17 Best Outdoor TV Antenna Buying Guide

With all the crazy news surrounding us every day, all of us seek release from all the stress, strains, and struggles of our everyday life. And regardless of the overwhelming influence of the internet and social media in the past few years, television is still an effective medium for entertainment.

Even though most people have turned to cable or satellite, many still use antennas to receive their TV signal, and for these people, it’s important to pick the best antenna for their system.

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Top 17 Best Outdoor TV Antenna Reviews

Featuring carefully selected outdoor TV antennas which are commercially available and provide top-of-the-line performance, we give you the top 17 best outdoor TV antennas in the market today!


1. 1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna Review

1. 1byone Amplified Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna ReviewTopping our list is the outdoor TV antenna from 1byone with a 150-mile range. The 1byone TV antenna is specifically designed to receive all local sitcoms, news, kids, and sports programs to provide endless entertainment.

This remarkable outdoor antenna can be connected using a coaxial cable to scan all channels you want. Most people who bought this TV antenna were impressed with the list of channels that you can watch with this amazing piece of equipment. Your kids will love cartoon shows, and you get to enjoy your favorite sports and news channel.

Moreover, if you wish to experience HDTV with superior picture and sound quality, we are glad to tell you that this outdoor TV antenna from 1byone performs like no other conventional product. You can conveniently set up this antenna just about anywhere, thanks to its easy setup, be it your rooftop or attic. You can get a broad range of VHF and UHF channels.

You will also be in love with the HD picture and Dolby sound that it offers. Its cutting-edge design is complemented by a durable construction and delivers a noise-free reception. It performs even in harsh weather conditions and still provides you with a glitch-free performance.


  • Easy set up in just a few minutes
  • Tough construction that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions
  • Airs full HD (1080p), ultra HD (K), and 3D channels
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty


  • Does not receive many channels


2. Channel Master CM-4228HD Outdoor TV Antenna Review

2. Channel Master CM-4228HD Outdoor TV Antenna ReviewIf you wish to have the best outdoor TV antenna, the Channel Master Outdoor TV antenna should be on your list. This particular outdoor TV antenna is a multi-directional, eight-bay, and phased array outdoor antenna, which can receive both HD and digital signals from a span of 180 degrees.

It has an impressive range of 80 miles. It can receive digital local broadcasts and high-definition channels with clarity, so you do not have to worry about paying for your cable anymore. Furthermore, the Channel Master outdoor TV antenna comes to you pre-assembled, so you do not need to spend much time installing it.

This TV antenna also receives high band VHF and digital and analog UHF, plus it comes with a 75-ohm coaxial output. Whether you are someone who does not want to worry about having signal problems or live far away from broadcast towers, the Chanel Master outdoor TV antenna will surely provide an excellent performance!


  • Comes with 75-ohm coaxial output
  • 80 miles maximum range
  • Receives high-band VHF signals as well as UHF signals (both analog and digital)
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-directional


  • Some users claim that it is only great for UHF inputs


3. RCA Compact Yagi HDTV Outdoor Antenna Review

3. RCA Compact Yagi HDTV Outdoor Antenna ReviewOne of the best things about this outdoor TV antenna is that it is quite easy to install. This particular antenna from RCA comes pre-assembled, meaning it includes elements that snap in place to lock onto the antenna / UHF reflector (which gives you a stronger signal from ultra-high frequency programming broadcasts).

The RCA outdoor antenna is also one of the best out there because it offers support for resolution programs as high as 1080p HDTV. This should give you the best sound and image quality with free shows broadcast over the air. It should also pick up shows from 70 miles away.

This antenna comes with mounting hardware, a 75-ohm transformer, and a mast for placement outdoors on the roof of your house. RCA designs and products meet and exceed quality and performance standards from the Consumer Electronics Association. Thus, rest assured that you are getting a quality product with this antenna.


  • Enhanced reception technology
  • Supports both VHF and UHF transmissions
  • Easy to set up
  • Meets standards from the Consumer Electronics Association


  • Flimsy parts
  • Poor reception in the attic


4. 1byone Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna Review

4. 1byone Omni-Directional Outdoor HDTV Antenna ReviewThe modern and sleek design of this outdoor antenna from 1byone attracts most consumers. With an omnidirectional 720 degree-reception, this 1byone antenna model receives excellent reception both horizontally and vertically without the need to adjust its direction. This new design concept ensures that you will receive a reliable and stable broadcast even on rainy or windy days.

This model features an impressive snow-proofing and water-proofing built with an Anti-UV coating. Thus it provides an amazing receiving performance, giving it an edge over other antennas. It also has a 26 feet high-performance coaxial cable to place the amplified outdoor antenna in high-reception areas quickly.

It broadcasts excellent audio performance and crystal-clear pictures for you and your family to enjoy. It has a VHF bar which enhances the VHF channels reception. With several mounting options, you can install this antenna on your roof, balcony, attic, or living room. Together with a compact design, this outdoor antenna does great in saving space.


  • Comes with a longer cable
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent performance
  • Durable built
  • Omni-directional


  • Some users state that it only has around 30 miles range


5. Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital Outdoor Antenna Review

5. Tree New Bee Amplified HD Digital Outdoor Antenna ReviewOne of the best long-range outdoor digital antennas, this TV antenna from Tree New Bee comes with a stunning 150-mile range and features a motorized 360-degree rotation. This means you have no trouble receiving FM, VHF, and UHF transmissions from more than 150 miles away. And with the help of the 360-degree motor rotor, you can finely tune this in.

Scan available channels and enjoy free content with this outdoor antenna. The USP of this outdoor antenna delivers both VHF and UHF-type transmissions. Furthermore, it comes with a 40ft coax cable, a power supply for the rotor control box, and an amplifier that provides you with the most economical option.

You can also expect channels to be in high definition. The Tree New Bee designs its outdoor antennas with what they call “pure vertex” technology for a better experience. This tech shields your TV channels from interference generated by other devices in your house like FM radio signals, cell phone signals, and kitchen appliances.

Lastly, this cutting-edge outdoor antenna works with remote control, so you do not need to climb onto your rooftop to just change the direction of the antenna and get better signals.


  • Comes with remote controlled motor for direction change
  • Has a very long coax cable
  • Pure vertex technology
  • FM, VHF, and UHF transmissions
  • 150-mile range
  • Lightweight construction


  • The antenna seems to occasionally be affected by rains or bad weather conditions


6. Winegard FlatWave Air FL6550A Outdoor HDTV Antenna Review

6. Winegard FlatWave Air FL6550A Outdoor HDTV Antenna ReviewIf you are looking for a moderately priced outdoor TV antenna with a higher quality viewing experience, then the Winegard Outdoor HDTV antenna is your best bet. It features the latest technology with an ultra-low noise split band digital amplifier to deliver a strong signal that rivals cable TV.

This antenna is specifically designed to be a compact substitute for the bulkier outdoor antennas found on the market today. Designed and assembled in the United States, you can ensure that this antenna meets the highest quality standards for antennas.

Featuring a FlatWave design, this antenna provides you access to a broad range of free HDTV programming from broadcasting stations in VHF and UHF signals from as far as 60 miles away from your house.
Apart from dramas, sitcoms, live sporting events, weather, and news channels, you will be able to enjoy movie channels thanks to the multicast channels in the free frequency domains. And with the power antenna connected, you can enjoy the best range.

With a small size and weighing only 2.92 pounds, this outdoor TV antenna from Winegard will not look obtrusive when it is mounted on your roof. Connect it to your TV with a standard coax cable and enjoy all kinds of channels.


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Dual-band VHF and UHF driven element with an integrated reflector
  • Great reception quality
  • Great build
  • Made in the US


  • Mounting hardware is prone to scratches


7. 1byone 150 Miles Digital Amplified Roof/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Review 

7. 1byone 150 Miles Digital Amplified Roof/Outdoor HDTV Antenna Review Like the other 1byone products in this list, this long-range outdoor HDTV antenna brings you impressive sound and image quality. 1byone makes sure that the broadcasts will retain their quality. Thus this antenna provides channels in 1080p and 4K resolutions. And if they happen to be near, you can also enjoy 3D channels with this superb outdoor TV antenna.

The 1byone long-range TV antenna can receive receptions up to 150 miles away and, coupled with its multi-element design, it offers you superior construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions. This outdoor antenna can catch local UHF and HDTV connections. Lastly, 1byone offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty for risk-free buying.


  • Offers great value
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty
  • Durable antenna
  • 150 miles range
  • Supports 4K and 1080p resolution


  • Does not catch VHF channels


8. Antennas Direct 2 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna Review

8. Antennas Direct 2 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna ReviewNoted as one of the most powerful antennas in its class, the 2-Element Bowtie antenna from Antennas Direct can pick up broadcasting signals from 45 miles away. Its bowtie shape design adds a multi-directional capability that allows the antenna to pick up better signal quality even if you live in remote locations and suburban areas.

This 1.6-inch diameter, the 30-inch high antenna is fitted with a powder-coated steel tube. The antenna’s base is versatile to configure— allowing it to pivot for angled, flat, or vertical installation, whichever positioning is best for the location. It also comes with all-weather sealing tape and lag bolts for easy installation.

Apart from the DB2e antenna, you will also get an HDTV antenna mount that can withstand all kinds of bad weather conditions. You can send the signal from this outdoor TV antenna to all your television sets, through the standard coaxial cable signal routing. Lastly, Antennas Direct provides a lifetime warranty on all antenna parts.


  • Stylish design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Weather-resistant
  • Versatility in mounting


  • Weak signal during bad weather


9. Vilso Amplified Motorized Rotation Outdoor TV Antenna Review

9. Vilso Amplified Motorized Rotation Outdoor TV Antenna ReviewThis outdoor TV antenna from Vilso comes with an easy-to-follow manual. However, sometimes the clunky antenna itself can be difficult to install and adjust, slowing down the setup process. This antenna is also among the best long-range outdoor antennas on this list that can receive signals from up to 150 miles away.

The Viso outdoor TV antenna catches FM, UHF, and VHD stations with ease and supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and more for free. And if you wish to have an HDTV transmission, then this antenna can provide it for you.

Also, this outdoor antenna features a wireless remote control. This remote control allows you to adjust the antenna’s positioning from the comfort of your home so that you won’t have to climb the rooftop and be at risk of falling. It also comes with weather-resistance technology to withstand any bad weather, making it quite useful for many years to come.


  • Comes with a remote
  • 150-mile range
  • Has a 360-degree motor rotor for finding the best reception
  • Weather resistant


  • Even though it comes with an instruction manual the setup can be hard


10. Mediasonic HOMEWORX HDTV Outdoor Antenna Review

10. Mediasonic HOMEWORX HDTV Outdoor Antenna ReviewWhether you wish to watch TV in both HD and SD, the outdoor TV antenna from Mediasonic will provide you with the best experience. You can enjoy great reception with a range of 80 miles, even if you are far from broadcasting towers. This antenna supports UHF and VHF frequencies, as well as FHD broadcast.

Well-made, this antenna is durable and can withstand harsh outdoor weather. And featuring a compact design, it will not look bulky on your rooftop and it is quite easy to install.


  • Supports all UHF and VHF frequencies
  • Broadcast in FHD
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation


  • It sometimes provides weak signals


11. Ohayo Outdoor HD TV Antenna Review

11. Ohayo Outdoor HD TV Antenna ReviewBeing one of the most successful antenna products with so many great reviews, the long-range outdoor TV antenna from Ohayo is among the best available for its price tag. With a 150-mile range, this model can receive all UHF and VHF signals while offering a clear HDTV picture. Now, you can enjoy your favorite channels on HDTV without spending on cable TV or satellite.

The OHAYO Outdoor HDTV antenna offers amazing capabilities in all directions. It features a built-in 360 motor rotor, which you can easily control with infrared remote control. Also, it comes with a 33ft long cable to provide you with the best reception possible.

Another feature of this antenna is engineered to support 2 TV sets simultaneously, so your kids can enjoy cartoons in the living room while you watch your favorite sports channel in the bedroom. This antenna is also one of the most robust outdoor antennas which provide high durability and are capable enough to function even in terrible weather conditions.


  • Durable design that can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Dual TV outputs
  • 33ft cable
  • 150-mile range
  • Comes with a mounting pole


  • Loose cable screws


12. Lava Electronics HD-2605 HDTV Outdoor Antenna Review

12. Lava Electronics HD-2605 HDTV Outdoor Antenna ReviewThis Outdoor TV Antenna from Lava Electronics features a built-in rotor motor that can turn a full 360 degrees via the IR remote control. This allows you to change the antenna’s direction to pick up better signals without the need to climb the roof.

It is also UHF and VHF capable and features a dual TV output as well. It also has high sensitivity reception so that you can achieve better reception than with other antennas. Other than that, the Lava Electronics HDTV Outdoor antenna is very easy to install.


  • High sensitivity reception
  • UHF and VHF are capable
  • Features a dual TV input


  • Cheaply made


13. Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V Outdoor HDTV Antenna Review

13. Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V Outdoor HDTV Antenna ReviewAnother popular choice for outdoor HDTV antenna is the Antennas Direct Multi-Directional Antenna that cuts through the dense foliage outdoors. Because it comes from a trusted manufacturer brand, you are sure only to get incredible features with amazing performance.

The antenna is capable of receiving UHF and VHF signals. Its loop design offers superb signal strength and cancels any interference, which may weaken the signals. Also, its multi-directional design allows the antenna to pick signals from multiple directions.

It also comes with a durable construction with a pleasing design that can withstand even the ugliest weather conditions. With a compact design, an affordable price tag, and a reliable warranty, this outdoor antenna surely provides value for your money.


  • Lifetime warranty on all parts
  • Multi-directional reception
  • UHF and VHF are capable
  • Loop design for a strong signal receiving
  • Affordable


  • Assembly directions are hard to understand


14. Xtreme Signal HDB2X Outdoor TV Antenna Review14. Xtreme Signal HDB2X Outdoor TV Antenna Review

Enjoy this powerful antenna that provides strong signals for its price. With a maximum range of 35 miles, it can receive UHF broadcasts. It has a maximum gain of 7.7 DB and features a built-in transformer connection of 75ohms that boasts amazing weatherproof ability.

Not only that, this TV antenna provides clear quality and provides great reception. It is easy to install and can be mounted outdoors or indoor, whichever choice you want.


  • Weatherproof
  • Built-in transformer connection
  • Strong signal


  • A maximum range of 35 miles


15. Mohu Sky 60 Outdoor TV Antenna Review

15. Mohu Sky 60 Outdoor TV Antenna ReviewThe Sky 60 TV antenna is engineered for mounting outside your home and reaching TV signals from as far as 75 miles away. Mohu Company takes pride in its “CleanPeak Filter” technology, which eliminates noise and interference from smartphones and other electronic device signals and broadcasts FM radio stations to provide you with a signal that is clear as possible.

It is capable of broadcasting in 1080p HD for you and your family to enjoy. Weighing only 3 pounds, this antenna will be easy to install o your rooftop. And with its multi-directional feature, it can receive signals from just about any direction.


  • CleanPeak Filter technology
  • 75-mile range
  • Multi-directional


  • Cheaply made


16. ESKY Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna Review

16. ESKY Amplified Outdoor TV Antenna ReviewMany users dub the ESKY HDTV outdoor antenna as the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas. One of its most impressive features is its solid construction. This antenna most definitely doesn’t come across as poorly made. Moreover, it has waterproof capabilities as well as lightning protection. Therefore, bad weather will not affect your TV viewing experience.

The ESKY outdoor antenna can potentially get receptions from 150 miles away, thus being best for homes in rural areas. Also, its 360-degree rotation capability ensures that you will be able to receive signals from any direction. Lastly, it offers the superb sound quality, whereas the amplifier does not make any noise.


  • Performs faster
  • Integrate signal amplifier to reduce signal loss
  • Solid design
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof and lightning protected


  • Signal strength is not always consistent


17. InstallerParts Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna Review

17. InstallerParts Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna ReviewThe Outdoor TV antenna from InstallerParts has proven to be easy to install. It comes with a handy user manual, which allows you to take the DIY path when installing the outdoor antenna. This outdoor TV antenna has multiple built-in features, including a handy 360-degree rotor that locates the best reception and a super-low noise amplifier.

This TV antenna is also weather-resistant, so you do not have to worry about losing reception when raining heavily or is windy outside. Featuring a wireless remote control, this antenna ensures that you do not waste your time climbing your rooftop and adjusting the antenna’s position. Also, it has a dual TV output, which improves utility.

Lastly, the InstallerParts Outdoor HDTV Antenna has an excellent long-range reception of up to 150 miles to provide you with more channels to watch.


  • 150-mile range
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Dual TV outputs
  • Comes with remote control


  • Does not come with a mounting pole
  • The Remote needs two AAA batteries which are not included in your purchase
  • Red LED on the control unit is excessively bright


Benefits of Using an Outdoor TV Antenna

You may have thought that TV antennas were old school. However, they are still on the market today and offer great benefits to their users that satellite and cable TV cannot hope to match.

They are not for everyone. However, for users who have a great supply of broadcast stations in their area, TV antennas can save a lot of money and improve signal quality. Here are some of the benefits of an outdoor TV antenna:

A TV Antenna Can Save Money

By default, antennas are money savers since their sole job is to receive free TV. Using satellite or cable service requires you to pay a monthly local service fee to receive local channels.

With an outdoor TV antenna, you can save that monthly fee and spend it on other important things. Remember, broadcast stations are free. So, why pay for them, right?

Channels That Satellite or Cable Don’t Provide

There is no need to compare free TV and pay TV when it comes to the number of channels offered. Pay-TV wins. However, satellite and cable providers do not tell their subscribers that many broadcast stations offer at least one sub-channel. And such sub-channels are not offered with satellite or cable service. To get those, you will need an antenna.

Better Than Indoor Models

When it comes to signal reception, outdoor TV antenna wins over indoor models. Because outdoor antennas are mounted at the top of your rooftop or the attic, they can receive better signals without a bunch of interference from the walls being in the way of the signal. The result – you will have a more clear and undisrupted experience.

Stable Reception in Bad Weather

Satellite subscribers know that their signal can disappear when bad weather comes, which is a common concern when typhoons or wintry weather happens. In these times, people need to have access to news channels to be updated about the latest weather reports. Thus, an outdoor TV antenna is a way to go.


Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing the Best TV Outdoor Antenna

Before making your final decision, here are some important factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for the best outdoor TV antenna:


Interference is the lack of a clear signal, often caused by objects between the signal source and the receiver (the broadcast tower and your antenna, respectively). Tall buildings and trees are the most frequent cause of interference. This is why it’s important to install an antenna as high as possible to lessen the object’s amount obstructing the signal.

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But the biggest problems of all are electronic interference. Appliances, as well as electrical equipment and wireless devices all, contribute to electronic interference. When choosing the best outdoor TV antenna, see if they have certain technology or features that help block such interference to provide you with an undisrupted watching of your favorite channels.

Learn What Channels You Can Access

Before you buy an outdoor TV antenna for your home entertainment, you must know what channels you will receive in your area. You can make use of an online tool to find out. Just type in your home address, and you will be able to see all the channels that your TV antenna will receive.

The number of channels you can receive will also depend on your home’s distance from the broadcasting towers, the height at which you install your antenna, and the range of the antenna itself.

People living in metro areas are generally more likely to pick up more channels than people who live in the countryside’s remote areas. The good news about an outdoor TV antenna is that it can receive more signals than an indoor antenna, thus providing you with more channels to watch.

Attic Vs. Rooftop Installation

When choosing the best outdoor TV antenna, you can choose between a rooftop and an indoor attic model. In general, the roof is considered the best place to install an outdoor TV antenna, but installing it in the attic is also fine.

Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the antenna signal can penetrate the roof materials to provide you with the best reception possible. In case your house has an aluminum roof, then the antenna has to be mounted on top of it since metal surfaces easily disrupt broadcast signals.


TV channels broadcast over UHF and VHF frequencies. If you wish to receive both channels in your area, you should get an outdoor TV antenna with both UHF and VHF capability. Choosing an outdoor TV antenna with a single frequency offers limited channels and is not recommended at all. To reap the most benefit, go with dual capability.

Directional Or Multi-Directional

As its name states, a directional outdoor TV antenna points to a single direction to improve the signal in that specific direction.

A multi-directional outdoor TV antenna, on the other hand, is not fixed in a specific direction and can receive signals from different directions at the same time. It is more advisable that you go with a multi-directional outdoor TV antenna, especially if the channels you like to watch transmit from various directions.

Antenna Height

The antenna’s height directly impacts its overall performance. The height of the antenna, as previously mentioned, can lessen the nearby interference and increase the overall quality of reception. In case your favorite channels are from a far location, mounting the antenna on a mast for better reception may be a good idea.

Trees, hills, and buildings can weaken and disrupt signals. So, you should position the antenna in an elevated space for better signal reception. And although signals can pass through walls and various surfaces, weaker signals can give you poor performance and experience. So, either you opt for a tall antenna or position it on your rooftop’s highest level possible.


How to Improve Your TV Antenna Signal

Before I close this article, allow me to impart some hacks s you can make the most out of your outdoor antenna capability:

  • If your signals are coming from a single area, then try to use a reflector.
  • Try removing the amplifier and see if the antenna can receive more channels.
  • Unplug all unnecessary electronic devices.
  • Place the antenna as high as possible.
  • Consider laying your antenna horizontally flat.
  • Use the long coaxial cable.
  • Determine the direction of TV signals online and adjust your antenna in that direction.



Outdoor TV Antennas are the finest choice to consider if you wish t never has to worry about having a signal problem.

And although there are indeed many models and products available in the market today, we are sure that all outdoor TV antennas on this list will provide you with the best experience.

Good luck in finding the best outdoor TV antenna for you, and please, do not ever hesitate to let us know which antenna you choose!



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