10 Best Letter Sorters

If you wish to keep your home neat and make sure that your letters and bills are sorted and organized (and paid on time), then the best letter sorter is essential.

And whether you want it kept with your keys, in your home office or in the kitchen, there are various styles and designs to choose from. You might be fine with just a classic 3-tier system or go with something that serves a dual purpose and offers space for other trinkets and even gadgets.

In need of finding the best one for your needs? We have picked the top letter sorters that will fit just about anyone’s demands and needs.

  1. Design International Group Black Mesh Letter Sorter

Want a classic look, yet classy and stylish? Well, this black-tiered letter sorter is Amazon’s Choice and is the perfect one for you. It comes in 2 slots for holding letters, mails, bill receipts and other types of documents.

Constructed from sturdy perforated metal, you are guaranteed that it should last for years to come. Its stylish mesh design makes it easy to clean and you can pair it with other mesh desk accessories for a comprehensive and professional office look.

  1. VANRA Metal Mesh File Sorter

For people whose needs demand different orientations, then the VANRA Metal Mesh File Sorter should do the job. It features 3 flat trays and 2 vertical slots for keeping all letters, mails, paperwork, binders, and documents as well as pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, staplers, and other office supplies within an easy reach.

The file sorter is built from metal mesh with a professional black finish for aesthetic appeals. Assembly is quite easy and does not need any tools. The item is completely backed by a 1-year warranty in case any issues arise.

  1. Bankers Box Decorative Letter Sorter

Available in either brocade or pinstriped finish, the Bankers Box Decorative Letter Sorter features eight compartments for keeping letters, catalog sheets, documents, forms and more in order. Its stylish decorative solid color can blend with any interior décor.

The sorter includes plastic channels and labels in order to create a desktop index system. Proudly made in the US from durable corrugated board. It cannot handle heavy items, however, as long as you keep its content limited to paper-based items, the Bankers Box should do just fine.

  1. C-Line General Document Sorter

Offering an old-school letter sorting, the C-Line General Document Sorter allows you to keep all your letters, forms, mails, and documents in a flat stack that are separated by its individually labeled tabs. It comes in a blue color that provides good contrast and a left-handed version is available.

You have the choice of sorting by days of the month (1 – 31), letter of the alphabet (A – Z) or numbers by the thousand (1,000 – 1,000,000). This durable plastic sorter can organize and group with one dimension of 9 ½ or less. You can conveniently store it in a standard desk drawer and comes with an extra month divider.

  1. DecoBros Wall Mount 3-Tier Letter Organizer

Take full advantage of vertical spaces and keep your desktop clear of cabinets or organizers with the Veesun 3-Tier Letter Organizer. This item features 3 slots for holding and sorting file folders, letters, magazines, and other documents. With small label panels, you get to label the contents of each slot for easier organizing.

In addition, this letter rack comes with a key holder to keep your keys near and organized. Give your home or office a professional organized look, thanks to its high-quality mesh construction featuring a classy bronze finish and perforated design.

  1. Rubbermaid Regeneration Letter Tray

Perfect for keeping different letters and forms separated, the Rubbermaid Regeneration is lightweight and functional thanks to its all-plastic construction. This letter sorter comes with 6 trays which can be used independently or together and that nest for compact storage when it is not used.

Made of 25% recycled material, it is environmentally-friendly and is easy to clean. It self-stacking style helps in containing desktop clutter. Clean and simple lines will surely go with any interior décor.

  1. Swingline Stratus Acrylic Letter Sorter

Compact and elegant, the Swingline Stratus is not your typical letter sorter. This innovative and stylish sorter occupies very little desk space when empty. It is made of clear acrylic which complements any home or office décor and creates a cool-looking distorted reflection of the room around you.

Offering only two slots, this can easily and quickly separate items without any hassle. Its solid base makes sure that the sorter will stay firmly in place. Its high arc shape not only keeps your mails secure and upright but it also looks great on your desk. Its premium design can hold thick envelopes and can also work as a tablet or phone stand.

  1. Seville Classics Stacking Letter Organizer

For a vintage vibe, go with the Seville Classics Stacking Letter Organizer. It features a total of 10 compartments in order to help you keep your documents and letter organized in its robust wire-framed design.

The organizer is elevated on posts with its clear rubber feet which add stability without compromising its all-metal aesthetics. Furthermore, it is zinc-coated steel making it rust resistant.

  1. MobileVision Desktop Organizer

For a natural look, then you can never go wrong with the MobileVision Desktop Organizer. Made from durable bamboo, this organizer complements wooden décor. The 5-slot desktop organizer is actually 2 useful desktop organizer in one.

Its bottom compartment is a handy drawer for storing confidential files, trinkets or knickknacks, while its top compartment provides enough dividers for each day of your work week. It comes with nonslip pads in order to keep it in place and avoid scratching your desk.

  1. Home Intuition Wall Mount Letter Organizer

No space on your desk? No worries! This letter organizer is wall-mounted so you have more workspace instead of storage. This letter organizer features 3 tiers to keep documents, letters, mails and other important documents as well as paper clips and office supplies.

Made from durable natural bamboo, this item is environmentally-friendly, durable and much more beautiful than regular wood, plastic and metal materials. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a 5-year money back guarantee, making sure that your money was well spent.



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