Apple Still lacks strong living room hardware strategy

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Many have been questioning Apple’s commitment to the smart-home industry over the years, especially when it discontinued its full-size HomePod earlier this year. Apple is, however, preparing for 2023 by launching a new Apple TV, HomePod, and a FaceTime combo device.

In the latest issue of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman argues that Apple TV is “become pointless” due to stronger competition from Amazon, Roku, and lack of innovation by Apple.

Gurman suggested that Apple might reimagine its Apple TV, making it more affordable and reducing the current model’s price. According to feedback from Apple engineers, Gurman thinks that none of these changes will occur anytime soon.

Apple could lower the price of its boxes, make a stick version with 4K or add features that make it worthwhile if it wants it to be effective. I think this is because Apple engineers don’t have a strong livingroom strategy or internal optimism.

Gurman reiterates his belief that Apple will release a combination Apple TV/HomePod and FaceTime device in 2023.

Apple will release a new Apple TV, HomePod and FaceTime home hub device in 2023.

Let us know what you think of the Apple TV/HomePod’s current status.


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