Discover the Amazing Technology of the 3D Printed Car

A 3D Printed Car is a car that is created via a three-dimensional printer. If you’re not familiar with 3D printers, you should know that they are used quite commonly these days. For example, a 3D printer for home usage will create designs from heated, extruded fibers, such as plastics.

People make toys, sculptures, and other designs at home. However, in the field of manufacturing, 3D printers are much more advanced and they can create amazing things, including auto chassis and components. Technology for 3D printers is moving forward at an incredible rate.

Today, we’re going to share information about the 3D-printed car…

Fiat Chrysler is Embracing 3D Manufacturing

The chief executive officer of Fiat Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne, has complained about how much cash the auto industry fritters away on auto design and manufacture. His proposed solution is to move towards consolidation and get rid of redundancy!

Another auto industry VIP, Jay Rogers, who is the CEO of Local Motors, sees the same problems but has different proposed solutions. According to Rogers, the high cost of auto design and manufacture is related to old-fashioned assembly lines, rather than issues that relate to poor business organization.

Rogers feels that auto assembly lines are way out of date and he thinks that 3D-printed cars are the future.

Local Motors has addressed a cost-cutting new method of manufacturing which is centered on 3D printing. Its 3D-printed car, the Strati, is made in the auto manufacturing hub, Detroit, which has fallen on hard times as of late, due to reverses in the auto manufacturing business.

The car is printed within the city, with some help from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is located in Tennessee.

This 3D-printed car is a two-seater model and it’s compact and electric. According to Rogers, it’s the first 3D-printed car of many!

Right now, Local Motors is building a couple of new factories which are sized to hold one hundred staff members apiece. These factories should be operational by the conclusion of 2019.

While the company is currently planning on printing its autos, it may become a supplier to other manufacturers. For example, 3D printing processes could be used to make prototypes of autos for bigger auto manufacturing companies.

The Strati is the first step on a longer journey, which is all about exploring the power and potential of 3D technology.

According to Popular Mechanics, the sporty Strati is great fun to take out for a spin, despite its slightly crude look. It’s got a dashboard that resembles beads of silicone that have been stacked on top of one another. Parts of its chassis are nice and smooth and call to mind the carbon hubs found on BMW i3 autos. Thanks to 3D printing technology, Local Motors can customize parts easily to get the desired look.

The Strati is getting a lot of buzzes. It makes the world wonder if the greatest auto manufacturers on earth will soon convert to 3D technology to design and produce cars with less effort and expense! For example, will Tesla, Ford, and Audi begin to use this technology to streamline their auto design and manufacturing processes? It’s hard to believe that major auto producers won’t get on board with this type of technology, sooner or later!

There are other 3D cars out there. However, the Strati will always go down in history as the first and it was made right in America.

You can also print a gun at home.

You can also Print Indoor Lighting if you want.

Expect New Developments Soon

This summer (2019), an entrepreneur named Kevin Czinger decided to utilize 3D technology to create “the Blade”. It’s an auto that is made via 3D printing of aluminum. The aluminum car parts will fit together the way that blocks of Lego do. Czinger has formed a company, Divergent 3D, and he believes that auto parts that are designed, made, and put together in small factories all over the nation have huge business potential.

To date, he’s drummed up twenty-three million dollars in investment for his venture. A lot of people also believe in what he plans to do. Czinger was a guest on “Jay Leno’s Garage” and he showcased his prototype, “the Blade”, during his appearance on the CNBC show. His prototype weighs in at fourteen hundred pounds and features seven hundred horsepower. Leno drove the car around L.A.

Would You Buy a 3D Car?

We get set in our ways when it comes to what we buy. This is why consumers may need some time before they are willing to invest in 3D cars. Those who are most tech-savvy may be most interested in driving these innovative and futuristic vehicles.

It’s probably true that a big auto manufacturer will need to bring a 3D printed car into the mainstream, via extensive marketing which helps to quell any doubts that consumers may have about 3D printed cars before society is ready to embrace these ultra-modern autos! However, it’s almost inevitable that this will happen. Progress is rapid and it’s safe to say that people will be driving 3D-printed cars on their local highways and byways in the foreseeable future.

One advantage of this technology is that auto manufacturers may be able to offer vehicles that are 3D printed for much lower prices. This could be a key selling point for those who market these cars to the general public. People always want great deals. When they see a 3D printed car for sale from a trusted auto manufacturer, which costs much less than they are used to paying, this may convince them to give 3D printed autos a try!

We think that this technology is amazing. However, you probably shouldn’t expect to see 3D-printed cars at your local auto dealerships shortly. Big auto manufacturers will need to make huge changes to their design and manufacturing processes to make these autos. It’s a massive sea change and it won’t happen overnight.



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