on our list, this sleepsack can be unzipped from the bottom so that you can easily change the diapers when you need to do so.


  • Can be worn over regular pajamas
  • Sleeveless for optimum temperature regulation
  • Perfectly sized for your baby to tuck their feet inside


  • The sizing may be too spacious for some babies.


5. Hudson Baby Gentleman Sleeping Bag – The Best Baby Sleep Sack for Boys

Sometimes, unisex isn’t the way to go, and parents prefer to get something specific for the gender of their baby. If that sounds familiar and has a baby boy, look no further than the Hudson Baby Gentleman Sleeping Sack.

The baby sack is made of 100% cotton Muslin. It boasts a beautiful boyish pattern composed of mustaches, bowler hats, bowties, and paper airplanes, making it suitable for any little, cute gentleman.

For easy cleanup and diaper-changing, this baby sleep sack comes with a bottom zipper, and it can be worn over regular pajamas during cold nights.


  • Features beautiful patterns
  • Can be worn over regular pajamas
  • Has a couple of layers of Muslin for breathability and comfort


  • The zipper isn’t covered and can come in direct contact with your baby’s skin


6. Oyun Autumn Sleeping Bag – The Best Baby Sleeping Bag for Girls

Whether this sleep sack is made specifically for girls is debatable, as the sweet bunny character and the used color are gender-neutral, but they would surely look sweeter in a girl’s room.

The Oyun Autumn Sleeping Bag is made of 100% organic cotton, and it comes in multiple sizes and thicknesses, making it quite versatile sleepwear. Furthermore, the sleeves are removable so that you can use them in any season.

As always, this sleep sack features a double-bottom zipper for diaper changing.


  • Comes in different sizes, from newborn to age 4
  • Has a double zipper for easy cleanup
  • The sleeves are removable


  • Hand-washable on


7. Halo Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket – The Best Multi-Sized Sleep Sack

The Halo Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket comes in various sizes, ranging from small to extra-large, and colors, 26 to be exact. It’s designed in a way that gives your baby healthy hip movement and development thanks to its spacious legroom.

What’s convenient about this sleep sack is that it’s roomy enough for your baby to kick, but not too much for him or her to be kicked out.

The polyester micro-fleece fabric from which this sleep sack is made is known to be soft to the baby’s skin, and it scores a TOG rating of 1.0, which means that this wearable blanket is suitable for moderate weather and conditions.

Should you find yourself in a cold climate, you can easily layer this sleep sack with warmer sleepwear for your baby to enjoy warmth and comfort.

The Halo Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket boasts a “back is best” embroidery, which acts as a constant reminder for the parents to lay their babies on their backs.

Finally, you can easily change your baby’s diapers thanks to the inverted zipper on the bottom.


  • Available in different sizes and 26 colors
  • Lovely “back is best” embroidery
  • Soft micro-fleece fabric


  • The zipper can be easily broken according to some mothers


Choosing the Best Baby Sleep Sacks: Frequently Asked Questions

First, what is a baby sleep sack?

A baby sleep sack is a one-piece sleepwear made to ensure your baby’s safety and warmth at sleep. It is a special blanket that resembles a usual sleeping bag; it is designed as a sleeper at the top section and securely closed at the bottom.

Baby Sleep Sacks are specifically manufactured to replace the loosened covers that may be dangerous for babies in bassinets or cribs.

There is a wide range of styles, colors, and materials for changing weather and different occasions. Many models come with various fasteners, for example, zippers or snaps, so you don’t find it difficult to put on your sleepy baby.

Sleep Sacks are a fantastic sleep aid for your newborn, and if you are discouraged about swaddling and want your baby to sleep more comfortably and easily move around his legs and arms, then the product is best for you.


What are Baby Sacks made for?

Parents choose a sleep sack for their babies for several reasons. We have mentioned the security and comfort they ensure, and we will detail their features, but there are also more advantages that parents appreciate and babies enjoy.

The Best Baby Sleep Sacks enhance the safety of your baby.

Inconvenient sleeping for babies has been associated with SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is when healthy newborns pass away with no explained cause before the age of one. Letting your newborn sleep in loose covers or pillows, and even stuffed toy is hazardous and might lead to SIDS.

Sudden death occurs while sleeping in most cases, that’s why ensuring the safest and most convenient sleeping conditions for your baby is highly essential. Baby Sleep Sacks are mainly made to remarkably reduce the risk of a loosened cover and allow you to free the crib space of all items that might be harmful to the baby.

Also, there’s a high risk of suffocation in swaddling because when babies start to turn over to lay onto their back, it’s tough to turn back over. Luckily, Sleepsacks eliminate this danger.

Besides, Sleep Sacks allow more mobility for the baby’s legs and arms, and thus more freedom. When they are strong enough to turn over independently, they can easily position themselves inside the sleep sack.

Most importantly, this product cuts off the risk of breathing difficulty caused by blankets.

Another beneficial feature to highlight is that sleep sacks negate the babies’ legs from getting stuck between the crib’s bars.

The Best Baby Sleep Sacks offer great comfort.

Babies are used to warmth and security in their mother’s wombs, which is the main reason why they find relief and support in swaddling.

Indeed, swaddling provides them with similar emotions and thus making them feel calm and relaxed. Nevertheless, as babies grow and need the freedom to move around easily, swaddles restrict their movements and become an obstacle to their growth.

In this case, sleep sacks are an excellent choice to replace swaddles while keeping a warm and smooth sensation and providing more space for mobility. They are also convenient to help babies in the transition phase away from swaddles.

The Best Baby Sleep Sacks can make your life easier.

Nobody can deny that taking care of a newborn is exhausting, drains all the energy, and consumes all the time. But it doesn’t have to be that tough. You can easily make your baby fall into a deep and relaxing sleep with a convenient sleep sack.

Numerous models are amazingly soft and specially produced to be easily worn. They are also quick to close and secure. You can finally have some time for you to get the chores done or concentrate on work.


What to take into consideration when buying a sleep sack?

There are a lot of sleep sack brands to choose from. However, before deciding which model to pick up, you have to determine your baby’s needs.

A crucial factor is their age. There are two types of sleep sacks according to babies’ growth stages.

  • Baby Sacks: this type is dedicated to newborns until the age of 3 depending on the baby’s size
  • Toddler Sacks: When your baby grows and becomes able to stand independently, you have to change for a more suitable sleep sack. At this age, they might want more freedom to stand and move around, that’s why this model of sacks features holes for feet, which allows them to stand and even begin their first steps without the risk of hurting themselves.

Both of the sleep sack models come in various fabrics and materials to fit the changing weather and seasons.

What are the features of sleep sacks?

Along with the construction material and design, you should consider other features to help you decide on the best item that meets your baby’s needs. Among these, we find Sturdy zippers, mainly with protectors, top to bottom zippers, shoulder straps, removable sleeves, and breathable fabrics.

Can the best baby sleep sacks be dangerous?

Just like any other product, there are indeed a few expected safety hazards. But with a careful and steady search for the best product according to your baby’s needs, you will immensely reduce the risk factors.


There are two major concerns related to using sleep sacks:

Risk of suffocation

Despite the attractive designs of the sleep sacks models, some of them have fragile zippers that might break easily. In such a case, there’s a significant risk of choking. It is recommended to pay careful attention to these details because they can turn into your baby’s major danger.

Hence, it would help if you always shopped for safety-tested and trusted models of sleep sacks. You should also check on your kid frequently while they are asleep to make sure everything is well, and nothing is disturbing their comfort.


It is crucial to check on your baby during their sleep, just like you usually do when you put them in swaddles. Especially during summer or hot days, make sure they do not experience overheating, which might get dangerous. Check their body temperature, and if they feel too warm, change their clothes into more loose and cooler pieces.

Here are the most significant signs of overheating: warmth to the touch, red skin, a rapid heartbeat, a fever, lethargy, sweating, vomiting (in extreme cases)

To prevent overheating, we recommend getting a convenient sleep sack according to the season and the environment. In case your baby gets overheated, you have to change into a lighter type of sleep sack or just pull out some layers.


How to ensure sleep sack safety?

Sleepsacks come with an accompanying instruction book, but their usage is pretty standard.

To sum it up, sleep sacks are effectively and safely used by following the three following steps:

Prepare your baby

Start by knowing the sleeping environment or situation, mainly if you are on a trip or during a seasonal transition. Although Provigil helps reduce drowsiness in patients with narcolepsy or other conditions, it can’t provide full wakefulness. In addition, Provigil can cause certain side effects, such as vertigo or confusion, which may impair your driving ability. Know the temperature and the overall space conditions of the nursery or the room where your newborn will be sleeping.

Put your baby in their comfortable pajamas, and consider the extra warmth of the sleep sack to avoid overheating.

Lay your baby inside

Following the producer’s instructions, open the sack and lay your baby inside in the head and arms-appropriate places.

Close the sleep sack

Deliberately secure all the snaps or zippers on the sleep sack, and be certain they are properly closed and secured. Hence, you are entirely sure your baby is safe and comfortable in his crib.

Also, remember to check on them frequently!


When should you quit using baby sleep sacks?

There is o standard rule to determine the right time to give up sleep sacks, as every kid is different. But the most significant indicator is when your child no longer fits comfortably into the production sizes.

Always rely on your judgment to know if the sleep sack is convenient and comfortable for your toddler. If they seem distressed, then it’s probably high time to give up the item.

One Final Tip

Opt for sleep sacks with a zipper that goes down to the bottom, right by your baby’s feet. Hence, they cannot reach the zipper, which prevents them from escaping.


Final Thoughts

Although making a choice may seem hard, it all boils down to your personal preferences and needs. It’s all about asking the right questions; what season is it? Are you a vivid traveler? Do you have a baby or a toddler?

Should you set your needs and expectations correctly, you’re bound to land one of the best baby sleep sacks on the market.



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