19 Best Pulse Oximeters Reviewed

Constant monitoring of oxygen flow in our body is sometimes taken for granted that we usually ignore it. While in fact, it is as important as your basic needs in everyday living. Before it gets too late, use the best pulse oximeters widely offered in the market for a more advanced healthy lifestyle. Wherever you are, the body’s oxygen level would be taken care of.

Additionally, if you’re afraid of needles or have no time going to laboratories, pulse oximeters would be the best option for you to monitor oxygen levels, anytime and anywhere.

In the latter part of the article, we’ve mentioned the 19 best pulse oximeters that many health enthusiasts are well-reviewed and trusted.

First, let’s learn about pulse oximeter. Keep on reading!

What is a pulse oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a device used for monitoring the flow of oxygen in your blood and pulse rate. It is not suitable for medicinal purposes. This device is more likely portable and achieves on-the-go personal check-ups.

How does a pulse oximeter work?

A pulse oximeter works by inserting a fingertip on the device (depending on the model on how it would be inserted). The device will then do its job to measure the oxygen level through existing sensors and other needed wavelengths.

Things to consider before buying a pulse oximeter

  • Result’s accuracy: To guarantee the result’s accuracy, the SpO2 level must be within +/- 2% of the actual SpO2 result. Additionally, the oxygen level must be up to 70% to achieve greater accuracy.
  • Battery life: Since pulse oximeter is brought anywhere, it is important to have a longer battery life, or else it won’t make sense.
  • Data recording: Monitoring oxygen level needs to be supervised day-by-day; thus, more advanced data recording is desirable.
  • Screen display: Reading the result may be hard if it is not clearly transcribed, and having it clearer will also make the results more understandable. Mostly, the result is displayed in a numerical and symbolic form. Another is the screen brightness, as some are adjustable.
  • Automatic switch on/down: Pulse oximeters are chiefly made for convenience and also for emergency purposes; thus, being automatically-activated/deactivated is a good thing.
  • Other accessories: Of course, you’ll pay the price, and hence having an extra carrying pouch, lanyard, and most especially, a battery is cost-effective.

What are the benefits of having a pulse oximeter?

First and foremost, a pulse oximeter is great for monitoring your oxygen level right after every fitness routine. It will prevent more serious health issues without spending so much cost. It also helps those who are suffering from asthma and other respiratory illnesses to take action before the sickness attacks.

Further, it is the most inexpensive device that gives an accurate result comparable to laboratory testing.

19 Best Pulse Oximeters Reviewed

1. Zacurate Pro Series 500DL – Best Pulse Oximeter Review

Zacurate Pro Series 500DL Pulse Oximeter Review


  • Conformed CE and FDA standards
  • No second guessing of results
  • Readable results on screen


  • Do not automatically shuts down

Zacurate Pro 500DL is the most popular pulse oximeter on the market. It is a sport-friendly pulse oximeter. Plus, the reasonable price it carries that would not surely represent its superiority for it has a say in the industry of pulse oximeter. You can now monitor the pulse rate on younger ones to adults.

Foremost, it is made according to CE and FDA certification as a device used by the experts in medication. For real, it exceeded FDA standards and hence a helpful device with an assurance of accuracy. It displays both the Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index, and it can be rotated in 6 different directions. The brightness is adaptable on day and night use.

It beeps and alarms along the process of getting pulse results, and it knows what’s beyond the limits. The accessories included are 2 AAA batteries, a silicon cover, and a lace, which are ways to achieve its highest form of portability. Significantly, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty as trusted technical support got your back.


2. Concord Health Supply Sapphire Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

Concord Health Supply Sapphire Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 


  • Extra accessories make it handier
  • Accurate pulse rate results
  • Low battery display


  • Some say it doesn’t give accurate results

First of all, Concord Health Supply is one of the effective distributors of pulse oximeter around the US of A. Therefore, entrusting your pulse status to them is highly guaranteed.

Do not be deceived by how it appears; it may look simple, yet it bears high-quality monitoring of the pulse rate. Further, after 8 seconds being switched on, it will automatically shut down when not in use. There’s a battery indicator to keep you alert when to change batteries. Amazingly, the batteries are included on purchase.

It works by pressing a designated button as you place a finger in it to see results displayed in numerical form. Additionally, the display can be twisted in two ways for the flexibility of viewing it. It comes with several accessories, including a small carrying bag, lace, and silicone protective cover. However, it doesn’t show a representation of pulse rate waves like the preceding pulse oximeters.


3. Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


  • Avoids doubtful result
  • Very portable and affordable


  • May not fit on small fingers

Starting up with a non-guessing pulse oximeter sold with affordability.

Why do I say so?

It displays both Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index. Plethysmograph shows your heartbeat’s wave and the amount of blood that flows on blood vessels. When the waves are consistent, it means the blood flow is in a good state. Perfusion Index shows the numerical way of what Plethysmograph has displayed. These displays can be rotated in 6 ways.

For that reason, it eliminates second-guessing as it gives more accurate and reliable data. There’s an alarm that tells whether your pulse rate is beyond limits, and it can be customized on the settings. It comes with 2 AAA batteries so that wherever you are, you can check on your pulse.


4. AccuMed CMS-50DL Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

AccuMed CMS-50DL Finger Pulse Oximeter 


  • Very handy and easy to use
  • Shows numerical and symbolic results


  • Silicon case is not durable

Let your breath be monitored anytime, anywhere. As oxygen gives life, it must be supervised regularly to ensure better living. If you’re looking for a pulse oximeter that can be brought during exercise routines, it’s not an accident you end up on this point of the article.

In just 8 to 10 seconds, you’ll get an accurate and reliable result, and hence doing it anywhere is way possible. It shows 4 outcomes, including SpO2 level, pulse rate, intensity, and wave, in different representations, to see the dissimilarity. The display can be rotated depending on how you hold the equipment.

Moreover, many athletes adore its portability, for it only weighs 50 grams (including the 2 AAA batteries). There’s also a protective case to shield it from scratches. Also, it robotically stops after 5 seconds and can last up to 32 hours of usage. You can choose between 5 colors: Black, Blue, Pink, White, and Yellow.


5. iHealth PO3M Air Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

iHealth PO3M Air Wireless Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


  • Allowed to use clinically
  • Bluetooth-enabled meter
  • Lightweight


  • The app sometimes fails to save data
  • Demands the use of a power supply

iHealth provides Powerful Digital Logbook to monitor your daily SpO2 and pulse rate. It is easier to say whether you are becoming well or worst day-by-day. However, it’s a good thing though to keep on track to avoid deeper health issues.

Download the iHealth Myvitals app and connect your smartphone via Bluetooth on the pulse oximeter for safer data storage. However, the oximeter itself has a huge memory space to store data. The results show a plethysmograph and perfusion index on a LED screen with accuracy and easier to understand.

Hence, it is suitable for adults age 16 and above. Surprisingly, the device is used clinically as per the FDA approved because of its accuracy in giving legit outcomes. A Li-On battery keeps the device awake, and it is charged via USB cable.


6. Concord Health Supply BlackOx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

Concord Health Supply BlackOx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 


  • One-button device
  • Easy sliding off the battery compartment
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • No figurative form of results

Concord Health Supply never ever failed in creating a pulse oximeter. By this time, one model of their products is to be discussed and we’ve decided to just compare to the preceding model.

Sapphire Pulse Oximeter is mostly alike with BlackOx, as seen on their features. They only differ in their appearances as BlackOx is more classical in black color. Both of them measure SpO2 and pulse rate displayed only in numerical form and rotated in two ways. It renders precise and white OLED readable measurements. Only one button is to be pressed to start it in effect.

Other accessories included a small bag, protective case, lanyard, and 2 AAA batteries. Additionally, the battery compartment slides off when batteries are needed to be replaced. It could last up to 30 hours of continuous usage.


7. Masimo MightySat Bluetooth-Enabled – Best Premium Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

Masimo MightySat Bluetooth-Enabled Pulse Oximeter


  • Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Has a specific app for the device
  • Known athletes prove its effectiveness


  • Expensive

It is another Bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeter on the list and spending much cost is surely expected. This differs on other Bluetooth-supported listed as it measures more aspects of pulse status. We’ll get to know it better below.

Together with the Masimo Personal Health app, it renders more than what we’re imagining. It becomes easier to share your pulse’s data as you connect it to compatible smartphone devices. There all can be set instantly. The package included a protection case, 2 AAA batteries, and a carrying lace.

Further, MightySat functions well in monitoring SpO2, Pulse Rate, Perfusion Index, Respiration rate, and Pleth Variability Index. All are presented clearly and accurately in different ways to designate what measurement it shows. Amazingly, known athletes are bringing MightySat during their workouts, and they testified about its capability and effectiveness as a pulse monitoring device.


8. SantaMedical Generation 2 SM-165 Pulse Oximeter Review

SantaMedical Generation 2 SM-165 Pulse Oximeter


  • Great representation of results
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Prolonged battery life


  • None

Are you a mountaineer? Well, being one of those use cardio endurance to be able to reach the peak. And checking your pulse status every time is much needed to ensure a safer climb.

It monitors the pulse’s rate and strength as well as SpO2. Also, it is easy to operate by pressing only one button. Also, the finger clamps auto-adjusts that it fits all sizes of a finger. The results are displayed in a bright OLED and can be rotated in 4 directions. Its brightness is adjustable on day or night use. You can carry it anyplace you go.

Moreover, it shows both numerical and symbolic results on the screen, making it easier to comprehend. Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index display accuracy and trustworthy results. It could last up to 30 hours of usage run by 2 AAA batteries. Added wrist thread and carrying case give extra portability in taking it along with you all the time.


9. Innovo Bluetooth-Enabled Wrist – Best Premium Pulse Oximeter

Innovo Bluetooth-Enabled Wrist Pulse Oximeter


  • Easy transferring of data
  • A USB port is present


  • Demands more costs

Checking pulse status in a more advanced way is now probable and already admired by many. Do you want to try the newest Innovo Wrist Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth support? Don’t hesitate to buy one by way of its price speaks its quality.

It is a wrist pulse oximeter made of a durable band, and it is very convenient to use. However, it is so sensitive that it cannot be used when the subject is moving. The device measures both SpO2 and pulse rate with correctness and are presented in a numerical and symbolic form that can be rotated. Further, an alarming sound is set when SpO2 is beyond limits.

Also, a USB port is provided for transferring data but connecting via Bluetooth is much better for faster transferring of data. It has free software to be able to transfer data on the computer easily. Knowingly, it is now improved with its silicon made probe instead of latex, which makes it more comfortable. It is highly recommended to be used by athletes and for pulse rate monitoring during sleep.


10. Choicemed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

Choicemed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 


  • Results are recorded 8 seconds before the battery gets unoccupied
  • Has a larger display of results


  • None

After many years of having excellent feedbacks from over 5000 consumers, Choicemed decided to make another generation of a pulse oximeter. This is primarily recommended for sportsmen who desire to monitor their pulse, any time.

It is a one-switch pulse oximeter with great accuracy in terms of pulse rate and SpO2 results. The results are displayed in numerical, and bar form with a clear red LED display. Also, whenever the battery gets empty, it will automatically shut down.

More accessories are included, such as a pouch with a ring for a belt, a lace, and 2 AAA batteries. Being attached to a belt is more convenient; however, carrying it with lace is also preferred. Then again, the pulse oximeter is intended for sports use and not for medicinal purposes.


11. Vive Precision Pulse Oximeter Review

Vive Precision Pulse Oximeter


  • Tested many times to ensure robustness
  • Lightweight
  • Clear and accurate results


  • None

A user-friendly and a health enthusiast pulse oximeter that need not be forgotten on the list. As its name says, it is responsible for precise pulse status results and it looks simple yet has a typical design.

Unlike any other, it has a self-adjusting spring system that accepts all sizes of fingertips, thus good for both children and adults. The LED screen displays SpO2, pulse rate, and plethysmograph in numerical and figurative forms. Also, even battery life is shown on the LED screen. There’s an alarming beep sound whenever the result reaches beyond limits.

The device is lightweight and easy to carry for the package included a carrying small bag and a lanyard. As well as, the manufacturer encompassed 2 AAA Batteries to keep it working after purchase. Give it a try, for it cost only a pint-sized, and you’ll encounter the simplest yet effective pulse oximeter.


12. MeasuPro Instant Read Digital Pulse Oximeter Review

MeasuPro Instant Read Digital Pulse Oximeter


  • Best for home use
  • Comparable to the hospital’s pulse oximeter devices


  • The structure is not sturdy

Are you eyeing for safer pulse oximeter? All pulse oximeters mentioned earlier are all safe yet, assurance of safety is the key. MeasuPro assures of it being latex free and safe for adults.

It is a hypoallergenic device for adults and not for children. The device is made of silicon material free of latex content. It measures SpO2, plethysmograph, and perfusion index in just 3 seconds right after placing a fingertip on the device. The results appeared in numerical and symbolic form and 6 diverse positions depending on how you wanted to see it.

Other trappings included are a small carrying bag and lanyard for easy transporting for it bears lighter weight. Further, it is a one-button pulse oximeter and hence easier to manipulate. Amazingly, a spring system is present that makes it fit for anyone.


13. TempIR  Finger Pulse Oximeter Deluxe Model Digital Review

TempIR  Finger Pulse Oximeter Deluxe Model Digital


  • Easy to carry
  • As good as medical experts apparatus
  • Renders reliable results


  • Slow in giving a result
  • The battery compartment is not durable

Having an oxygen check-up daily is so important and needs to be taken seriously these days. During your exercise routines what matters most is endurance and without proper alignment of oxygen on your system, endurance will be greatly affected.

Obviously, it measures SpO2, pulse rate, plethysmograph, and perfusion index; all are shown in the numerical and figurative form. The results are displayed in different outlooks as long as it is readable for you. Moreover, a one-button pulse oximeter and has a spring system for easy fitting on a fingertip. Other specs include a beep alarm for further than limits result and a battery life indicator as it automatically turns down to preserve battery life.

Additionally, accessories such as a small carrying pouch, neck and wrist lanyard, and 2 AAA batteries are included to make it more portable and cost-effective. It serves as an immediate medication to prevent severe health issues.


14. iProven OXI-27 Pulse Oximeter Review

iProven OXI-27 Pulse Oximeter


  • Had a pouch and a lanyard for easy carrying
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use


  • Other said it gives inconsistent results

Are you trying to be fit but has no device to measure improvements on your body, specifically on your cardio? This time, choose to have a healthier lifestyle with iProven’s OXI-27. It would be all better off from this time.

It displays not only a numerical form but also in terms of a bar graph for an easier understanding of the results. Further, iProven doesn’t want to complicate things. The pulse oximeter shows SpO2 and pulse rate with accuracy, and when it reaches beyond limits, a beep sound can be heard. The results given are consistent if used properly.

How will it work well?

Be sure that your nails are free from nail polish and warm to avoid imprecise reading. Next, do not move while in the process, for it can also affect the final result.


15. CMI Health Handheld – Best Profesional Pulse Oximeter Review

CMI Health Handheld Pulse Oximeter


  • For a long time use
  • Good for both infant and adult
  • Free download of PC software app


  • Demands power supply
  • Expensive

Here comes a pulse oximeter that is good for all sizes of fingertips, whether an infant or adult. No need to look for something else with this handheld pulse oximeter. However, it is different from the products mentioned previously in so many ways. Let’s talk more about it below.

Of course, it still measures SpO2 and pulse rate but in different ways, both for adults and for an infant. Thus, an infant foot wrap sensor and an adult sensor are included to monitor breathing either way. Both are tested for accuracy and are very comfortable to use. It has an alarming sound when beyond limits on SpO2, and pulse rate has been reached. However, the adult sensor is not good for 24-hour care.

This product adopted ISO, CE, and FDA standards and renders safer and more reliable results. Moreover, it is power-driven in either of the two ways, including 3 AA batteries and AC power. Other paraphernalia included is carrying bag, cord, data cable, and a metal stance.


16. CKeep Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

CKeep Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


  • Quick to use
  • Clear and readable data
  • Very affordable


  • Doesn’t function well on a cold fingertip

CKeep Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is the simplest and lightest pulse oximeter listed. It is good for busy people to monitor blood oxygen saturation even during work. As well, as for sports lovers to finally monitor their fitness and play a great game.

Foremost, the device only weighs 50 grams, including 2 AAA batteries with a lanyard that makes it more portable. It measures SpO2 and pulse rate in just 4 easy steps. First, press the device, then insert your fingertip. Next, press the button to startup, checking your pulse, and you’ll get the results after a few seconds.

The result is displayed clear and readable on a LED screen in numerical and bar form. When no signal has been found, the device will turn down within 16 seconds for you to have time to save data. Lastly, it requires less power consumption without affecting it, rendering accurate results.


17. FaceLake FL420 Pulse Oximeter Review

FaceLake FL420 Pulse Oximeter 


  • Inexpensive
  • A very nice design
  • Renders fast results


  • Made of plastic materials

You can check your pulse like an army! Its appearance caught our attention that’s why we’ve decided to include it on the list. Besides, it is not only the look but also its capability to do the monitoring, anytime and anywhere.

The FL420 is designed with camouflage. That’s why we’ve concluded that you can check your pulse like an army. Better than that, the battery installation is being updated for easier battery replacement. Further, it determines SpO2 and pulse rate in just a few seconds, and the results are displayed on a LED screen.

When not in use, it will spontaneously shut down to preserve battery life. The package contained 2 AAA batteries, a nylon-made carrying pouch, and a neck lace up. To ensure the originality of the product being purchased, there’s a clear screen protector attach removed when on hand.


18. BOXYM Children Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

BOXYM Children Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


  • Has alarm setting
  • Children-friendly pulse oximeter
  • Readable and accurate results


  • Some say it doesn’t give an accurate result

However, children cannot tell what’s hurting them when they experience difficulty in breathing. Just like adults, younger ones are prone to improper pulse rate especially that they love playing around. And by purchasing one of BOXYM’s meters, your worries will be lessened.

The oximeter is suitable for 1-year-old up to the early teenage stage. It measures SpO2 and pulse rate on normal days and also for clinical purposes. The result is shown in a numerical, bar graph, and plethysmograph form in a few seconds. Besides, the display is altered in many directions as well as the screen brightness is adjustable.

This one-button pulse oximeter for children is charged via a USB Type-C cord. Further, the package contains a lanyard, velvet bag, USB cable, and Lithium battery.


19. Easy@Home EHP50D1 Deluxe Pulse Oximeter Review

Easy@Home EHP50D1 Deluxe Pulse Oximeter


  • Informational and clearer results
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Included carrying case, lanyard, and batteries


  • Small issues on the assembly
  • No beep sound

Last but definitely not least is the Easy@Home Pulse Oximeter. Of course, there’s a significant reason why we put it the most recent meter listed. Expect for more and more specs to be seen on this pulse oximeter that could’ve been admired by loyal users of it.

The results show all kinds of measurement, including a bar graph, numerical form, and plethysmograph. Therefore, comprehending the outcomes is a lot easier. There’s also a label of measurements displayed through a dual-color LED screen to distinguish which is which easily. Besides, the results displayed can be rotated in 4 ways.

The screen brightness is adjustable for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, the meter fits on all sizes of a fingertip from children to adult users. The downfall is it doesn’t have alarming sound when the results reach beyond limits.



Maintaining a healthy lifestyle on your own has been discovered. Thanks to pulse oximeter’ manufacturers! All in all, it renders reliable and accurate oxygen levels and pulse rate without getting hurt physically and financially. Also, it lessens the possibility of “too late” hospital urgency as it is used as an everyday check-up.

All of the best pulse oximeters mentioned earlier bear the same major features that they only differ in price and other minor specs. We’ll be giving you the freedom to chase more of this product. If questions are to be raised, comment below so we can respond at some point in time.



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