10 Best Car Air Purifiers and Buying Guide

10 Best Car Air Purifiers and Buying Guide

Whether you are going to work, mall, to a party, running an errand for someone, or going on a road trip, most of us spend a lot of time in our cars. So, with that said, we spend a good amount of money to make our car as comfortable as possible, such as a steering wheel cover, headrest pillow, and of course an air purifier.

Over time, contaminants or unpleasant odors could build up inside our cars which makes them uncomfortable, and even hazardous to our health. Imagine driving on a rainy day and you can’t roll down your windows, the car could get incredible stuffy, which is why a high-quality air purifier has become a necessity. In this article, we’ll tackle the best car air purifiers with a buying guide.

Why Purchase a Car Air Purifier for Your Vehicle?

One of the main reasons why you’re about to purchase an air purifier for your car is if you’ll be traveling a lot, where you’ll have to stay in the vehicle for a long time. Spending several hours a day in your car could expose you to polluted air, and because of that, it would be a great idea for you to get an air purifier to keep the air in your car clean.

Breathing in some fresh air can keep you healthy and enables you to drive without having a sense of fatigue. Another reason why you should get an air purifier is if you or one of your passenger’s smoke. Smoking inside a car with an air purifier can immediately remove the smoke’s smell from the car immediately.

What to Look for When Buying a Car Air Purifier

If you’re looking for a nice air purifier for your car, you’ll need to know some basic things about them before making a purchase. There are also a few kinds of stuff that need to be told before you even consider getting an air purifier. It may sound easy and pretty simple if you think about it, but once you’ve really put your mind in it, things would get a bit more complicated.

Air purifiers come in different shapes and sizes with various types of filtration method, so here are a couple of things that you need to know about air purifiers:

  • The Air Purification Method

It is very important to know what kind of technology an air purifier is using in removing the pollution from the air. There are actually a lot of them, and some are used by individual brands. So far, the best technology of air purifier is by using a high-quality HEPA filter. However, most of the purifiers will mostly rely on ozone generators and ionizers.

These kinds of devices also do a great job and are pretty cheap for maintenance. The only problem that you need to question would be the usage of emitting ozone. Some purifiers that use an ionizer would have a certificate, which guarantees a low level of emitting ozone, so you should try focusing on those.

However, without a doubt, the best type of air purification method would be using several different kinds of technologies in one. This way, a lot of air purifiers emit ions while using a true HEPA filter at the same time. These purifiers are extremely useful, and if you pick those type of product, you would never regret and complain about vehicle’s air quality again.

  • The Complexity of Usage

Some air purifiers are pretty simple to use, all you have to do is to plug them in your car’s power generator and switch the power button on. And on the other hand, some purifiers will require you to choose a speed, turn some other methods, turn it off or on, and then watch the indicator of air quality.

Most people love using simple items and would most likely choose an air purifier that has little options available. While some prefer using an air purifier with advanced technology, they would look for an air purifier that uses silent mode, sensors, and other kinds of settings that could help in certain situations.

Top 10 Best Car Air Purifiers in the Market

Since there are different kinds of shapes, sizes, and models of air purifiers in the market, choosing a suitable product for you and your car can be quite frustrating because of all the options.

Therefore, to save you the trouble of making various research or searching for each mall in your place for the best item, we’ve listed down most of the best air purifiers on Amazon. This way, not only would save a bit of your car’s gas, but it would also save you some time from searching the best product in different malls.

The Eco Breeze manufacturer has been in the air purifying business for quite some time now, and so far, their customers seem to be happy with their products. This air purifier has a pretty unique and fashionable design that resembles a flashlight. It is an eco-friendly gadget that help eliminates dust, pollen, smoke, bacteria, and bad odor from your car by producing millions of negative oxygen ions.

This product is highly recommended for people with allergies such as asthma, sinusitis, and allergic bronchitis. Aside from an air purifier, this product also doubles up as an air freshener. It can activate your body cells and leads to mental clarity and relaxation. It was also proven to help eliminate about 99% of airborne bacteria.


  • It is very affordable
  • Very simple to use
  • Certified by RoHS, CE, and FCC
  • Highly suitable for people with allergies and asthma


  • It may emit an ozone
  1. Philips GoPure Car Air Purifier

With this air purifier’s 3 stage filtering system, you could enjoy incredibly clean and fresh air in your vehicle. Since this purifier contains HESA and HEPA filters, you could sit and enjoy your ride with the assurance that you and your passenger are safe from viruses and bacteria.

One of its features is that it has an air particle sensor that shows the air quality inside your car, and it also allows you to adjust the filtration speed accordingly. It has about 3-speed options. The 3-stage filtering system of the device comes in three steps.

The first stage of the filtering system can eliminate large particles in the air such as pet and human hair. The second stage, also called the HEPA stage removes the dust, pollen, and harmful airborne bacteria. And the third or HESA stage eliminates all unpleasant odors that are circulating inside your vehicle. The filters are very durable and could last for up to 8 months depending on usage.


  • It’s made of high-quality materials
  • It contains HEPA and HESA technology
  • Very easy to use and install
  • It has a great design
  • It has a high air purification power
  • Very durable
  • Filters can last for up to 8 months


  • It’s a bit expensive than most products
  1. FRiEQ Car Air Purifier

This is a unique and beautifully designed car air purifier with a blue LED light to add more color. This is a great addition to your vehicle’s interior design. The device only weighs around 40 grams, and it’s very easy to install as you only need to plug it into your car’s cigarette port. Unlike regular air fresheners, this air purifier doesn’t merely cover the bad odors, but it eliminates it by releasing negative ions.

Since this purifier is very effective in eliminating odor-causing particles, this particular device is very popular to pet owners and smokers because of its effectiveness. The FRiEQ releases millions or negative ions in the air to fight off bacteria, bad odor, and all kind of viruses inside your car.


  • It’s very affordable
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Immediately removes bad odor
  • Powerful enough to remove all airborne bacteria and viruses inside the car


  • The ionization process may sometimes emit high levels of ozone
  1. Air Oasis Air Angel and Surface Sanifier

Now, this air purifier the capability of air filtration unlike most of its competitive product, but even without the use of air filtration, the Air Angel does an amazing job of killing all harmful airborne pollutants by using ionic technology. It also provides its users with a lot of customizing options, multiple ion settings, and it even has an adjustable fan.

Upon purchase, this air purifier comes with a couple of adapters, which enables it to double as a room or office air purifier making it a very versatile product. This is perfect for those who wanted to save money. Since Air Angel is a well-constructed device, it wouldn’t require much maintenance making it perfect for those who don’t enough time in their hands.


  • It’s low maintenance
  • The speed and output are adjustable
  • It’s very portable
  • Effectively kills odor
  • Immediately clean and freshen up your car


  • Expensive
  • It doesn’t have air filtration
  • It may produce a strong ozone odor
  1. Earth-Air Car Air Purifier

Most of you might not be familiar with this product’s name, which is Earth-Air, but it’s actually quite a popular brand for those who are on a budget, as it works pretty well despite its price range. If you’re on a tight budget but badly needs an air purifier for the car, then this air purifier would be a good option for you. It may not be as expensive as the other products on this list, it still offers great air purification without lowering its quality.

In addition to the purifier’s features, it doesn’t need any maintenance at all. But like most car air purifiers, this affordable device can remove odors, particles, and other air contaminants that could be harmful to your health by using ionizers.


  • It’s very affordable
  • It doesn’t require maintenance
  • High-quality despite its price
  • Effectively removes particle, odors, and other contaminants in the air


  • It may emit ozone which can be harmful to health
  1. HumanFriendly Nova Car Air Purifier

This car air purifier may be small, but since it’s manufactured from Nova, it packs a powerful effect on getting rid of allergens, microbes, dust, and molecules that a musky odor. Once installed, it immediately works by eliminating all air contaminants and leaves a natural-smelling interior.

This air purifier uses millions of negative ions to get rid of all particles that are inside your car. This way, you won’t risk your health by inhaling these harmful particles to your lungs, which could cause problems later on. Additionally, since it only releases negative ions in the air, there are no filters that you need to clean or change regularly.

This small air purifier is very easy to install as you only need to plug it into your car’s cigarette port. In addition to its features, Nova even added a couple of USB ports for the user’s convenience. Therefore, not only can you purify your car’s air, but you can also charge your mobile devices at the same time.


  • It has a compact design and very lightweight
  • Releases about 5 million negative ions
  • It comes with two USB ports
  • It doesn’t need any maintenance
  • It has a 1-month money-back guarantee


  • It might release harmful ozone
  1. Vyaime Car Diffuser

First of all, this product isn’t exactly an air filter or an ionizer, but it’s more like an essential oil diffuser that is specifically made for vehicle use. This portable diffuser can use carry about 50ml or 1.7 ounces aromatherapy essential oil of your choice. It may not be able to fully purify your car’s air, but it does mask unpleasant odors so that you won’t have to suffer from it.

Some might find this product useless, but it still works decently like any other diffusers for home use. It spews a very fine mist of essential oil through the sponge filter to cover some particles in the air. Therefore, not only would you be satisfied with fresh aroma, but it also helps relieves your stress with the quality of the air you breathe in.

This humidifier’s unique feature is that it comes with a flexible neck, this way, you can always make an adjustment anyway you wanted. Like the Nova air purifier, this also comes with dual USB ports for your convenience.


  • It’s very easy to install
  • It comes with a sponge filter
  • It has a 1-hour interval auto-shutoff
  • It comes with one button control
  • It has a built-in USB port


  • It doesn’t purify the air but covers the odor
  1. Kisair Portable Air Purifier

This air purifier from Kisair comes with a triple layer of active filtration, including a HEPA filter at the middle, before it neutralizes the odor molecules through its carbon filter. This is the type of air cleaner that looks as elegant as how it functions. It also comes with an ionizer function, which is capable of releasing up to 8 million negative ions.

The millions of ions released into the air can help get rid of fungi, bacteria, and various viruses that are drifting inside the vehicle. With the triple layer filtration, the air purifier will make sure that the air in your car is as clean and fresh as possible.

A lot of car owners love using this device because it’s very easy to operate. Despite its three functionalities, it only comes in a single button which eliminates the need to wonder about which button to press. This product has a disc-shape design that provides amazing portability and versatility.


  • It is an air filter with an ionizer functionality
  • It comes in three modes and 2-speed settings
  • It functions quietly
  • Comes with three-layer functionality
  • Very portable and versatile
  • Affordable


  • It might produce some ozone because of its ion functionality
  1. Thinkga Car Air Ionizer

The product’s design makes the air ionizer looks more like a Bluetooth speaker that’s standing upright. This device from Thinkga is not just an ionizer, but it’s actually a combination of air ionizer and air purifier that provides exceptional air cleaning. It has a very nice design that it also makes a good-looking décor on your desktop or table.

It releases about 5 million anions, which is enough to neutralize all kinds of microorganisms that are lingering inside your car. In addition to its unique design, it comes with two USB ports at the side for the owner’s convenience. This addition is pretty useful as you no longer need to buy a USB port for your car.


  • It has a modern and minimalist design
  • Comes with dual USB port
  • It has a multipurpose design
  • Releases about 5 million anions per second
  • Provides an effective air cleaning


  • It might release some harmful ozone in the air
  1. 10.LinkPal Car Ionizer and Air Purifier

This device may be small, but it works pretty well in purifying your car’s interior. It is also very easy to install as you only have to plug it into your car’s charger to work. You can also plug it t any ports you want, and it would still effectively keep your car’s air fresh and clean. This air purifier works both as an air ionizer and purifier.

The great thing about this small device is that it immediately takes effect once used. After a moment or so, you’ll start noticing that the air inside your car is starting to get cleaner and fresher to breathe in. Therefore, you would surely be glad to have this device inside your car.


  • It’s very small and easy to plug in
  • It continuously keeps the air inside the car clean and fresh
  • Immediately takes effect after plugging into the car’s port
  • Affordable and portable
  • It works pretty well on small vehicles


  • It may be too small for large vehicles
  • It might emit ozone

What are the Benefits of Using a Car Air Purifier?

Most people couldn’t stand staying too long inside their car simply because, it’s either the air isn’t breathable or it’s too stuffy inside. It may also become worse during cold, stormy, or rainy season where you couldn’t roll down your windows, so the only solution for this is by using an air purifier for vehicles.

There are a lot of reasons and benefits that you gain by using an air purifier, and here is a short list of them:

  • It Provides Cleaner and Safer Air

The main function of an air purifier is just how its name implies, it cleans and purifies the air from any unpleasant and hazardous smell. While it may be impossible to get rid of all the pollutants in the air, at the very least, using these kinds of devices can keep the air inside the vehicle safe and cleaner for the passengers.

Therefore, not only you and your family or friends could benefit from the air purifier, but also your pets as well since most pet owners bring their pets with them when traveling.

  • Provides a Nice Fragrance

Fumes, smoke, oil smell from foods, fart, sweat, and any other foul-smelling odors inside the car can make the trip really unpleasant. Therefore, having a purifier that can work in neutralizing those odor molecules, and then removing them from the car’s air circulation can not only provide the vehicle’s interior a nice look, but it would also make it smell clean and fresh as well.

  • Improves Health

Since air purifiers could remove as many allergens and any other hazardous elements from the air as possible, it can have a good effect on everyone’s health, especially for those who have allergies.

Not only that it would also have a great effect for those who have respiratory problems, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, as removing the pathogens from the air can help prevent the symptoms of health issues from worsening.

Final Thoughts

While looking for the best air purifier for your car, we hope that you could find a suitable air purifier with one of the listed items above. Whether you’re a smoker, have allergies, couldn’t stand the stuffy smell inside your car, or simply want to freshen up your car, then an air purifier can make your car a better environment for everyone.

Therefore, we hope that the list of products and the buying guide included in this article has helped you out with your purchase, and found the right one that goes well with your budget.



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