Does your PS4 really need another cooling fan?

The PlayStation 4 has a very heavy APU which naturally heats up quickly and becomes hot. No matter how long or short the period is that you use the console, it will still heat up a lot. Now, you are probably wondering whether or not you should invest in an external cooling fan to cool it down.

But before you do that, why don’t you read on a little further where we have the details for you? Decide then whether or not you need that cooling fan (you probably won’t).

It’s normal

It is pretty normal for the console to get heated up as much as the PlayStation 4 console does – just as it is normal for you to get worried. But do not worry. The PS4 is pretty heavy and has a large library, much larger than the previous ones.

Many older, seasoned players will remember how difficult it was to stop a game in the middle just because the console got too heated after only two to three hours of playing. This was affecting their games and the gaming experience.

So yes, it is very typical for the PS4 to get heated up as much as it does.

By that, we mean that it is going to get warm and might, at times, touch the hot scale. However, it also depends on which part of the console you are referring to. The rear end of the console where the exhaust fan is located is going to be hotter than the rest of the console.

However, this is not something to worry about since that area is bound to be hotter because of the hot air that the fan is pushing out of the console.

Just make sure that when you are using it, you do not place it in a closed-off cabinet or place a cover like the Dust Cover by Foamy Lizard. Both these things are going to trap the hot air very close to the fan and the console and overheat it.

The thing is that the new fan that has been installed in the PS4 is the very reason that you will not need any other fan to cool the console. The shape and design are such that they maximize performance without compromising on the amount of heat it gives off.

Reducing the amount of heat produced

However, if the console is heating up more than just getting warm near the fan, then you should check the vents for a dust issue. The problem could very well be that you have used it for a very long time without cleaning it from the inside, and dust has accumulated around the fan, heat sink, and the various vents around the console.

Although the console has vents all around it, it can still have trouble dispelling the amount of heat it produces because of the accumulated dust sticking to the vents. This will result in a lower amount of heat being able to escape the console.

The simplest solution to this is to use canned air or an air compressor and spray it at the vents in short and controlled bursts to ensure that all the dust and other near-invisible debris has been blown away. The hot air will be able to escape much faster now.

The other problem might be regarding how long you have been using the console. Six to eight hours of continuous use will heat it more than normal. For this, you should let it rest for an hour or so before you resume playing.

Additional external fan?

So long as you follow the above instructions on how to reduce the amount of heat produced, you will not need an external fan to cool off your console. As mentioned before, the internal fan has been designed to withstand the increased load of the console without compromising performance. That being said, if your PS4 keeps overheating frequently and you have tried the suggestions mentioned above, you should get it checked.



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