Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable 4TB Review

Seagate is a well-known company that provides several excellent storage solutions for people who want to keep their content safe. One of the products that people tend to talk about a lot from this company is the Backup Plus, which is meant to be the sort of external hard disk that you can carry around with you.

Several people would love to use this product because it has so much to offer. Gamers, in particular, will love it because it provides an affordable solution for their game-saving needs. College students would also benefit quite a bit from using this product which is the exact target audience that Seagate was going for when it made this.

In the review provided below, you are going to read about the design elements as well as the overall performance that this product has to offer, and you will get a list of reasons why this product is for you and the various things you might not like about it.

Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable  DesignSeagate Backup Plus Fast Portable 4TB Review

Design-wise, the company was going for simplicity over anything else. It is pretty clear that it wanted a product that did not put much thought into needless things such as aesthetics, so what you are getting is essentially a little black brick, but rather ironically –  in a good way, of course – this design makes the product look quite fantastic.

It is certainly better than a lot of the over-the-top designs that Seagate’s competitors are coming up with, so you are not going to have any complaints in this department whatsoever.

One aspect of the design that a lot of people had an issue with was durability. In its quest to create a lightweight, portable external storage solution, Seagate had to compromise on something, and in this case, the thing that it compromised on was how much rough use the product could take before breaking down.

Now, there are a bunch of other benefits that outweigh the negative aspect of the lack of durability, but you need to understand that you will have a lot of important files on here, so keeping the fragility in mind is important for your overall experience.

Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable  Performance

Performance-wise, one of the things that manage to stand out about this product is the fact that it offers such fast transfer speeds. When you are trying to transfer your data to an external drive, you might have to wait a long time for the transfer process to be complete.Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable 4TB Review

This is because a lot of the products out there have poor designs that do not facilitate speedy transfers in any way, so you might have to wait hours for your terabytes of data to finally get to where you need it to be. Hence, this product can save you a lot of time which, once again, makes it ideal for college kids who need to get to class on time and gamers who would be anxious to play their favorite games as soon as possible.

When it comes to performance, one area where this product seems to be lacking a great deal is the ease of use. This is not an external storage solution for people who are not already very technologically savvy. However, it should be noted that this is not the target audience Seagate had in mind when manufacturing this device, so a high learning curve was to be expected.

Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable  Pros

Portability: You would have no trouble whatsoever taking this device around with you wherever you go. This is because it is an extremely lightweight product that is quite compact. A college student’s bag is often full of a lot of stuff, and you can’t take any of it out because all of it is important for your academic career. This device will be able to fit snugly into even the smallest of spaces and since it is so light, you would barely even notice the extra weight.

Storage space: There is a lot that you can two with 4 TB of data. This is the sort of storage space that people can use to transfer every byte of data they have and still have tons of space left over for movies and music. Hence, you can use this product as not just a place to store your music production files, games, or academic data. You can use it as an all-purpose storage solution for all of the content that you have on your computer, which is certainly a very important bonus that would make you want to buy this product as soon as possible.Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable 4TB Review

Design: Although Seagate was trying its best to focus on performance rather than design, the simplicity of this product makes it quite aesthetically pleasing to look at. People generally don’t think of aesthetics when they are buying an external storage drive, but having a product that looks cool certainly would not hurt.

You would be able to save yourself from the embarrassment of taking your device out and having people laugh at it for being so gaudy. This is a plus point Seagate may not have intended to incorporate, but it is there nonetheless!

Price: You are going to love just how affordable this product is. People who are in college generally don’t have a great deal of money lying around, so they might feel like they don’t have the funds to buy something that would allow them to store their precious data.

This product fits into the college student’s budget without any trouble and is cheaper than many similar products on the market that offer comparable benefits. If there is one thing that sets this product apart, it is the asking price!

Write/read speeds: You would not have to wait very long at all while writing data to this device. With a 220 MB/s transfer rate, your files are going to go from your computer to this storage device like lightning, allowing you to save a great deal of time.

The read speed is also really fast with this product, and you are not going to have any trouble playing content directly from the device to your screen without experiencing any kind of lag. This can be particularly beneficial for people who like to binge-watch movies or TV shows because it makes for uninterrupted viewing without directly transferring the files.


Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable  Cons

Durability: While the product certainly has a lot going for it, durability is going to be a real issue. Suffice it to say that while using this product, you are going to have to be very careful indeed as one rough drop, and all your data might be gone. This is not to say that the product is risky; on the contrary, it is quite an adequate solution if you use a protector and do not drop it, but the fact that you would have to be so careful might set you on edge and makes the product rather unsuitable for clumsy people.

Compatibility: If you don’t have a PC running Windows 10 or at least 7 or a MacBook running the absolute latest operating system, this product is going to be pretty much useless for you. This is because it was never meant for this kind of usage; it was meant for tech-savvy young adults who would have the latest operating systems. Still, some tech-savvy people prefer Linux and a lot of college students may not be able to afford the latest operating systems, so this is a big disadvantage that takes a lot away from the product.

Ease of use: Once again, because this is an external storage device that is meant for young adults, no quarter has been offered for people who are not that good with technology.

Setting this product up can be a nightmare if you do not know what you are doing, which means that a large swathe of people might not find this product satisfactory in any way. Try to avoid it if you are uncomfortable with technology, or keep someone more experienced on hand to help you set it up. Once the setup is complete, however, using this product should not be all that difficult.



This is a product with a lot to offer. At a price range like this, it is safe to say that you are not going to find anything better at all, which means that you should nab the opportunity while you have it. The various cons are going to give you pause, but realize that as long as you are someone who knows how computers work and takes care of their things by not dropping them, there is no need for you to be concerned about whether this purchase would be a sensible one.



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