8 Best Vlogging Cameras Under $300

In creating a video blog demands great cost depending on the desired content and as result practicality is needed to be applied. There are lots of video blogging cameras available in the market (some are expensive and some are at a lower cost) however when practicality is applied you can find the best vlogging camera under 300 of cost without compromising the video quality.

We will be mentioning some of it and we’ll be discussing more on its features that are often considered by many vloggers out there.

8 Best Vlogging Camera Under 300

  1. Canon PowerShot N Vlogging Camera  

Canon never disappoints its consumers in providing quality camera models that are inexpensive and perfect in capturing high definition photos and videos. Making a video blog with this digital camera lets you capture every moment without inconvenience for it is so handy and so easy to manipulate with its touchscreen feature. 

Moreover, it is not just a normal digital camera but also has a flip screen spec which is, at first sight, isn’t obvious but a great factor in creating a legit video blog. With its affordability, it actually has the ability to be connected on a WIFI for faster uploading purposes.


  • Touch sensitivity is great
  • 1080p video quality
  • A battery saver mode
  • Filter availability


  • Not good in focused shots
  • Battery life cannot take long


All in all, the pros outweigh its cons thus many vloggers have been using it because of its portability and Canon is known for its best quality in producing a video blog.

  1. Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder Vlogging Camera

If you want to capture everything that’s around you, Canon will grant your desire. Another type of vlogging camera is a camcorder wherein you can easily transfer files to other devices by removing its memory card. This device also allows a vlogger to edit its videos directly on the camcorder thus importing music in it isn’t hard to do. When in terms of focused shot, it can be zoomed 57 times.

You can also lock all of your files to avoid accident deletion of photos or videos which are necessary on your vlog. With this device, you can capture each moment being aware of its battery life as it is displayed on the screen.


  • 1080p quality outcomes
  • Has holding straps
  • Compatible to any memory cards
  • Touchscreen for easy manipulation


  • Doesn’t work well on low light images
  • Separate purchase of memory card and has no internal memory
  • Not connected to WIFI


If you want to end up with a professional-look video blog, a Canon camcorder is recommended for you. It can be easily learned to operate. But if you are about to start-off in making a video blog, try another one.

  1. Panasonic Lumix ZS50 Vlogging Camera

This works well manually in a low light setting with its highly sensitive sensor with the help of Leica lens experts. It can also take a fast-moving subject that is flawlessly focused either by capturing it for a picture or for a video. You can manually set up your desired focus whichever you wanted then it allows you to directly edit your captured moments on the cam.

Another amazing spec of this camera is its ability to have a time-lapse in taking moments like a sunset, sunrise, and a flower to bloom with a maximum of 300 shots.


  • Works manually
  • Captures 1080p quality photos and videos
  • Has WIFI connectivity


  • Battery life is low
  • Not a touchscreen camera


This is highly recommended for photographers who are expert in taking moments manually knowing the techniques in doing so. Panasonic is at the peak for the most trusted cameras nowadays.

  1. Y14K + Vlogging Camera

It is appropriate for action video blog content with its 60 fps and 4k video resolutions which are literally good factors at a lower price. Furthermore, it has a voice command that’ll give a hands-free operation while taking extreme videos. Also, lighter than any cameras that make it convenient to carry and to take creative shots.

It is also good for live streaming as it can be connected on a smartphone. Lastly, as fast as 40 milliseconds you can transfer data to the internet.


  • Affordable yet renders ultra-high definition quality
  • Lightweight and compactly designed
  • Lots of advanced features
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Audio is poor
  • The package includes insignificant accessories


Many trusted articles loved its 4k video quality with 60 fps and named it as the best action camera in video blogging. Other than that, the whole device is adored by professional video bloggers because of its advanced features.

  1. Kodak PixPro AZ401BK Vlogging Camera

Kodak is known for their low-budget cameras yet have so much quality in it and PixPro AZ401BK serves as evidence. A camera with 180-degrees panorama effect will furnish your video blog into a new flavor as it can capture wide angled scenery. You can crop your photos without affecting its quality for it has a 16mp resolution. Another, 40X zooming in and zooming out will be exciting in captivating extreme objects.

No worries of being shaky while capturing thrilling moments for you will get a stabilize satisfaction on the captured image. Lastly, changing its battery is very easy to execute so the capturing moments will never be delayed.


  • Cost not more than $200
  • Gives the best zoom shot
  • Fragile battery door


  • Short battery life
  • Autofocus doesn’t work well when not familiar in using it


With less than $200 you can purchase a better-focused vlogging camera thus this feature is greatly loved by professional photographers. Another is the panorama effect which is not normally encountered for other vlogging cameras.

  1. Sony DSCH300/B Digital Camera

Another known brand which delivers quality outcome whether in photos or in videos at a very affordable price of less than $200. You can capture moving objects without getting a bad shot or a blur shot with the help of its steady shot feature. If you want to put some effects on your video blog, this camera provides several filter effects. Also, it levels up the panorama effect into a 360-degree angle to see the full circle of the scenery.

All in all, it can be activated into 5 different modes namely active mode, easy mode, panorama mode, smile shutter mode, and party mode. These add more life to your video blog.


  • A DSLR-like digital camera
  • Cheap yet has different capturing abilities
  • Clear LCD for viewing the photo or video has taken


  • The short lifespan of the battery
  • Doesn’t function well on low light scenarios


You can do a lot of tricks on your video blog with this digital camera because of its many mode features. Aside for being known, Sony really creates a product that is durable and easy to use.

  1. Fujifilm Finepix XP80 Waterproof Vlogging Camera

In any kind of video content, this could be a great choice of vlogging camera. It works well whether under the sea, in high places, on the snow, and for extreme adventures without being destroyed. A smartphone can be used as a remote in shooting a vlog by installing the app needed on the phone. You can also do a continuous shot with just one click up to 60 fps producing a maximum shot of 70 frames. 

Consequently, spending less than $200 will give you the best all-proof vlogging camera. Besides, you won’t regret purchasing it if you want a quality video blog in the end.


  • Works well on underwater adventures
  • Good for heavy content video blogs
  • Easy to operate
  • Good quality on focused shots


  • In some cases, it stops working when used underwater


This vlogging camera must be your companion in doing an extreme video blog because of its all-proof feature. Fujifilm really provides an all-in-one camera with an unbelievably low price.

  1. Nikon COOLPIX L340  Vlogging Camera
  2. Nikon has developed larger camera compared to others with a price less than $300 and it can actually render a 720p quality videos with sounds for it has a built-in microphone. The other factor noticed on this camera is its zooming ability of about 28 times and 56 times by optical and dynamic zooms, respectively.

Though it has a microphone, there’s a sound impact when zoomed as its lens produces noise. This can be heard on the video blog and may annoy the viewers.


  • Inexpensive
  • Long lifespan of its battery life
  • Easy to manipulate


  • The lens’ noise when zoomed is heard on the actual video
  • Too bulky


The zoom factor is the most loved specs on this camera but it fails when taking a video for its lens produces noise when adjusted to zoom.


  • Can I buy a vlogging camera under 300 of a cost?

It is not impossible yet there are cameras as evidence that has been revealed a while ago however it’s just a few of many cameras under 300 that are suitable for a video blog. You can discover for more!

  • Why would I choose a vlogging camera under 300 compared to over 300?

It is because of practicality. Lower price doesn’t always mean lesser quality and a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. There are lots of vlogging cameras under 300 which can render quality video or photo outcomes just like the mentioned models above.

  • What are the features I could get with this lowered price vlogging camera?

The features of these cheaper vlogging cameras are merely the same as those expensive ones. This includes WIFI connectivity, optimal image stabilization, high definition videos, and other important features used for editing and capturing every moment.

  • What are the things I need to consider before buying a vlogging camera under 300?
  • Audio quality

This factor always matters when making a video blog especially in using a vlogging camera under 300 you need to check this out. If it has a built-in microphone make sure it will sound well when being zoomed because another lens tends to produce noise while zooming.

  • Image steadiness

This actually depends on the person taking a video or a photo but there are cameras which can handle shaky situations just like Canon brand.

  • Image superiority

Even if under 300, there are models which can give you better image quality. However, most of them will not work well in a low light scene.

  • Battery life

In taking a video, obviously needs more battery life. As seen on the cameras above, the greatest problem is the lifespan of its battery.

  • What types of vlogging camera can a $300 able to buy?

First, a vlogging camera with a flip screen is covered by a $300 or lower budget which works really well in making a video blog. Second, is the compact design which is naturally portable and handy in doing a vlog and most of the vlogging camera under 300 falls on this type. Lastly, there are high maintenance vlogging cameras that fall under 300 costs and one of these is mentioned above – Fujifilm Finepix XP80 Waterproof Vlogging Camera.


The saying, “What you pay is what you get” meaning if you pay more, you’ll get more; if you pay less, and you’ll get less. It is not clearly applicable on these vlogging cameras under 300 because spending a lower cost you can enjoy quality video and photo outcomes for your next video blog. You don’t have to spend much to produce a sensational video blog; just be practical.

You can be on top of the list as a video blogger without getting poor at your first purchase of a vlogging camera. We’ve already mentioned known brands, you just have to choose what you think is the best for you. If there’s a question popping on your mind, drop it on the comment section and wait as we respond.



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