10 Best High Speed Automatic Dryers

Every bathroom needs a heavy-duty, reliable hand dryer that ensures hygiene.

Why refill on bathroom tissues now and then, when you can have your clients and guests dry their hands on a super-efficient, high-speed dryer? And because public places have traffic from various parts, it’s not good to touch anything just to get your hands dried.

Here is our list of the best high-speed automatic hand dryers out there.

Alpine Industries Hazel High-Speed Automatic HandDryer

Known in the industry for its excellent products and appliances, Alpine Industries is a manufacturer of innovative solutions for the institutional and commercial market worldwide.

Introducing their Hazel Hand Dryer, it features a powerful 2,300 rpm brush motor to dry out your hands in just 30 seconds. This makes it an excellent product for public restrooms with high traffic. Boasting a contemporary and chic design, this hand dryer offers a great combination of effective drying and stylish accessory.

Being a low-profile dryer, it has a compact size and comes with a bright white color that can seamlessly go with any interior design. It is also completely anti-bacterial and anti-microbial with a low, 60db noise level for a relaxed and quiet bathroom environment.


Dyson Airblade dB AB14 High-Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

All the quality you should expect from a Dyson product, the Airblade hand dryer offers a robust and fast dryer featuring 4 powerful blades of air to scrape (literally) the water off your hands.

The DB AB14, Dyson’s newest version, has been redesigned with a more efficient and faster V4 digital motor that runs at 92,000 rpm to provide super-fast drying times with airflow that is now 50 percent quieter and updated I’R sensors.

A superior product, it comes fully equipped with a built-in 3-stage heap filter which cleans that air before blowing on your hands for hygienic drying. Built to last, this awesome hand dryer features an impact-resistant abs polycarbonate cover to ensure durability.


Excel Dryer XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO High-Speed Automatic Dryer

The XLERATOReco from Excel Dryer is the product you want for your office, store, or home! It is quite affordable and delivers great efficiency for its price, Featuring a high-velocity nozzle that shoots out streams of air, it can dry your hands for just 10 – 15 seconds. And it is not just speedy, it also works quietly.

This hand dryer can draw a maximum current of 4.5 amps allowing you to install it on a single circuit to save time and cost on installation. Its housing is constructed from a heavy-duty die-cast alloy of zinc that is durable and long-lasting and rust-proof with a reinforced rib for added durability and strength.

Moreover, it has a white thermoset cover with a special attachment for mounting on a surface. It has an infrared optical sensor activated for more hygienic use, eliminating the need to touch the product to switch it on or off. It meets all standards from GreenSpec and has even won some awards in reducing waste. Super easy to install, even someone without electrical experience can install it in a short time.


Awoco Compact Automatic High-Speed Hand Dryer

The Awoco automatic hand dryer offers a sleek stainless steel design with lower energy consumption, considering its powerful motor. With this hand dryer, you can have dry hands in just 10 – 15 seconds with a ra round air outlet which makes the airflow faster and more concentrated.

This dryer comes with 45-second overtime protection for a single continuous run, then the next move should trigger a new run. This helps in preventing continuous running without attendance to save energy. Its compact design allows it to fit in a limited space area and only makes low noise with 72db.

The hand dryer is also super easy to clean, thanks to its stainless steel finish. It has air filters that are detachable and washable to keep 99.9 percent of bacteria away and prevent dust from entering the machine and extend its lifespan.


Alpine Industries Hemlock High-Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

Another great product from Alpine Industries, the Hemlock Hand Dryer offers high-speed drying of just 10 seconds with its powerful 25,000 rpm motor. It offers a blue light for the user’s drying efficiency.

The Hemlock model is also fully equipped with a built-in heat switch and only uses 550 watts when turned off. For easy and fast installation, this hand dryer also has an option for a plug-in. Featuring an auto-stop function, this hand dryer automatically turns off if hands are not removed after 63 seconds to save energy.


Adair High-Speed Automatic Dryer

This high-quality commercial hand dryer from AjAir comes fully equipped with an instinctive infrared ray induction system that works from an adjustable distance of 12 meters.

Featuring a unified high-speed motor with 25,000 rpm, it should dry your hands in a record of 7 – 12 seconds you will surely love it. The hand dryer is a wall-mounted design with outstanding chip control technology. It also comes with a cord to plug into an outlet, but you can always convert it to hardwire very easily.


Dyson V Airblade

Another great hand-drying solution from iconic Dyson, this one offers style and efficiency to any bathroom. It looks nothing like the traditional, boring hand dryers. The V Airblade model offers airblade technology together with the latest digital monitor from Dyson to create high-speed blades of air that scrape off water from your hands! It is the fastest way to dry your hands in merely 12 seconds, flat!

Constructed from durable abs and polycarbonate material, Dyson ensures its durability and long lifespan. Plus, its 5-year limited warranty n parts add durable protection to the model. Protruding only 4 inches from a wall, this hand dryer complies with ADA guidelines.

Featuring a HEPA filtrations system, it hygienically dries your hands. Also, it has a sealed casing complete with an antimicrobial coating for extra hygiene and protection of the product.


Blue Storm High-Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

The Blue Storm Hand Dryer is a high-speed automatic dryer with a unique design that offers blue light to help with energy-efficient hand drying. It is not only cost-effective, but this model is also environmentally-friendly.

This hand dryer is GreenSpec listed, meaning that it is considered to be the top of the class and environmentally preferable based on the criteria of the USGBC Green. Moreover, it comes with an auto shut-off feature that is highly cost-effective and costs around 0.0004 cents per use.

Constructed from classy stainless steel material, this hand dryer is highly resistant to corrosion and damage This makes the hand dryer look elegant while being extremely durable and suitable for high-traffic environments such as public restrooms and restaurants.


Commercial Hand Dryers High-Speed Bathroom Dryer

Boasting a sleek, stylish, and modern design, this high-speed dryer machine can dry your hands in just 10 – 12 seconds. With waterproof construction, you do not have to worry about splashes of water on it.

Its polished stainless steel cover also helps in protecting against damage, chips, wear and tear, and rust. Moreover, it operates at 70 – 72 dB for a lower noise operation perfect for kitchen and commercial bathrooms.


JEWELL 2-Pack High-Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

A hand dryer constructed from stainless steel, JEWELL offers 2 high-speed automatic hand dryers for your commercial building. Thanks to its sleek stainless steel design, it is highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring durability and a longer lifespan.

Fully equipped with an automatic infrared ray induction system and chip control technology, you only need to place your hand 2 – 6 inches from the machine and it should let out a high stream of air to dry your hands quickly.

Its high-speed drying ensures dry hands in just 8 – 10 seconds. The model also offers warm and cold air switches to save energy. Moreover, the back inlet is equipped with UV light which kills 90 percent of bacteria in the air.


Factors To Consider When Choosing a High-Speed Automatic Dryer

Before settling for a hand dryer model, there are important factors that you need to consider to ensure that you only have the best buy.

  1. Speed

A good “high-speed” hand dryer should have an excellent drying speed. Clients will surely not be happy waiting for minutes to dry their hands which can also create a jam in the bathroom. Look for dryers that can dry their hands in just 10 – 15 seconds.

  1. Noise

All machines which blow air will create noise and a hand dryer is no exception. Models can go from low to high noise output. If you want to place the hand dryer in a place where noise is a concern, then consider its noise level. Some models come with adjustable motors to control the noise, this, however, comes at the cost of the dryer’s drying time.

  1. Durability

It is crucial to get a model which can last for many years and withstand abuse from many uses every day. Bathrooms are high-traffic areas and they require tough hand dryers since they will have rough treatments as well as extended working times.

Look for one with a longer warranty which is an indication of a tougher build and has higher chance to last longer. Also, consider how the dryer will be installed on the wall to keep it secure.

  1. Energy Use

High-speed automatic hand dryers are energy efficient. They are designed to work only when needed which saves some on your power bill. Also, look for ones that are eco-friendly since they use energy minimally. These are the types with no heating element and only blow out air to save energy.

  1. Power

A hand dryer’s power is directly related to its drying speed. The higher power means that it should work faster, but with louder noise. A high-power machine doesn’t necessarily mean that they have high energy consumption.

  1. Federal Compliance

All business place needs to comply with federal guidelines when selecting a hand dryer and how they are installed in a bathroom. Hand dryers need to be installed in places that are easy for everyone to reach.

They should not be placed in a position where blind individuals can unexpectedly bump into. The best dryers are that it is less than 4” in depth or best used with an adapter for installation to make sure that it does not protrude more than 4”.

  1. Hygiene

Germs are an issue in any shared bathroom. And this calls for a good hand dryer which should not play part in spreading the germs. Automatic hand dryers are the best for minimizing the spread of germs since users do not need to touch anything to turn the hand dryer on or off.

Also, some high-end models are fully equipped with HEPA filters to blow only sanitary and clean air onto your hands. Some come with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial construction to resist germs.

  1. Cost

In any purchase, budget is an essential element. The hand dryer’s cost varies with model and type. Those with basic features should cost you a little, however, if you want something with extra features such as energy efficiency, higher power, and great looks then you need to take more money from your pocket.

It is always worth paying a bit more upfront for an energy-efficient and durable model than replacing the parts every other year, paying more in the electricity bill, or not satisfying your clients.



Q: Are hand dryers better than paper towels?

A: Hand dryers are marketed as an environmental-friendly alternative to paper towels. This is because they save money, reduce waste and eliminate the need to constantly buy new paper towels.

Q: Are there any problems with hand dryers?

A: Yes. Unfortunately, hand dryers tend to be quite noisy. high-speed dryers can work faster, however, they can be too loud and hurt a kid’s ear.

Q: Are they vandal-resistant?

A: Most hand dryers are made to be vandal resistant. They are designed to endure rigorous use and vandalism. They have tamper-proof covers and bolts to ensure durability.


It is high time for your establishment to be eco-friendly and say goodbye to the roll by the roll of paper towels. With the best high-speed automatic hand dryer installed in your bathrooms, you can ensure hygiene, energy savings, and happy clients!



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