Apple settles long-running patent dispute over iPhone LTE tech

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According to Reuters, Apple and the patent-licensing firm WiLAN have inked a new license deal. In the case of wireless technology, the businesses fought over patents for years before reaching an agreement.

WiLAN is an intellectual property licensing organization with a portfolio that includes several significant technology companies.

In 2020, the Canadian firm won a $85 million patent dispute against Apple. The patent battles centered on wireless technology that allowed iPhone users to make phone conversations and download data at the same time.

Just last month, Apple triumphed in the United States Court of Appeals, reversing WiLAN’s victory. This accomplishment occurred after the Cupertino business asserted that WiLAN’s expert testimony was flawed.

This was not Apple’s first appeal; in 2018, the court overturned a $145 million win for WiLAN.

Apple sued WiLAN in 2014, claiming that the iPhone 5 and 6 did not infringe on WiLAN’s patents. The patents concerned bandwidth allocation in a cellular network employing LTE technology.

According to the report, the deal resolves all legal issues involving WiLAN, its subsidiary Polaris, and Apple in the United States, Canada, and Germany.

Apple and WiLAN have not yet commented on the new deal.

The full Reuters article may be seen here.


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