5 Best Cotton Candy Machine Reviews

Cotton Candy Machine: Best Product Reviews With Buying Guide And FAQs

Cotton candy at kids’ party is a new trend these days. Did you know that producing cotton candies is now becoming homemade? It is through the help of the best cotton candy machine widely available online. It comes in a different design and style that produces the best tasting cotton candy in the world.

A Quick Buying Guide For Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton candy machines just work similarly that sometimes stress you out in looking for the right product. The key features of a cotton candy machine make a difference in its overall performance. Throughout this buying guide section, we’ll help you out in looking for a high-quality machine.

How often will you use the machine?

There are two types of a cotton candy machine, one for home and for commercial use. The only difference is the quantity each can produce. More cotton candies are produced by the latter for it works faster than the prior. Further, buy a cotton candy machine on how often it’ll operate.


  • Servings capacity

A reservoir that could contain few servings is reasonable for home use. Some machines can mix up to six servings every minute that is way too much for small events.

  • Speed

Kids’ mood is unpredictable as they can’t wait for a long time. Check the machine’s motor speed to see how many servings can be done per minute. The average serving per minute is three.

  • Mobility

Most cotton candy machines come with a cart. The cart must be made of sturdy material to hold the machine. This is applicable if you plan to sell cotton candies at parks or just want to move around the machine.

  • Safety

The parts of the machine should be locked in place to avoid the risk of spilling the ingredients. Besides, debris must not reach the motor.

  • Maintenance

The machine is mostly made of stainless steel bowls for fast cleaning. However, this kind of machine is hard to clean. You better buy a machine that is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy cleaning up.

5 Best Cotton Candy Machine Reviews

1. Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Let’s start with a mid-range priced machine in making cotton candy. More servings are prepared through the use of its 20.5-inches diameter stainless steel bowl. Before it works, the bowl must be securely attached to the base for safety purposes. It can produce two to four servings of cotton candy per minute. You can easily get the needed ingredients on its three bin storage drawer. Stainless steel scoop and extra drive belts are included.

It only takes a couple of minutes to warm up before making the mixture. This produces good textured cotton candy. The machine uses up 1080W of power.

Separate purchase for a cover is required to prevent spilling out mixtures on other parts of the machine. The machine may clog up when using it without a break so shut down the machine every after 20-minutes.


  • Large removable bowl
  • Good for commercial use


  • No cover
  • The limited-time of use only

2. BELLA 13572 Cotton Candy Maker

It is a fun-looking cotton candy maker with its jolly red and white finish. This machine is for home use only because some parts are plastic-made and so some of its features. Besides, the number of cotton candy it produces is only in small quantities. The price is far more inexpensive than the prior machine. It takes 10-minutes for the machine to preheat. There are three included plastic cones to twirl the cotton candy. The removable bowl, cones, and rotating disk are dishwasher-safe.

You can mix both sugar and candy ingredients to make cotton candy. It stays in place with the help of its suctioned feet. It also minimizes vibration while at work which makes the operation faster.

As said earlier, it cannot operate as an industrial-level machine. The design isn’t able to quickly produce cotton candy as commercial models. You can have it for personal use.


  • Easy to operate
  • Great for home use
  • Has gained many positive reviews


  • Cannot make a large quantity of cotton candy

3. The Candery Cotton Candy Machine

Don’t have extra time to set up a cotton candy machine? The Candery creates a portable and easy to put up a cotton candy maker. This is to let you enjoy partying with the kids and so adults. Neither tools nor screws are required just follow the simple assembly steps to get things ready. It comes in a complete package, including a safety shield with floss applicator, durable bowl, and an ultra-quiet motor. Secure the bowl on the stainless steel base by rotating it counter-clockwise. It comes with a complete kit, including ten candy cones and scooper.

It has a kitchen-friendly d├ęcor style that can be operated by all ages. You can make cotton candy in a very convenient way. The machine works in a quiet way but sometimes gets louder. It can ready in minutes and you’ll see on the rim guard what’s happening on the inside.

Compared to commercial cotton candy machines, this is a bit slower in making one. Some users report about the motor failure arose during an operation.


  • Has clear rim guard
  • Good for making hard candy and sugar floss
  • Very affordable


  • An issue on its motor
  • Slow operation

4. Great Northern Popcorn Company Cotton Candy Machine

Did you miss the early days seeing a cotton candy vendor in a carnival? This antique style cotton candy machine will let you reminisce those days. But today, you’ll receive so much convenience due to its electric design. Safety is greatly considered in the making of the machine by having a safety switch. The machine will not start working unless it is fully locked into the base with four clips. Vibrations are prevented throughout the operation.

A bit of assembly is needed to make it ready for use. The machine’s motor and booster warm-up for two and four minutes, consecutively. It offers three large stainless steel drawers for convenient storage. The number of cotton candy cone yielded per 30 seconds is one which isn’t bad. It consumes higher heating element than other cotton candy machines of about 950W.

Cart is included in 6304 model purchase. Stainless steel scoop and ribbon belts are the only accessories included.


  • Enhanced safety features
  • Works well for commercial use
  • Operates quickly


  • Lack of mobility
  • Quality issue

5. VIVO Pink Electric Cotton Candy Machine

When it comes to versatility, VIVO Candy-V001 is the answer. It can work both for personal and commercial use with its 20-inch stainless steel bowl. This contains two to three cotton candy servings per minute. It features a fast and durable construction for a wide variety of hard candy or candy floss. The machine operates with 1030W of power in producing more cotton candies.

It doesn’t come with a cover but having one could benefit you. This happens in a separate purchase. There’s a safety feature which holds the bowl on its place but sometimes becomes unsteady.

The unit can be disassembled for simpler and thorough cleaning.


  • Extra-wide bowl
  • High versatility
  • Beautifully design


  • Rattles around
  • Doesn’t include a cover


  • What are the price ranges of cotton candy machine?

Personal use cotton candy machine is more affordable than commercial ones in a wide range. The prior ranges between $35 and $90 while commercial models are sold more than $200.

  • Where can I buy cotton candy machines?

It is widely available online. We recommend looking for the best cotton candy machines at Finding the right product will ever be difficult with the help of customer’s reviews and ratings. Shipping details are completely provided. Your purchase is insured and surely high-quality. There are other online shopping platforms you can still look for.

  • How to pick the best cotton candy machine?

The provided buying guide will greatly help you in picking the best cotton candy machine. To sum it up, you’ll need to consider safety, durability, productiveness, and maintenance of the machine. Pick the cotton candy maker that will suit your need to avoid any regrets after purchase.

  • Could it last for years of making cotton candies?

That depends on how often you use the machine. Most cotton candy makers are heavy-duty constructed which is good for years of usage. It could definitely last for years when treated right and with great maintenance right after every use.

  • Which among the 5 best cotton candy machine is our top pick?

We’ll go with Great Northern Popcorn Company Cotton Candy Machine. It has the power to bring us back into our childhood days through its design. Using it commercially is allowed with great safety assurance. The operation is excellent in producing more and more cotton candies for everyone. It performs a lot quicker than the other commercial cotton candy machine. Though it has a bit imperfection, it doesn’t cover up its best features as mentioned a while ago.



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