8 Best Pool Leaf Rakes [UPDATED]

If you are fortunate enough to own a swimming pool, there is a huge need for you to know how to maintain and clean it. This will make it much safer to use and will inevitably prolong its longevity.

If you keep your pool clean, you will not have to waste an extended period to sustain it in that way. It would help if you kept on top of it, so you don’t have to waste a huge amount of money in due course.

To maintain the cleanliness and the safety of your pool, you will need to use some cleaning tools, which will lessen your effort and will help you conserve more energy.

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One of the most ideal and useful cleaning tools for you to clean is pool rakes and skimmers. These are beneficial in removing the debris and leaves that collect in the pool.

Essentially, it consists of a net that is attached to a long pole. You can use it in skimming the surface and clean the pool effectively.  There are various nets, which will all be appropriate in taking fine particles and even insects out of the pool.

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Moreover, a pool rake can also have a plastic or metal frame. Some of them may also have wide-mouth nets suitable for getting debris out of the bottom of the pool.

In this article, we will show you some of the best pool rakes for the money. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read!

Top 8 Best Pool Rakes Reviewed

Since you and your family’s health is more important, skimming or cleaning the surface and the pool’s bottom is very important. This activity must also be done every single day. Nevertheless, to do this process, you need to use some tools like pool rakes and skimmers. Here are the top 8 best pool rakes you can get from Amazon!

#1 ProTuff Pool Net Rake/Skimmer

#1 ProTuff Pool Net Rake/SkimmerThis amazing model is actually one of the most appropriate items you can use if you want to an al dente clean pool water. This product has a durable aluminum alloy frame, guaranteeing that it will not break, bend, or twist even if it has a heavy load.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, you will be delighted that you can get a free replacement on the parts of the product. Not just that, you may also have a complete replacement –for a lifetime!

Also, you may effortlessly connect it to whatever standard size telescope pole. This is mainly because it’s been designed with an en-suite easy-connect clip. It weighs only about 1.2 pounds. Hence, you’ll be able to pick up the debris even without excessive hassle.

Furthermore, the bag of the ProTuff Pool Net Skimmer is double-layered and mold-resistant. You can filter out any small debris, leaves, and insects with easy movability. Additionally, the plastic rims of the product are also made with a simple-glide feature. This is since it has straight sides on it at a very slight angle. It can also guarantee that the pool surface does not get any scratches.


#2 Swimline Professional Heavy-Duty Pool Rake

#2 Swimline Professional Heavy-Duty Pool RakeThis great model is beneficial in getting the job done, whatever the size of your pool is. The product is made of high-quality, strong plastic, which will surely not let you down when you need it the most.

It has a deep net bag, which can pick up small or even large debris, which may ruin the pool’s appearance. Furthermore, you’ll be pleased that it may be suitable for the majority of the telescopic poles.

I t is also elementary to connect and disconnect. Its curved edges will not damage the surface of the pool, and it’ll allow you to pick up debris much easier and much faster.

Moreover, the net of the Swimline 8040 can empty more easily by just turning it inside out. It may also carry a huge amount of rubbish, even without causing inconvenience. Also, you may pick up the debris from the bottom of the pool, even without distressing that it’ll reserve out. Please note that the pole doesn’t come in the package. Nevertheless, there should not be any problems using the one that you already have.


#3 Purity Pool ULTD Professional Pool Rake

#3 Purity Pool ULTD Professional Pool RakeThis great model will allow you to pick up any fine rubbish from the pool with ease. The product has a special aluminum alloy frame, which is lightweight and strong. As a matter of fact, it just weighs about 14.4 ounces.

This means that even if there are lots of debris to clean, it is so improbable that you’ll experience fatigue. The actual bag of the product is triple sewn, so you’re guaranteed very long durability.

Additionally, people who have bought this product already have claimed that the Purity Pool ULTD is appropriate for all kinds of pools and that it does not scratch the surface of the pool.

You’ll also be happy to know that this particular product may hold a large amount of debris, and you will not find it hard to make it unoccupied. This is a very significant feature, which all models must have, notwithstanding the price. Please take note that the pole isn’t included in the product package.


#4 Intex Leaf Rake (for Above Ground Pool Upkeep)

#4 Intex Leaf Rake (for Above Ground Pool Upkeep)This particular deep-bagged resilient net rake is beneficial when you need it the most. The Intex 29051E is a very efficient model that may help you clean the debris from your pool, even without too much hassle or time wasted.

You may also sweep stuff from the bottom of the pool without any worries that it’ll fall out while carrying it up. You are guaranteed to save a lot of energy and time if you are to purchase this model.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that this product will not be beneficial if you want to pick up algae or insects. It is best to use it in picking up leaves and twigs.

Although it is made from plastic, you don’t need to worry about the frame’s bending as it is made of heavy-duty material. This means that it is capable of holding even a large amount of debris or rubbish. Moreover, it just weighs about 8oz. Thus, you don’t need to worry about hand fatigue.


#5 Swimline – HydroTools Deep-Bag Pool Rake

#5 Swimline - HydroTools Deep-Bag Pool RakeThis well-designed and very lightweight model has a deep bag that may allow you to pick up whatever kind of debris you see in the pool. The frame of this product is made of aluminum allow. Thus you don’t need to worry about it bending or twisting.

Additionally, it is also capable of holding a large amount of debris before reaching its breaking point. The net itself is so large, making it beneficial in removing the debris in your pool.

Furthermore, since it is huge, whatever the leaves’ size ruins the pool’s aesthetic, you can remove it. It is also easy for you to remove the net’s debris –you need to turn it inside out.

Moreover, you may also do many passes using the Swimline HydroTools 8033, even without the need to bring it out of the pool every time. This may be beneficial if your pool is large and want to finish it as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the frame of the product is very durable, hence, it will last for a long period of time.


#6 AKEfit Swimming Pool Skimmer

#6 AKEfit Swimming Pool SkimmerIf you need a skimmer for your pool, then this particular product is the best for you. You know too well that it is hard to find a good one and look for something that can make the maintenance easy for whatever size of the pool. Good thing, AKEfit Skimmer is here. This particular skimmer is actually made of durable materials, which also comes at a very reasonable price.

Furthermore, the AKEfit Skimmer has a 20-inch oversized opening and a very long handle. All thanks to the straight sides of it, that has a slight angle. You may use it in cleaning almost any kind of pool.

Furthermore, it also comes with a fine mesh pool net, which may trap insects, leaves, and other small debris in the pool.

This skimmer is beneficial in removing whatever floating debris in the swimming pool. Dissimilar to some other pool rakes, the AKEfit Skimmer has an easy-glide function, and since it’s made of heavy-duty materials, it will not break or bend even carrying heavy loads.


#7 SwimPur Large Pool Net Skimmer

#7 SwimPur Large Pool Net SkimmerThe SwimPur Swimming Pool Net Skimmer is one of the most durable, most qualified, and best pool rakes model out there. It is one of the largest pool rakes available on the market. It’s a nice leaf catcher, which comes with a bag measuring about 20 inches wide.

With its large skimmer, it will be easy to clean whatever pool size you have. It is also good to know that it has a beautiful deep pool net, which can track even the pool’s smallest debris.

When it comes to its construction, it features a triple protected frame, and in comparison to some other models, it is free of BPA.

With this particular skimmer, you are guaranteed that you will not acquire any pollutants or chemicals in your swimming pool. Aside from it is of a very reasonable price, it also comes with a lifetime warranty. This means that you don’t need to repurchase another model.


#8 Stargoods Heavy-Duty Pool Skimmer

#8 Stargoods Heavy-Duty Pool SkimmerIf you are searching for high quality, new skimmer, then the Stargoods Pool Skimmer is the best option that you could have in the market.

This features a durable and robust frame made out of ABS plastic with curved borders and a deep net bag.

Additionally, it comes with handles, and one universal holder, which may fit whatever telescopic poles you have. Be well aware that the pole is not included in the package. Purchasing it separately is a must.


Since the borders of the skimmer are round, it will not damage the swimming pool liner. Furthermore, it is also a heavy-duty pool cleaner, which comes with a deep mesh bad that can get all the pool debris.

How to Maintain your Swimming Pool Clean?

Here are some ways on how you can maintain the cleanliness of your pool. This is essential in making your pool last much longer. Worry less because they are all easy-to-follow.

  • Use a pool rake. You must use a pool rake when you are removing any dirt from your pool. Remember, it is not safe to swim in dirty water. Refer to the above-mentioned best pool rakes so that you’ll not put your money into waste in buying something that‘s not high quality.
  • Clean the water filter. It’s essential to clean the water filter to avoid any calcium deposits. Soak it in water and add about 10% of muriatic acid. This will get the filter creaky clean.
  • Check the water level. You don’t need to exert too much effort in doing this. You need to analyze the water level if it is too low or too high. The perfect water level is at the center of the pool tile.
  • Chemical levels. You must check the chemical levels in the pool at least once every week. You need to pay attention to the chlorine levels, too, as it must be between 1.0-3.0 ppm.


If you are unsure which of the above-mentioned best pool rakes should help you buy, you need to trust your instinct. Or maybe, you can use various tools to help you with it. Firstly, you need to know what those who have tried using it have to say about the product.

Remember that personal knowledge shared by someone you know may be more reliable than those that are just posted online. It would help if you asked around. Also, you need to check the quality of the materials used in the product as well.

We hope that you will be able to find the best pool rake for your swimming pool today, and we wish you nothing but the best in the future!



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