8 Best Baby Night Lights

Once you become a parent, bedtime can be such a beautiful experience where your little one turns into a sleeping cherub, the world suddenly stays still and you and your little angel get a much-needed snooze. Or at least that is what you dream of!

Here’s the reality though:

During the first year, you will be in and out of the nursery a hundred times at night to change and feed your little one. And then, later on, colds and coughing, potty training, and bad dreams will only mean middle-of-the-night wake-ups.

In such pre-dawn activities, a nightlight is indispensable! Believe me, when I say that the overhead light at two in the morning will look like the sun is already up that will awaken your little ones.

However, with a nightlight, you have enough brightness to feed your baby or change his or her diapers. And for the older ones who fight to go to sleep like it is their job, highlights can help ease that strong fear of monsters lurking in the dark.

Top 8 Best Baby Nightlights Reviewed

1. Cloud b Twilight Turtle Plush Baby Night Light

Best-seller and Amazon’s Choice, the Cloud b Twilight Turtle Plush transforms bedrooms and nurseries into a starry night sanctuary that calms and comforts children. It also doubles as an educational tool as your little one gets older.

The nightlight displays stars on the ceilings and walls with eight constellations concealed within the extensive star pattern. With 3 soothing color options— amber, green and blue— this nightlight can create a tranquil and magical environment.

It runs on 3 AAA batteries and can be placed anywhere in your little one’s room. The 3 colors automatically cycle until the timer shuts off after 45 minutes.  Also, the nightlight uses long-lasting LEDs to stay cool and on battery life.

And if your kid needs some extra softness and comfort at night, then this nightlight can also help. The adorable, super-soft turtle can make a great buddy for your little one when sleeping alone in his room. You can choose from 3 different turtle colors— classic mocha, purple and blue.

The nightlight also includes an adoption certificate and a storybook, helping your kid create a personal connection and bond with the adorable turtle.


  • Variety of colors
  • 45 minutes timer
  • Uses LEDs
  • Includes a storybook and adoption certificate for a personal connection
  • Portable
  • Great value for the money
  • Doubles as an educational tool
  • Adorable turtle


  • There is no way to leave it through the night
  • You can’t direct to a particular area without moving the item


2. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

If you are looking for a nightlight that doubles as a sound machine, then this one is perfect. This nightlight and sound machine can be personalized and customized so that it can grow with your kid.

Designed with sleep in mind, the nightlight uses light colors that have been proven scientifically to promote healthy melatonin production and circadian rhythms. This and the useful sound machine make it great for promoting uninterrupted sleep every night!

The nightlight can also be fully programmed or customized such as volume, sound, brightness, and color.

You can also set programs to turn it on and off automatically based on your little one’s sleeping schedule. Not to mention that you can do it all using your smartphone.


  • Includes a toddler lock feature
  • Offers a variety of sounds and colors
  • Can be programmed to turn and off automatically


  • The app may not load properly on everyone’s smartphone
  • Some parents think that the light was too bright


3. Bubzi Co Sleep Aid Night Light + White Noise Sound Machine

Sometimes your little one needs a trusty sidekick. Unfortunately, you have too many other things to do before engaging with cuddles. So, allow this trusty plush toy to give you the much-needed help to support and comfort your little one when you are busy with life.

This cute owl plays 10 different lullabies including Baa Baa Black Sheep, Minuet, a heartbeat, natural birdsong, white noise, or a combination of all of these. Just simply push the button to start the music and after 30 minutes, this soothing sleep owl will make your job easier by automatically turning it off.

Your little one might also be intrigued by the comforting and beautiful lights that are projected onto their wall an adorable owl offers. A press of a button will turn your little one’s ceiling into a sky constellation, captivating your little angel.

This trusty companion can be taken just about anywhere since it is battery-operated and makes cleaning easier for you since it is hand-washable.


  • Velcro straps secure it in place
  • 5 different volume settings
  • Plays 1 different lullaby
  • Projects starry constellation
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful rotating color stars
  • Removable battery pack


  • Some users say that the light is too bright
  • Velcro straps are not that helpful when hanging on the crib and aiming at the walls or ceilings


4. VAVA LED Nursery Lamp

The VAVA LED Nursery Lamp is great for newborns who are still trying to adapt to the new world around them. This nursery light features an eye-caring and energy-efficient LED that creates a uniform non-flickering light that does not hurt even the most sensitive and smallest eyes.

Light brightness can also be adjusted which is pretty useful and its color can be adjusted between warm white and cool white.

It also features an easy touch control designed for kids to learn and play with. Battery-powered and rechargeable, this nightlight can last for 5 hours at maximum brightness and up to 80 hours at minimum brightness.

The nursery lamp has a waterproof and portable design, which only means that you and your little one can take it on a family camping or hiking trip. Also, the nightlight does not need to hit a dusty box in the attic once your kid is out of the newborn phase.

Thanks to its durable design and high-quality materials, this thing can withstand even the harshest handling of toddlers. Lastly, it comes with little face stickers making it such an adorable nightlight. 


  • The battery can last up to 80 hours n minimum brightness
  • Portable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy control touch
  • Eye-caring and energy-efficient LED
  • Adjustable light and color
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Free adorable stickers


  • Some users claim it has a poor charging design


5. Munchkin “Light My Way” Night Light for Babies

Cute and cord-free, this owl nightlight looks great in your baby’s room. It is portable and lightweight and it is perfect for older children navigating through the halls to take a quick bathroom break or make their way to your room.

Durable and sturdy enough, this little nightlight is designed to fit small hands and your child can either play with it or keep it in bed and still endure such kind of use.

Also, its battery compartment is screwed on so you do not have to worry about your little one accessing it.

The Munchkin nightlight also boasts simplicity and kid-friendliness with its one-button operation which is pretty straightforward. LED-powered, this owl nightlight stays cool to the touch and features a 20-minute timer that automatically shuts down to conserve battery life.


  • Cord-free
  • Owl plush toy acts as a comforting friend
  • LED technology
  • Easy one-button switch
  • Has a handle for easy carrying
  • Super affordable


  • Item lacks movement, color, and music options
  • Only stays on for 20 minutes


6. VAVA VA-CL006 Baby Night Light

Another great item from VAVA, this model is Amazon’s Choice for baby nightlights. It is designed with breastfeeding in mind and features a simple one-hand touch control so you can easily operate it while holding your little one.

The nightlight has a designated feeding mode which causes the light to brighten just enough to you to see your baby and bottle feed or nurse without making the both of you up too much.

The nightlight can also be set to timer mode, providing your little one some light until they finally drift off. Its convenient charging base provides a stable way to charge the device and prevents toppling it over,

Customizable light, you can choose between a brighter yellow light or a soft white light. The rechargeable battery can last for 200 hours in the dimmest setting and 6 hours under the brightest setting.

This light is not just for baby rooms. Its built-in silicone handle and waterproof build make it perfect for hiking, camping, and other family adventures.

The light also features an SOS mode that signals your or your little one’s location in case of emergency. Furthermore, its bottom button can disable touch control and boost the brightness by 30 percent for outdoor convenience.


  • Customizable light
  • One-hand touch control
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Designated breastfeeding mode
  • 1-hour timer
  • Boost brightness for outdoor use
  • Bottom button to disable the touch control
  • SOS mode for emergencies
  • Built-in silicone handle and waterproof build for outdoor use


  • Only comes with a USB cable and not a wall outlet


7. Hontry Star Light Baby Night Light

A creative and interesting nightlight for your little one, the Hontry Star Light will make it easy for your baby to sleep faster. Decorative and easy to use, when you turn off the room’s regular lighting and turn this nifty nightlight on, an imaginary environment is created in the blink of an eye.

Featuring 4 main lights of green, red, blue, and white, the nightlight projects a complete starry sky to the ceiling and walls of the room, developing your little one’s creativity and imagination.

It is a nice addition to any kid’s room, on the nightstand, shelf, or basically wherever you can fit this item, thanks to its glossy paint There is just no wrong place to use it!

Featuring a new noiseless motor, this nightlight offers a quiet and ideal sleep environment for your little one. Equipped with a timer (maximum time of 995 minutes), the device shuts down automatically when the time you set it up, making your job a lot easier.

Or you can just leave it all night. The nightlight can work with 2 kinds of power supply. Either you plug it in on an electric socket or use 4 alkaline batteries.


  • Soundless motor
  • Usable inside or outside
  • 4 main lights
  • Decorative device
  • Works with 2 power supply
  • Timer function


  • It does not come with a plug


8. SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projector

Want to get stunning Aurora Borealis of the ___ and put it inside your little one’s bedroom? You can totally can, it with the SOAIY Sleep Soother Aurora Projector! Both babies and adults will be lost in awe while gazing at the beautiful and realistic pattern of Aurora borealis and the nebular light projected by this nightlight.

With this Aurora Projector, you have two ways to use it— you get a little night light when the dome cover is on, or remove the dome and experience a breathtaking galaxy aurora projection— to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your little one. The nightlight features eight light projection modes you can choose from— green, blue, red, and multicolor.

Moreover, this nightlight can tilt 45 degrees to point the light in a different direction or project it straight up, covering a larger area and offering you a wide panoramic effect.

Its built-in speaker comes with adjustable volume as well as an audio cable that you can plug into your MP3, tablet, smartphone, and other devices to play lullaby music while watching the beautiful night sky pattern. Thanks to its auto shut-off after an-hour feature, your little one can go to sleep with it and it will shut down on its own.


  • Safe to use product
  • Includes an audio cable
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Built-in speaker
  • 45-degree tilt
  • 8 light projection modes
  • Realistic pattern
  • Adjustable volume


  • Not customizable
  • Fragile
  • No dimmer capability
  • Some users said that it is too bright or exciting to soothe a toddler or a baby to sleep


What is a nightlight?

Highlights are exactly what it sounds like: these are dim lights left turned on all through the night in a room where someone sleeps— and in this case, it is where your little one sleeps.

Whether your baby is sleeping in the same room as you or they have their nursery, a nightlight can go a long way and work for your convenience.

What differentiates nightlights from normal light is that they need to be dim enough to provide a soft glow that will not interfere with sleep.

Do I need to put a baby nightlight?

So, you might not be convinced that your little angel needs a night light in their nursery or room. Well, I’m about to change your mind! Here’s why you should get a nightlight for your little one!

Easy To Check Up On Them

A sudden noise from your little one’s room suddenly awakens you. You hurriedly went to their room and then what? Turn the whole light on just to check up on them? Well, congratulations on waking them up too, and good luck spending hours putting them back to sleep!

If you don’t want that (and of course, you don’t) a baby night light is the perfect way to check and look around.

Middle of the Night Duties

It is not just for checking out your little ones after a sudden bang or noise. Nightlights will also make your life easier when on duty such as diaper changing or feeding sessions— to name a couple— at one in the morning

During your baby’s first year, you will experience a lot of these so you better be prepared for all of that. You never know if there are any of your little one’s toys scattered on the floor. And if you do not have enough light to see clearly where you are going and what you might be stepping on, your feet might not appreciate it and maybe your baby too (especially if you can’t hold a sudden scream.)

Light Your Baby’s Way

If you have a little one potty trained or still being trained, a nightlight can help them in finding their way for a trip to the bathroom and get back to bed safely and peacefully.

I know you could use a little peace of mind, knowing that you are doing whatever you can to minimize your little one’s chances of getting themselves into accidents, right?

Plus, it is not just about lighting their way. Sometimes, your baby might have kicked her favorite teddy bear out of bed and needs to find it so that they can cuddle in bed, helping them to fall asleep again, right?

No More Monsters In The Dark

For the little ones who are not a fan of Monsters INC., a dark, quiet room can be unnerving! What you might see as your kid’s jacket hanging on the cabinet might be a scary witch for them.

Nightlights can greatly comfort your little ones who are not fond of staying alone in the dark. Because of their soft glow, nightlights can help ease your baby’s fear of the darkness since they can usually help in preventing them from experiencing nightmares.

Saving Energy and Money

Now, this one is good news for you.

Nightlights do not require too much energy to run like other kinds such as ceiling lights. Meaning it will not cost you more money when it is time for you to pay your next power bill.

So, preserve energy and cut down on electricity consumption with the best nightlights!

Improved Brain Development

Now, if all other reasons are not that appealing to you, then this last one might.

Did you know that AOA or the American Optometric Association highly suggest that parents leave a nightlight on their little one’s nursery right from birth?

This is to help your little one improve their visual development and is especially true for newborns up the four months of age.

The Different Types of Nightlights

The market offers you tons of nightlights to choose from! Here are four types of nightlights to help you with your purchase:


Electrical Outlet Plug-Ins

Now, here is the most traditional of all nightlight. This one only requires an outlet to plug it in. The entire piece might light up or just a part of it, depending on the placement of the bulb.

Most plug-in lights are a favorite among parents since they are portable, small, and blend in with the décor and design of their kid’s room.

Also, most of these plug-in nightlights come in bold designs and bright colors with themes, so your little one’s favorite animal or cartoon character can be illuminated and stay with them at night.

The only downsides of this nightlight type are that usually requires a replacement bulb regularly, and some don’t allow you to change its brightness.

Stuffed Animals

Probably the cuddliest and cutest of all nightlights, a light in a stuffed animal is great for kids who may be afraid of the dark and hesitant to go to bed on their own.

This type of nightlight can be placed on a table so that they can watch it glow, change color, or even project images on the ceiling or the wall. Or, you can have your little one hold and cuddle with the stuffed animal that lights up.

These furry and soft nightlights come in different sizes, shapes, and forms. They run on batteries and can be taken just about anywhere. Typically, stuffed animal highlights boast a timer feature so that you can set when they go off, turn on or what color they project.

Nightlight Projector

Nightlight projectors are a favorite among kids (and adults too!)

Much larger and more high-tech than a plugged-in nightlight, some can run on batteries, while others also need an outlet.

This type of nightlight projects all kinds of visuals on the wall and ceiling, totally lighting up a room for your little one’s enjoyment and comfort. It projects realistic images such as the galaxy, the ocean, or the solar system and fills up your kid’s room in an instant.

What’s more, is that projectors are also portable so you can take them with you on vacations or when sleeping over at Granny’s house! Most projectors come with remotes, allowing you to set it from the door as well as timer features that shut down when you want it to.


Important Nightlight Features To Look For

Since the market offers too many nightlights, you must keep several factors in mind before making a purchase.

Desired Color

Something as simple as the color of nightlights can impact the way your little one sleeps.

For instance, the color blue has been proven to stimulate the brain and boost attention. So, if you want something to help your little one associate with bedtime, then choose the color orange or mild red since they often present sunset and help your kid fall asleep.

Outlet Location

You need to find all the power outlets in your little one’s room and consider their distance from the crib or bed. If your only outlet is just beside the crib, then chances are that the light is going to be bright. However, if it is too far, then the light might be too dim.

In such a scenario, you can choose to get a portable nightlight instead of one that needs to be plugged in, so you have the versatility to place it somewhere convenient and practical.

Bulb Type

You also need to pay extra attention to what kind of bulb is used. Not all lights can be found and replaced when they burn out. If you wish to have something for long-term use, then you need to make sure that you buy one with a bulb that is readily available at local hardware stores and easily replaced.


Some parents look for a nightlight with timers since they do not want these lights to stay on through the night. Fortunately, most nightlight comes with timers that allow you to set a particular time for the nightlight to automatically turns off.


Nightlights serve the purpose of softly illuminating a room without disturbing sleep.

Therefore, you do not want to get something that is too bright. However, a nightlight that is too dim that you can’t see where you are going is not going to help either.

Not so sure how to check for brightness?

Wait until it is dark and turn on the nightlight. Place your head where your little one sleeps and close your eye. Then, rotate your head to the nightlight. If you can see the glow of the nightlight through your closed eyelids, then it is too bright which might interfere with your little one’s sleep.

Thrifty Tip:

In case you purchased a nightlight that is too bright and can’t return it, try to use it in other rooms in the house, say your hallway or in the bathroom.

Extra Nightlight Features

Are you a simplistic mom or a gadget-happy dad? Well, some parent likes to keep it low profile, however, some want to get items with all the special features they can get.

Some nightlight comes fully equipped with handy extra features you may want, such as:

  • Humidifiers with nightlights built-in
  • Phone-controlled nightlights
  • Motion sensors
  • Color-changing bulbs
  • Sound machines
  • Thermometers

Nightlight Safety Precautions

As with all things baby, you must educate yourself on the hazards and safe use of nightlights so that you can protect your little one and still enjoy the benefits it provides.

Here are a few tips to make sure that everyone in your home stays safe with nightlights.

  • Watch For Cords: If you choose a nightlight that needs to be plugged in, then be extra cautious of outlets and cords which could cause electrocutions. Also, make sure that you keep it unplugged when not in use and store it away which can trip and cause accidents for your little one.
  • Keep Out Of Reach: If the nightlight comes with small parts, then make sure that your baby is not able to reach it. Most nightlights contain choking hazards which could pose a threat to your baby’s safety.
  • Remember Fire Safety: There is some nightlight that could get hot when used for too long and could potentially lead to a fire.

Sleepy Thoughts

Nightlights sure are awesome!

They do not just make life easier for everyone, but they also bring years of peace and comfort to babies and parents alike!

Plus, it also teaches your little one that nighttime is not so scary at all, and they can sleep without a care in this world!



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