12 Best Baby Memory Books

Have you ever thought of how your childhood was? The early stages when you were still a baby? Apart from your family members telling you what happened then or maybe through pictures.

You on your own cannot remember a thing as you were still very young then. If you had a baby memory book when you were small, you indeed were lucky as you would see everything that happened and in detail too.

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Top 12 Best Baby Memory Books


1. Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron Baby Memory Book

This baby memory book is available in 4 different baby-friendly colors. The cover is padded and designed with chevron patterns, which give it a very attractive and pleasant look.

This book offers 52 fill-ins, acid-free pages, which should be more than enough for you to record all of your baby’s memories. There is space for you to place a square photo of your baby on the cover, and there are other spaces inside to place other photos.

An ink pad is included, which you can use to take your baby’s hand and footprints in 4 easy steps. It is very safe to use, and clean-touch, so it keeps your baby’s hands and feet free from mess. It is a very nice baby memory book you can get and also a nice addition to your baby’s nursery.


2. C.R. Gibson Memory Baby Book

The C.R. Gibson Memory Baby Book is an ideal means of recording the first five years of your baby’s life. It was made with much attention to design and structure, so it looks very appealing.

Not just one design, it is available in different patterns. This book allows you to record your baby’s memories in style! The cover has beautiful decor, and there is a picture frame in front where you can place your baby’s picture.

Over 60 pages are included, and all pages are of high quality as they were made from strong paper and are free from acid and lignin. The pages are detailed to enable record your baby’s memories in an organized manner, so you don’t mix things up. And yes, there is a page for prints so you can collect and store your baby’s hands and footprints.


3. Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book

Being Amazon’s choice for “baby’s first-year book” speaks so much of the quality and usability of this baby memory book. This is a simple yet cute and attractive memory book. You may envy your baby, why your parents never got one for you.

Many customers often and quickly conclude that this book if for girls only because of its design, but it is available in two different options.

It has 49 eco-friendly pages, printed with veggie ink. All pages are designed and optimized for recording different memories.

There is a family tree page, something most baby memory books don’t have. Surely, the Lucy Darling Baby’s First Year Memory Book is a perfect way to capture and remember the best moments of your baby’s first year on earth.


4. The Amazing Baby Memory Book by KiddosArt

The Amazing Baby Memory Book by KiddosArt is a very amazing Baby Memory Book. It includes designs and drawings of characters from the animal kingdom to give it a touch of fun.

The book includes 72 finely designed pages for you to capture all the exciting moments of your baby’s first years. Pages that would interest you among the 72 pages are the hands and footprints page, the family and friends page, and one for your baby’s first year in school.

There is space for you to store over 100 pictures, and the book will have milestone stickers. This book is recommended for purchase because it is well-made and will most certainly last forever if stored properly.  Almost if not all customers who bought this book have been satisfied with it so you too would be.


5. RubyRoo Baby First-Year Baby Memory Book

RubyRoo, a baby memory book, was designed not to be your ordinary baby memory book, but to be one filled with love and adventure.

The book’s cover lays flat bound, and it contains about 52 unique pages, which include individual pages for different celebrations, religious holidays significant milestones in your baby’s life, and a family tree page.

A hand and footprints page is also included, and your baby is completely safe with this book as the pages are of high quality and free of lignin and acid.

The RubyRoo Baby First Year Baby Memory Book is unisex so it can be used for both boys and girls. To make it unique and special, it is LGBTQ family and adoption-friendly. So no matter the kind of family you are, this book can serve you very well.


6. Tiny Gifts First 5 Years Baby Memory Book

One of the best baby memory books is this one from Tiny gifts. It gives you a perfect opportunity to document your baby’s first years. It is well-designed, and unisex such that it can be used for male and female babies.

The book includes several pages, each with space to put in pictures and space to write notes, there are also monthly and yearly milestone pages to record your baby’s significant achievements.

An ink pad is also included, it is very easy to use, and the ink does not touch or stain your baby’s skin. If you want to get a baby memory book as a gift for someone, you should go with this one as it comes ready in a stylish gift box. A keepsake envelope is also available so you can store those very important keepsakes.


7. Little Blossoms Vintage Wordplay Baby Five-Year Memory Book

This memory book from Little Blossoms can serve both as a journal and as a photo album. With lots of space to add notes and pictures, this book is an ideal book for recording all major achievements and milestones during the first five years. Your baby was born.

While it is a bit bigger than your regular baby memory book, it is one made of high quality. The front cover is strong and sturdy with a space to insert your baby’s best picture, just like a profile picture.

You can create a baby’s handprint and footprint with the clean-touch ink pad it comes with. It is designed with wordplay, but the writings are a bit light, something the manufacturers should work on.

Other than that, the Little Blossoms Vintage Wordplay Baby Five-Year Memory Book is a great book and one of the best available.


8. Peachy Minimalist Baby Memory Book for Girls

This one is especially for beautiful female babies. Boys stay off. The next one will be for you. When something is meant for girls alone, you should know how decorative and fancy it will be.

The Peachy Minimalist Baby Memory Book for Girls is modernly designed and has about 60 pages for you to write and record your baby girls’ early memories. Made from quality materials, the cover is A-Grade embossed with silver stamping while the pages are card stock and acid-free.

To ease you and make these recordings less of a chore, the book is divided into four sections; the first is the baby’s arrival followed by the first 12 months, milestones and firsts, and then years 2 to 5.

The picture pages are optimized to fit pictures of almost any size. With a keepsake envelope, you can save every other important thing.


9. Jenny and Jeff Baby Boy Memory Book

Just as promised, this baby memory book is just for bouncing baby boys. Girls should stay off this one. Boys’ designs are more solid and mature, and that’s just how this baby memory book is made, but it is fun and spiced with animal art.

The front cover reads “Baby’s First Five Years,” and it has space for two baby images. This book contains 62 pages, the pages are sturdy and are acid and lignin, giving you a very safe medium to store all your baby boys’ memories.

There is a special page called Prints of Love where you can record your baby’s hand and footprint, what more do you need? There is a page for the baby’s Birth Certificate and so many photo spaces. It comes with a Keepsake which is divided into 3 little sections and 1 bigger section.


10. Nikki McClure – The First 1000 Days: A Baby Journal

This baby memory book is much different in terms of how it is being used than others on this list. The book is really of nice quality with cute drawings, but it is purely a journal, so not much space was provided for you to insert pictures.

Most of the pages are blank with some fancy embroidery. Each month has two pages for you to write memories, and there are special pages for special events.

While many customers opt for the First 1000 Day Baby Journal because you do not have to answer specific questions like most baby memory books. It contains just a few, and simple suggestive writing prompts, and you just get a pen and write as you deem fit.

This baby book is recommended for single parents, so you get to record your baby’s memories without having to deal with the absence of the other person.


11. As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby

The book is styled with what the manufacturers tagged a “chic and timeless design” to give it a very modern look. It has all the elements a baby memory book is supposed to have.

The As You Grow Memory Book is a gender-neutral book with high-quality pages filled with beautiful illustrations and divided into sections to allow you to record worthy moments of your baby from 0 -5 years.

You can store keepsakes in the pocket section dividers. As a binder book, it is, you can remove the pages you don’t like, or you won’t make use of it.

The As You Grow Baby Memory Book is recommended whether you are buying it for your baby or you are purchasing it as a gift for someone else. Anyone who loves style and quality would love this book.


12. Ronica First Year Baby Memory Book & Baby Journal

Make saving your baby’s memories easier and more fun with this baby memory book.

Optimized to capture the very best memories, this baby memory book contains 60 pages for recording, all with a contemporary design, and it features different photo frames where you can insert pictures.

The pages are detailed, and you have questions to answer, making your writing more creative, and you can take out pages you do not need. Twelve months stickers for your baby and a keepsake envelope for storing valuable keepsakes are included.

The Ronica First Year Baby Memory Book comes in a gift box so it is ready to be given out as a gift in case that was your reason for buying it.



The baby in your arms will grow into youth and then an adult, it is certain. There is nothing sweeter than keeping your baby’s memories so you can look back at them during family time and recall all the exciting moments when your baby was still a baby.

If you have not gotten a baby memory book for your little one, I don’t know what you are waiting for. If it’s because you are still searching for the best, any one of the books on this list will do.



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