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Who allows weed to grow near their plants or flowers? Nobody wants to see weeds growing near their plants or beautiful flowers! Our list of best weed killer sprayers will help you in the fight with all unwanted weeds.

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Weeds are unwanted and not needed plants in our farms, gardens or any other part of our homes. Weeds can be harmful and pose a threat to the well-being and growth of our plants, so there is always an urgent need to get rid of them.

Top 5 Best Garden Pest Control Sprayers

1. Chapin 20000 Garden Sprayer – Most Popular Pest Control Sprayer

1. Chapin 20000 Garden Sprayer - Most PopularTheChaplin 20000Garden sprayer is easy to use a handheld sprayer. This pest control sprayer is lightweight and very convenient for carrying around. It measures 15 inches in height, comes with a tank of about 4 Liters in volume and has a pressure range of 35 to 45 psi. The pump works deftly, and it may only require about 10-16 strokes to get fully pressurized.

The built-in spray adjuster serves as a major advantage that saves you the stress of having to change spray heads occasionally. The body is made of polyethylene plastic, and it is very thick and hardly incurs a puncture.

This weed killer sprayer is ideal for small farms and garden. Despite its proven reliability, if you have a large or medium-sized garden, the Chaplin 20000 Garden Sprayer may not be the best option for you.



2. Field King Professional Pump – Amazon’s Choice

2. Field King Professional Pump - Amazon's ChoiceRemember your primary school days, that is how you use this weed killer sprayer because it comes in the form of a backpack. With a 1.27 meters long hose and a 0.54 meters long watering wand. As well, it is highly recommended for weeding large areas.

This pump pest control sprayer is an advantage over the spray bottles as it saves you the stress of pressing a trigger. It has a capacity of up to 150 PSI and a volume of 4 gallons. The nozzle is adjustable and can be set at various stages. Ranging from high to low.SHOP NOW


3. Solo 418 Pressure – Cheap Budget Weed Killer Sprayer

3. Solo 418 Pressure - Cheap Budget Weed Killer SprayerThis is another light-weight and easy to use one hand sprayer with a 1 Liter volume. It comes with a pressure relief valve that helps release built-up pressures.

The Solo 418 pressure sprayer has a multi-directional sprayer nozzle that suits different spray patterns whether upside down or sideways. There will be no need for you to press the trigger continually as it comes with a locking trigger.

The lock trigger can be very useful when you have to weed for a long time. It also features a drip guard that ensures spot treatment control. It’s made with Vitron seals which makes this product very durable. The Solo 418 weed killer is very cheap.



4. Könnig Lawn and Garden Sprayer

4. Könnig Lawn and Garden SprayerThe Könnig Lawn and garden sprayer is a perfect sprayer for all-round utility purposes. It measures 22.5” x 7.5” x 7.2”. You can handheld or hung it as a backpack. It has a 1.27-meter hose and a 0.3-meter spray wand.

The sprayer tank is made from polyethylene plastic that makes it hard for it to be damaged. It features a 2-way filtration composition which helps to reduce clogging. This professional home pest control weed killer sprayer has an efficient spray delivery system.

The adjustable spray tip allows you to change spray patterns between coarse, drenching spray and stream. It is ideal for both small and large scale weeding.



5. Roundup 190473 Multi-Purpose Sprayer

5. Roundup 190473 Multi-Purpose SprayerAs the name implies “Multi-Purpose weed killer Sprayer,” this is precisely what this weed killer sprayer is. It is a 1-gallon sized pest control sprayer and serves not only the purpose of a herbicide sprayer for killing weeds but can also be used as an insecticide sprayer as well.

Its simple design makes it comfortable for carrying around. Not much pressure is needed to be exerted on the pump. The Roundup 190473 Multi-Purpose sprayer has a nozzle that can either stream spray, fan spray or cone spray. All you have to do is to rotate it to your desired pattern. It also has a lock-on feature for constant spraying.



Weed plants also make our gardens and farms look unkempt, and if allowed to grow for an extended period it may become an eyesore. Weed killers are chemical substances used in killing and preventing of the growth of these plants. They are highly effective in destroying weeds as they mostly contain strong herbicides like Benefin, Glyphosate, Clethodim, and others.

Weedkiller sprayers are modern equipment suitable for use in destroying plants in our environment. Every farmer or gardener is advised to have a weed killer sprayer. With the best weed killer sprayer, you can always keep your farms and gardens neat and free of weeds.

What to consider before buying a weed killer sprayer?

Making a choice is sometimes difficult, there are many weed killer sprayers available in the market, but in choosing one to buy, you will have to consider mainly;

  • The capacity of the weed killer sprayer: What size sprayer do you need? This primarily depends on the size of your farm or garden. If you have a large farm, you wouldn’t want to go for a 1 – 2-liter sprayer, you are sure to go for a bigger one and vice versa.
  • The usability of the weed killer sprayer: How comfortable and convenient to use is the sprayer? There are weed killer sprayers that use batteries or gasoline, but the most are handheld sprayers. Some weed killer sprayers are heavy whereas some are lightweight. Whichever one you are going for, you should buy a weed killer sprayer that is simple to use and easy to carry around when weeding.
  • The durability of the weed killer sprayer: How long does the sprayer last? No one wants to buy a sprayer that will end up in the waste bin after a season or two. When choosing which weed killer sprayer to buy, make sure it is of high material quality, long-lasting and can resist basic wear and tear.

Don’t forget about work safety!

There are also some health safety bits of advice to adhere. Weed killer sprayers contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to human health. Some safety tips to note when using a weed killer sprayer includes;

  • Avoid contact with the skin or eyes. In case of contact with any of chemicals wash off immediately (with a large amount of cold water for at least 5 minutes) and if irritation continues, see a doctor.
  • Avoid inhalation, if you are to weed using a weed killer sprayer for a long time, do yourself good by using a nose mask.
  • Always wash your hands with disinfectant after using a weed killer sprayer.

Everyone likes quality and wants to buy a product that is worth it. No one wants to spend their money and not get what they need. As said earlier, there are a lot of good weed killer sprayers in the market that you can buy.

The product labels are sure to promise you 100% efficiency, but we all have in one case, or the other bought something that did not meet our satisfaction.

Wrap Up!

Pest control sprayers are important equipment as their usefulness cannot be questioned. Even though most weed killer sprayers can be used for other purposes, it is advisable to limit its use to just applying weed killers. If you will need a sprayer for some other purpose, it’s better to get a new one. 

All the weed killer sprayers mentioned above can serve beneficial purposes but which to buy solely depends on the size of the area you have to weed. If you have a large lawn, garden or farm, you should go for a bigger weed killer sprayer like the pump sprayer. If it is just a small area, the handheld pest control sprayers will be up to the task.

Purchasing the best weed killer sprayer is one thing, having to maintain it correctly is another. Most weed killer sprayers are strong and durable, but that does not mean they cannot be damaged if mishandled or misused.

You are to ensure that your weed killer sprayer is always handled correctly. Read the user’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Always ensure to clean your pest control sprayer after using it and lastly keep it in a safe place.



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