New documentary on Sept. 7 coming to Apple TV – ‘Being James Bond’

Take a look back at five films and fifteen years of Daniel Craig as James Bond in “Being James Bond,” which premieres Sept. 7 on the Apple TV App.

The documentary is about Daniel Craig’s years as James Bond. A few behind-the-scenes footages is shown in the trailer, with Craig describing how the role changed his life.

“Being James Bond” arrives before the theatrical release of “No Time To Die.” The film will include never-before-seen footage of all Craig’s Bond films, as well as the most recent installment.

MGM studios produced the documentary, which has a running time of 46 minutes. Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the producers, talk to Craig about his personal memories of the role.

Amazon is in the process of acquiring MGM, though the exclusive deal with Apple for this documentary must have gone through well before that deal was signed. Amazon will access the entire “James Bond” library once the deal is done, but Apple’s exclusivity agreement should still apply for the documentary.

Craig has some affinity for Apple, as he had previously contested the use of Android product placement in “Spectre” because “James Bond only uses the best.” He believed James Bond would prefer an iPhone to the Sony placed device.

As a free-to-stream selection, you can watch “Being James Bond” on the Apple TV app beginning Sept. 7.

An earlier version incorrectly stated that “Being James Bond” was to be available on Apple TV+. The movie will be available as a free streaming option on the Apple TV app.



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