7 Best Food Warmers of 2019


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Reheating foodstuff may not sustain its good taste for a long time. By using the best food warmer in the market, you can preserve every dish’s freshness and delicious taste.

A food warmer is now becoming one of the essential kitchen equipment. It reduces food spoilage every after a big event. This keeps every dish warm as serve without producing any mess around the kitchen.

Making a buying decision might be tough at this moment, so we’ll give you an overview of the top-rated food warmer. Let’s get it started!

Best Food Warmer: Top 7 Picks

Let us see the particular features of the seven food warmers listed below. By the provided details, you can quickly evaluate each product.

1.Chefman Electric Warming Tray

It is a countertop warming tray for family gatherings that has a large surface area measuring 21”x16”. It can hold several dishes at once. The surface is made of black tempered glass for easy cleaning. A stainless steel accent is added to its trendy look. It has long-lasting durability and consistency due to meticulous tests.

Temperature control is the best feature it could offer. Adjust the control knob up to 265 F to quickly warm foods. It allows you to set your desired temperature. Through safety features, the tray avoids overheating. You can keep food not more than 72-hours after being heated.

It requires 400W of power and suitable for 120V outlets. Cool touch aluminum handles are built for safer transport.


  • Large warming surface
  • Sleek design
  • Excellent temperature control


  • Nonfunctioning thermostat
  • Customer service


2.Salton TWT-40 Silhouette Warming Tray

Before using this tray, wipe its surface with a damp cloth and let it dry thoroughly. This ensures cleanliness and also safety while heating food. Its warming surface can hold up to four plates. The food warmer is built with cordless stainless steel in which requires 1000W of power to operate. It remains hot for an hour after unplugging, so be cautious.

This warms the food in a shorter period about 8-minutes plus the 60-minutes warming process when unplugged. An automatic temperature control system helps to warm up food more efficiently. There are indicator lights for power and ready alerts, red and green, respectively.

The heating surface can be easily cleaned by doing what is said earlier. The handle has a cooling touch feature for easy transport.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Warms within a few minutes
  • Sustaining warming feature


  • Not adjustable
  • Prone to scratches


3.Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray

Buffet server is a bit larger than any food containers. These are usually seen in parties and huge events. Oster Warming Surface can contain three buffet servers measuring 2.5-quart and so ready to serve. It is made of premium quality stainless steel material, which can last for several services. It includes domed transparent lids with handles that traps moisture while warming food.

The temperature can be controlled from a low to high-temperature level through a knob. It has a stainless steel base that firmly holds the pans while reheating food recipes. This food heater can standalone as a warming tray. The included containers are fully secured in place.

It prevents burns by holding its cool touch handles even with a firm grip after a few minutes of usage.


  • Well-designed
  • Excellent capacity
  • Includes buffet pans


  • Short electrical cord
  • No on/off button


4.Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven

Heating meals before consumption is possible even away from home with the Mini Portable Oven by Hot Logic. Oversized food warmers are good, but portable ones add convenience for the user. However, this provides lesser space appropriate only for a single lunch box with a flat bottom and sealable lids. The container placed within the warmer is whether glass, plastic, or metal.

This requires no monitoring as it evenly reheats food and even leftovers. It doesn’t overcook meals while preventing moisture and enhancing the food’s flavor. The warmer comes with Smart Shelf Technology that cooks food automatically.

The Mini Portable Oven is designed with a heat reflective interior to maintain the freshness of cooked meals. Stored food inside the warmer is fully secured by its durable zipper and reinforced seams design — Plugin the warmer to the outlet.


  • Portable design
  • Stays warm when disconnected
  • Easy to use


  • Low capacitated food warmer
  • No temperature control


5.NutriChef Buffet Warmer Server 

During parties, leftover foods will surely exist right after the party. Reheat the leftovers over the NutriChef Buffet Warmer Server up to three dishes. It includes three removable food containers that can be used at once. The pans are stain-resistant and hence easy to clean. The food warmer can serve as a hot plate too for making burgers, steak, for frying eggs.

The temperature can be adjusted up to 175 F through its rotary knob control. It is a slow cooker food warmer to escape overcooking. This operates quietly, which is good. Simply connect the equipment in a 120V socket to start warming your foods.

It is built compact and lightweight to be safely placed on the countertop. It is through convenient handles that the warmer becomes portable for transport.


  • 2-in-1 kitchen appliance
  • Includes warming pans
  • Able to serve several people


  • Terrible customer service
  • Crack lids issue


6.Nemco  6055A Countertop Food Warmer

As of this point, Nemco 6055A Countertop Food Warmer is the most expensive among the listed products. It is because of its full-size construction with metal materials. The food heater needs greater power about 1200W to operate. It accepts one full size or fractional size pan with 12”x20” dimensions. The pan isn’t included, but you can separately buy a pan together with a solid covering. Therefore, the device only warms a single dish per use.

The warmer’s surface is made of stainless steel construction. This results in easy cleaning every after use. It has an adjustable thermostat from low to medium to high heat level, depending on the food recipe you’ll be going to reheat. Additionally, there’s a pilot light indicator to keep you alert about what’s going on.


  • Highly durable
  • Great for restaurant use
  • Quickly heats up


  • Highly expensive
  • Has no draining holes


7.NutriChef Portable Electric Food Hot Plate

Energy-efficient food warmer is a perfect buy kitchen appliance, especially for mid-income earners. This looks different than the first NutriChef product review. This is a hot food plate warmer with 1.6” ultra-thin and sleek design. It is stain-proof and easy to clean. The hot plate consumes a low power of about 150W and to be connected with a 120V power outlet.

It has a hassle-free operation by only pressing the power switch. The light indicator will light up after five minutes before placing the pans. The glass surface’s temperature is about 95 C and can reach up to 203 F. The hot plate is out of non-stick tempered glass to easily clean its surface.

You can use baking sheets and casserole for warming dishes as it doesn’t include extra pans.


  • Low energy consumption
  • Space-saving  design
  • Offers larger hot plate surface


  • No temperature adjustment
  • Issue of overheating


BUYING GUIDE: What to look for?

Food warmer is all the same on the features offered, so choosing which is best might be crucial. Knowing the product reviews isn’t enough to know the right appliance for you. Before buying a food warmer, you must check out few essential things it must have, such as:


Food warmer is for more prolonged usage, so pay at your own risk. This appliance is usually offered at a very reasonable price as well as renders an excellent performance. Check on your budget before buying a product.

Materials used

High-end food warmers use high-quality stainless steel materials during production. This is corrosion-resistant, which is good as food warmers are used daily. Also, it quickly warms up the appliance for faster warming of food. Other models do use different sets of materials, but pick for stainless steel made food warmer.


There are models with only single pan capacity, and others have more than one pan capacity. Multiple plate capacity is better for huge gatherings. It is essential to know the food warmer capacity to choose which is best for you quickly.


Consider this factor, especially when the food warmer is intended for outside home use. It comes in a bag that is easy to handle and easy to use. This is more inexpensive than the bigger food warmers but still works at its best.

Temperature control knob

Setting temperature level must also be considered when reheating dishes. Others don’t have temperature regulation, but it is well. Having a temperature control knob will let you reheat different dishes at a different level of warmth.

Cool-touch handles

This is to transport the appliance a few minutes after use easily. It avoids accidental skin burns. But still, check if the warmer is ready to be handled.

Light indicator

This indicates whether the warmer is ready to heat food or still gaining its warmth. It helps to avoid overheating, with proper supervision. It usually comes in two colors, one color for power and one for the warming process.

Other accessories

Some models do include buffet servers or pans with coverings. Those products are offered at a higher cost.



There might be questions running on your mind that make you doubt your selected food warmer. Check out these frequently asked questions, for it might answer your queries too.

Q: Where to buy food warmer?

A: Food warmers are widely available in shopping malls, wholesale stores, and even in online shopping portals. Consider the latter buying option to make in-budget purchase. Amazon.com is the most popular shopping portal offering all kinds of products, including high-quality food warmers. Aside from it is safe, you can freely compare the price and customer views about a particular product. Returning the product when it isn’t satisfying is allowed.

Q: How to pick the best food warmer?

In picking for the best food warmer, you’ll only need to consider three things. That includes its features, materials used, and warranty offered. The goodness of a product isn’t always seen on its price but on its features and materials used. These two are shown in the shopping portal, particularly on the product specification. Warranty is a win-win factor for every buyer. Check whether the company has the responsibility for defective products or damages.

If these three are present in a food warmer, that must be a good buy. If not, look for other product models.

Q: How does food warmer works?

Food warmer is comparable to a kettle when it comes to how it works. It is like the other kitchen appliances that need to be plugged into an appropriate socket to start working. Control the warming level through a knob, if provided. Some models have automatic temperature control. Place the pans with dishes on the warmer’s surface and wait until it warms up. Unplug the component after use. On the next method, wipe the surface with a damp cloth then dry thoroughly. Then, do the same procedures.

Q: Can food warmer still operate without using a pan?

Yes. Other food warmers can work as a hot plate, which doesn’t require the use of any pan. However, the dishes it can reheat are limited to fried foods or vegetables. It can operate but not in maximum performance.


To Wrap Up…

We’ll gonna pick the Hot Logic Mini Portable Oven as our best buy. This is good for a single dish that can be used anywhere and anytime. It gains so many positive reviews coming from the buyers. It might be because of its portability and other features offered.

His inner design is very effective in maintaining the warmness of every dish. The overall construction is safe for everyday use and is very tough with the help of its reinforced seams. However, it doesn’t have temperature control and has low capacity.


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