8 Best Pool Winterizing Kits

This type of pool kit is essential if you want to ensure the longevity of your swimming pool. All of the available products in the market will help you get your swimming pool ready for the incoming winter. Some of the products will have more accessories than the other, and you will notice that all of it is a necessity.

This is not just a simple purchase that is a meaningless one, but this will be an investment that will help you maintain your pool. The great thing about this is that all the products you’ll see later on are worth their prices.

Top 8 Best Pool Winterizing Kits for the money

To make the pool closing process much easier, many pool product manufacturers have prepared a winterizing kit for all pool owners. And because of that, the market contains a lot of available products that you can choose from.

To avoid confusing which of the products works best, we have prepared this article to help you choose the best kit for your beloved pool.

Here are the best winterizing kits in the market:

Best Overall – In the Swim Pool Winterizing Closing Kit

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In the Swim Pool Winterizing Closing KitThis is a chlorine-free winter kit that can only be used for a pool of 15,000 gallons. Since this product is chlorine-free, it will bleach or stain your pool’s liners.

With the slow-release floater, it will keep your pool oxidized throughout the winter. This can’t be used on pools that are on a biguanide sanitizing system. The pack includes one qt. of winter stain-away, one winter pool floater, 2 lbs. chlorine-free shock, one qt. Winterize, and one winter sorb.


Swimming Pool Winterizing Kit

Swimming Pool Winterizing KitThis can fill up pools that are up to 10,000 gallons. The package contains 1 quart winter treatment that will help ensure that your pool has clean water for closing, 1 pound chlorine-free shock kills micro-contaminants, pathogens, and algae, 1 quart of stain control to help prevent and control the build-up of algae stains, and 1 small floater to control the deposits on the pool’s surface throughout the winter.


Polar Shield Winterizing Pool Kit

Polar Shield Winterizing Pool KitThe Polar Shield Winter Kit includes 1 pound of winterizing granular and 1 pound of non-chlorine shock. This chemical winter kit is suitable for all in-ground and above-ground pools of up to 12,000 gallons.

This product will help prevent the build-up of algae, remove the excess contaminants, and help maintain your pool’s water healthy during the month of winter.


Winter Closing Kit AquaPill

Winter Closing Kit AquaPillThis product is straightforward to use and will float in the covered pool throughout the whole winter. With this AquaPill, it will make your spring opening much easier and faster than ever.

This is safe for all kinds of pool surfaces and filters. The great thing about this winter kit product is that it can effectively treat a pool of up to 30,000 gallons with only one pill!


Doheny’s Swimming Pool Winterizing Chemical Kit

Doheny’s Swimming Pool Winterizing Chemical KitEverything you need to close up a pool for the incoming winter is all packed with this one kit. And once the winter is over and it’s time for a spring opening, it will make it easier and faster for you to open up.

With this complete kit, it will keep your pool clean and crystal clear and reduce the build-up of algae. This kit will also protect your liner or your pool’s plaster walls from having an ugly stain or fading. This kit contains 1 Lb. Non-Chlorine Oxy Shock., 1.2 pounds of floating winter oxidizing tablets, 1 Qt. Metal Out and 1 Qt. Winter Guard Algaecide.


BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kit

BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter KitThe BioGuard Blue Winter kit can protect a pool of up to 24,000 gallons. Each of these kits contains two arctic blue shocks, winterizing instruction, and one arctic blue algae protector.

Using the BioGuard winter kit during the off-season, you can have a smooth opening process once the spring comes. This is very simple to use upon application in the swimming pool.


Blue Wave Medium

Blue Wave MediumThe Blue Wave Kit will help close your pool and protect it from the build-up of algae, stains, and other kinds of bacteria that might affect the pool’s chemical balance.

Following the included instruction is very easy to read and understand and can be easily done even if you are just a new pool owner or maintainer and winterizing pools.


Nava Winter Closing Kit

Nava Winter Closing KitThis is an all-in-one winterizing kit that will effectively help close your pool for the oncoming winter months. This non-chlorine winter kit chemical will protect your swimming pools’ lining and walls from getting stained or bleached from the harsh chemicals.

This winter kit contains 1 quart of winter stain and scale, 1 quart of winter guard 16, 1.2 lbs. of floating slow-dissolving oxidizing tablets for winter, and 2 1 pound shock oxidizers.


What is a Pool Winterizing Kit?

As the pool season comes to an end, most pool owners use a winterizing kit to close their pool. With the winterizing chemical, it will help you ensure that your pool is safe, clean, and balanced during the oncoming dormant months. These chemicals are designed to allow you to save time, effort, and money during the process of closing the pool.


Maintaining a pool manually can be hard and stressful work, but if you spend money and time buying products like a winterizing pool kit, it will help make your job much easier. With help of these products, it will help protect your pool from algae and ugly stains.

Winterizing pool kits can help maintain your pool’s crystal clearness. Clean water until the winter season is over and time for the spring opening. So make an effort and spend a bit of money on this beneficial product.



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