5 Different Types of Cookware Needed for Your Daily Cooking

To perform different cooking tasks in the kitchen successfully, the use of different types of cookware set is necessary. There are different types of pans and pots that you require and these come in different sizes and materials for you to choose from. Although most of these pans and pots are necessary, it is worth noting that some of them can be substituted and you do not necessarily need to have all of them in your kitchen to perform different tasks.

Choosing the right cookware is important and this should be determined by a number of factors including material, size, budget, cuisine and your cooking habits.

Different types of cookware based on material

1. Stainless steel cookware
This is considered to be the best type of cookware in the market today. It comes with many advantages one of the being that it does not require a lot of attention to maintain and is stress-free when it comes to cleaning. Stainless steel cookware does not corrode, stain or rust and you will definitely fall in love with this material. It is also the healthiest cookware in the market as the material does not react with your food. The downside with this material however is that it is not a good conductor of heat but once it does catch heat, its retention levels are amazing.
2. Hard-anodized cookware
This is one of the best types of cookware for anyone looking for a durable material. Pans and pots made from this electrochemically hardened material offer an excellent cooking experience while at the same time giving you something that you can use for many years. This is the best type of cookware especially if you want to brown your foods.
3. Aluminum cookware
This is the commonest type of cookware for many users and is a great conductor of heat. There are different types of aluminum cookware including the hard-anodized and cast iron. While regular aluminum is dishwasher friendly, the two variations that is cast and hard-anodized are not safe and therefore should be cleaned differently.
4. Non-stick cookware
This is an ideal cookware and especially when it comes to cleaning. These types of pans and pots come with various nonstick coats and although they are easily scratched they are ideal for cooking and especially when you do not want to use a lot of oil in the process. Quality not-stick cookware should be long lasting.
5. Cast iron cookware
Pots and pans made from cast iron material are great and especially due to their even heat distribution and durability. The cookware does not pose any health risks and especially because iron is necessary for the formation of red blood cells.

While these are the most common and respected types of cookware, it is good to look at other things such as design as this will help determine your cooking style and safety. For example, fry pans are ideal for scrambling, searing, and sautéing while sauce pots will be ideal for cooking sauce and stews among other things.

This is an addition to the information on the different types of cookware that will help you answer the question, “what is the best type of cookware?” The best cookware will be determined by the material and your style of cooking.



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