5 Best 3D Printing Services that One Needs to Watch Out for Currently

3D Printing Services: 3D printing is pervading almost every aspect of the manufacturing industry and health care services. The global impact of 3D printing is significantly on the rise and is here to stay and grow further.

Several players, big and small, are accelerating their dependence on this modern technology because it cuts down on the manufacturing costs and costs of operation.

It meets the consumers’ demands more quickly and efficiently and has brought about a remarkable change in the demand and supply chains.

The Top 5 Online Services Using 3D Printing Technology

This technology has become an integral part of modern manufacturing and service providers because of the numerous advantages that it has.

Many people may not have the technical knowledge or the software or equipment to handle a 3D printer.

There is no need to spend a big fortune to get started with 3D printing. For such people, who are keen on utilizing this technology, several 3D printing service providers offer their services and expertise in this field. Given below are our picks for the top 5 3D printing services currently.

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Shapeways – 3D Printing Service and Marketplace

If you are looking for an efficient 3D service provider, this is a good place to start. Their range of 3D-manufactured products and services is quite vast and one look at their catalog will give you this understanding.

They offer several pre-designed products and services which can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

If you already have an idea or a model of the product that you would like to get manufactured with 3D printing, this is a good place to approach.

You can always utilize the Shapeways community to make a foray into the 3D printing market. Some dealers sell anything here from customized jewelry to smartphone cases and household items.

The materials used by Shapeways for manufacture are metals, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, sandstone, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), castable wax, etc.

It is possible to do multi-color as well as monochrome printing. The variety of materials and the customization levels are good and simple for a newcomer without the required software and technological knowledge.

One just needs to have an idea of the product, the manufacturing material, the number of items to be printed, and the cost. This is a good place to gain 3D printing and marketing experience.

You3Dit – 3D Design and Fabrication Platform

Another popular hybrid 3D printing service offers convenience and efficiency to small and new entrepreneurs who have a brief idea of the product that they wish to create.

The Yu3DIt has a design team who can guide through the product’s technical design and offer a prototype based on the specifications. Once the design is perfect, the number of items is printed as per the specifications.

This is a service that connects their customers with the local fabricators and connects them with the community of people who are already utilizing these services to have an idea of the various possibilities.

This is a service that brings the benefit of technology to a person with great ideas, but who may not have specialized knowledge in the field.

Ponoko – Design it yourself

A 3D printing service that offers laser cutting and engraving services for all your design-it-yourself ideas. The design team and Ponoko’s robots can bring all your product ideas into reality.

The most common materials that they undertake for printing are plastic, leather, metal, rubber, paper, wood, and cardboard. The sheer variety of materials that are available for 3D printing here is vast and varied.

Right from a single customized piece, to kickstarting your business-manufacturing ideas, to gifting customized products to your near and dear ones, Ponoko offers all these services including shipment.

Ponoko involves its clients at every defining stage of design and checks before the final design goes into the production stage.

3D Hubs – Browse Online 3D Printing Services

If you are looking for a local fabricator who can undertake 3D printing and give shape to your ideas, 3D Hub is the place for you. It connects you with local 3D printing services.

The client must upload an image of the product, give specifications and choose from the local services available. The local 3D printing services are rated and enable us to choose one that best suits us.

The product is then quickly picked up for design and production within a few hours. The product is shipped at extra cost if local printers are not available.

3D hubs have a lot of pre and semi-designed models which can be customized as per specifications. Their services can be availed by local businesses or private users. Their blog is an excellent way to get in touch with the D printing community and get new ideas and know the latest innovations in the field.

i.materialize – Online 3D Printing Service

This is a service that provides customers with printing services as well as design assistance to those who require it. Also, this is a service provider that provides a platform for its users to sell their 3D products and designs online.

They arrange for the shipment of the product to the customers if it is marketed through their platform. This is ideal for excellent amateur ideas to take off into lucrative business ventures.

Clients can bring in their designs for verification, assistance, and production or customize from the options available. There is a large variety of material options available from metals, different plastic varieties, ceramics, etc.,


3D printing now is easier than ever before with the variety and efficiency standards that are now available. Several 3D-printing service providers can translate your ideas into a production reality without investing a fortune.



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