8 Best Dog Conditioners

Frizzy Dog Hair: No More

Do your dog experience frizzy and rough hair and can’t get over it? Or, are you struggling to comb your pet’s hair that results to vast hair fall?

Manufacturers of dog shampoos are making ways of producing another grooming essential- dog conditioner. Its main purpose is to ease your dog’s frizzy hair and restore it into shinier, softer and healthier fur like ever before. The good news is, not just the hair that is benefited but also for a dry skin to look more glowing and free from itch and irritations.

This article will reveal to you the best dog conditioners that are according to user’s likings and we’ll give you a glimpse on the consumer’s verdict to see if the product is working at its best.

Here we go!

8 Best Dog Conditioners

  1. Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner

Wanting to condition your dog’s fur with or without a scent?

As Earthbath is known for their affordable and quality products for dogs, the Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner make no poles apart as it is made naturally and vegan certified. Earthbath is giving you the option to choose whether a scented or not scented all-natural conditioner be applied on your dog (in case of sensitivity to odor) and is packed in 2 or 6 for you to purchase one at a time. The scent is flavored vanilla and almond that keeps your dog smell fresh and sweet to anyone who wants to cuddle with it.

Your dog’s shiny fur is rest assured with this product and also it revives the dry coat into its healthy nature.

What we love

  • Not just good in detangling rough hair but also better in moisturizing dead skin.
  • Good for the low budget.
  • Has high absorption thus applying a little will be enough (cost saving).
  • The scent is not overpowered.

What we hate

  • May be itchy when accidentally put in dog’s eyes.

Consumer’s verdict

  • It doesn’t make any skin irritations and also reduces the itching while rendering its best in softening and untangling frizzy hair.
  1. Isle of Dogs Silky Coating Conditioner

If looking for more affordable than the first one, this is the one you’re looking for.

You heard it right, for a long-lasting jasmine and vanilla scent conditioner with odor neutralizer you can purchase at its most affordable price without any regret and it will lessen your cost for you don’t need to apply it on your dog once in a while. It works better with the Isle of Dogs’ shampoo when applied regularly moreover it could nourish whether a long or short-haired dog.

It conditions polishes as wells as restores and freshens dog’s hair into its best version.

What we love

  • It works very well on dogs that have a strong bad odor and turns it into the most fragrant dog in town with the help of its odor neutralizers.
  • Renders a quality product inexpensively.
  • Glowing dog’s coat on the inside and out.

What we hate

  • Some users complain about its detangle-power on the long-haired dog.

Consumer’s verdict

  • They super loved the scent and it really softens their dog’s hair like no other moreover skin irritations have stopped as soon as they used this conditioner. But, some of the consumers didn’t get satisfied with its scent.
  1. Everyday Silky Oatmeal Conditioner by Isle of Dogs

Having a dog that has a bad skin condition and wants to rekindle it?

Here is another Isle of Dogs conditioner product that is ideal for dogs that have sensitive skin and prone to irritations. Its main goal is to restore the dog’s coat into its healthier and stronger form for it is made of healthy chemicals that could help a dog at ease of pain (obviously not a naturally-made product). Also has its own signature scent of jasmine and vanilla which is adored by many users and of course by their dogs.

According to the loyal users of this product, the amazing result can be seen after just one bath and that is definitely astonishing!

What we love

  • USA manufactured goods mean a quality product.
  • Very effective in untangling hair and in moisturizing dry dog skin
  • Rich in aloe and protein that makes it more effective in managing a strong coat.
  • Can be wash-off easily without leaving a feeling of stickiness.

What we hate

  • Not a 100% natural product.

Consumer’s verdict

  • Have gained mostly 5-stars and has a positive impact in the market because of its best results when used such as giving their dog a soft and silky hair with a long-lasting scent they dearly loved and also works at its best in untangling hair.
  1.  Pet Head High Maintenance Leave-In Conditioner

Do you love pampering your dog that you have already styled your dog’s hair at its best look? Or do you long for a conditioner that needs not to be rinsed-off?

As the container of this product indicates, “I Heart Pet Head” is literally what the company wants to do with your pet; to put a gentle love on its hair. That’s why Leave-In Conditioner has been created to make your dog look stylish as well as to smell like a sweet strawberry even without washing it off, isn’t awesome? Most of its ingredients are rich in soothing power that takes away the parchedness without giving any distress on your dog.

As you condition your dog’s hair with this product, expect for a more glowing skin and coat on your buddy.

What we love

  • Paraben and sulfate free!
  • Use after the bath which makes the fragrance lasts.
  • Can be applied anywhere and not just on the tub.

What we hate

  • Not a 100% natural product.
  • Some dog parents don’t appreciate the smell.

Consumer’s verdict

  • It functions well even on a long and thick-haired dog thus experience a very smooth hair after a bath and the smell is so relaxing.
  1. Miracle Coat Leave-In Conditioner and Lusterizer

Nourish your dog’s hair in another way around without investing additional cost by this Miracle Coat’s spray it on conditioner.

A more convenient leave-in conditioner needs to be sprayed on your pet, thus, protecting your dog from breakable skin and nervousness for its quietness spray feature. It is recommended for use on dogs that are afraid of getting into the cold water to pamper and through this product, you can finally help your dog to have its silkier and smoother hair without being harsh. However, be careful not to spray it on the eye for it may cause itchiness.

What we love

  • Has its best affordable price with its high convenience for use.
  • Results can be seen right after use.
  • Dog-friendly sprayer.
  • It is rich in vitamins and essential oils for dog’s skin nourishment.

What we hate

  • Strong scent

Consumer’s verdict

  • Makes the pampering more convenient especially for dogs who are afraid of waters but some say the presence of Tea Tree Oil makes their dog more active than normal.
  1. Viva La Dog Spa Pink Potion Conditioner

Give your dog an SPA experience without literally going to a dog-SPA for Viva La Dog Spa has created an international sense of conditioner for your buddy.

This is primarily good for a long-haired doggy that eliminates fly-away hair and leaves your dog’s hair soft and has a good scent. Also, enriches dog’s hair with oil that protects and nourishes its skin. Furthermore, it cleans the outer core of the dog’s skin as well as preventing irritation and itchiness.

Make your pet shine like a star with this Pink Potion Conditioner!

What we love

  • Known brand and quality proved by pet stylist internationally.
  • Works well in untangling long-haired dogs with a simple scent.

What we hate

  • Slightly expensive.

Consumer’s verdict

  • The packaging is greatly adored as well as its goodness on dogs that have overly sensitive skin and its simple pleasant scent. Indeed, an international quality conditioner.
  1. Fresh Pet Conditioner by Top Performance

Having a bunch of dogs at home and looking for a budget-friendly conditioner?

Top Performance has made a way for every dog lover who owns a bulk of companions at home by providing galloon sizes of conditioner at a friendly price. The scent concentration is not affected by its size and will surely give your dogs soft and shiny hairs as well.

All of your pets are cleanse by just one galloon essential that was totally absurd.

What we love

  • Smells really well and inexpensive.
  • Long-lasting usage because of its available large sizes and actually lessens your cost of purchase.

What we hate

  • Nothing to mention

Consumer’s verdict

  • The price unquestionably fits its quality and it is really good for a big family of dogs and the scent is extremely loved by many users. Its large sizes make the product more attractive to consumers.
  1. Espree Silky Show Conditioner

Make your dog shine like a diamond like no other with this Silky Show Conditioner that will confidently uplift your pet.

It is rich in natural oils and vitamins A, D, and E that primarily softens your dogs’ hair and coat and also good for flea management. Additionally, a scent that is calmer than any other scents but last long.

A 5-starred dog conditioner!

What we love

  • Immediately softens and smoothens dog’s hair
  • Has a simple scent but last long
  • USA-made

What we hate

  • Can be stinky; if not wash really well.

Consumer’s verdict

  • It is highly recommended for long-haired dog and its smell is simple yet catchy thus it receives 5-star from the users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why should I use a dog conditioner?

Basically, you will be using a “dog” conditioner to ensure the safety of your dog’s skin and coat because dogs have more sensitive skin than humans. Using human conditioner is not recommended for it contains heavy chemicals that could harm your pet.

  • I already shampooed my dog; do I still need to condition it?

Perhaps, if you want to fully nourish your dog’s hair and skin you’ll be deciding to apply a conditioner on it for we know that shampoo can dry up your dog’s skin and fur.

  • What are the benefits of using a dog conditioner?

Bathing your dog using a preferred dog conditioner will improve its skin and coat condition as well as giving it a fragrant scent. Moreover, it helps to untangle those frizzy hairs easily as it leaves a shinier and softer fur. Lastly, by using a conditioner regularly it will maintain a healthier hair on your doggy.

  • What ingredients that need to consider in buying a dog conditioner?

As your main reason to pamper your dog is to make its fur and skin healthy, consider those products that are naturally made and rich in essential oils and avoid those containing artificial chemicals such as parabens, dyes, and even those having a strong scent; because dogs are overly sensitive.

Furthermore, you can consult an expert on what is the preferred conditioner for your dogs to avoid further irritations.

  • Are there any different types of dog conditioner? If yes, discuss briefly.

Yes, there are 3 types of dog conditioner. First, the normal conditioner like a human conditioner but has a lower pH level. Second, the leave-in conditioner that is applied after-bath without washing it off. Lastly, the sprayer type which is normally used by a dog parent having a dog that hates cold water.


A dog being cleansed by shampoo needs to be nourished by conditioner. These two essentials work together to finally reach your dog’s desired cleanliness and it works best when they’re applied together in one bath. Above mentions are the conditioners that are greatly cherished by many users for their ability to moisturize and soften the dog’s hair and skin is so magical.

If you’ve already started shampooing your dog and want to level up the pampering, perhaps a fragrant conditioner will be the final wave. Do you have queries upon these conditioners or can you tell more amazing brands for us to evaluate? Leave a no-nonsense comment and recommendations below and wait for our swift response.



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