20 Best UPS Battery Backups

Did you know that sudden loss of electricity can ruin electronic running equipment and unsaved files? This would be the best remedy in this situation – The Best UPS Battery Backup.

UPS Battery backup is somewhat of an enlarged power bank in a digital world. It is the best remedy for sudden power interruptions we frequently experience nowadays.

And if you want to stop the distractions caused by power interruptions on you, you must be willing to invest more to add battery life to your devices.

In this article, the best features of each UPS battery backup will be unleashed and explained as clearly as possible.

Keep on reading.

Top 20 Best UPS Battery Backups

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD UPS Battery Backup

If your area often experiences sudden power interruptions, this would be the battery backup for your household. The features it bears have got the hearts of many thus resulting to further positive reviews.

This protects computers, mobile phones, home appliances, and other home electronic devices from unexpected power disruptions through simulated sine wave production. It uses Automatic Voltage Regulation or AVR which is necessary for places that experience severe power interruptions.

This feature doesn’t affect battery life since the unit itself will keep the voltage in a safe range state during frequent power breaks. About unsaved files, the PowerPanel Personal Edition will safeguard files on your devices and also monitors the overall system even after a power shortage.

What we love

  • Uses Green power which lessens energy consumption
  • Adequate 900-watt power  supply
  • A three-year warranty

What we hate

  • Slightly expensive


CyberPower CP685AVR UPS Battery Backup

Do you encounter power interruption as you surf the net and got disturbed by what you’re doing (especially at work)? You can enjoy an hour of surfing the internet with this battery backup even without power.

There are four battery backup outlets for an hour of network connections and an overall eight outlets for emergency use.

However, only the four outlets are supported by the system even when no power interaction. The status of the battery backup has no visible display unlike the first one but there’s an alarming sound to notify you that it drives out of power.

As an alternative, the Power Panel application can be downloaded to monitor its status. It is available for Mac version devices. Due to its affordability, you can expect downfalls such as only one-powered button and the 30-second alarming sound being so annoying.

What we love

  • Several outlets
  • Uses up low voltage for n extra one-hour surfing without power
  • Small in size

What we hate

  • Not be able to unmute the alarming sound every 30 seconds


CyberPower OR1500LCDRT2U UPS Battery Backup

This is the priciest CyberPower on the list yet provides better quality than no other.

As part of the CyberPower tradition, it has an AVR that monitors the voltage status and extends its battery life of it. In addition to that, it also extends the lives of the connected equipment. This up is highly suggested for places like Mid-Western U.S that frequently experience storms because that’s where AVR is good at.

It is a real deal for large businesses such as telecom, network servers, and VoIP systems to have this type of UPS for it renders 900 Watts of power with its 8 outlets, including 4 outlets of both battery backup and protection and the remaining for protection only.

What we love

  • Warranty for both UPS and connected equipment
  • The effectiveness of its AVR feature
  • Perfectly designed for business

What we hate

  • Heavy and bulky
  • Expensive justifiable by its good quality


APC Pro Tower 1500VA UPS Battery Backup

Backing up your consumption like a PRO demands more and more battery. Thus, you can extend your energy consumption in all electronic devices and also for WIFI connectivity with one battery backup system – APC Pro Tower 1500VA UPS.

This includes ten devices’ outlets, including 5 battery backup outlets, which are sufficient to give the desired life expectancy for your devices even when lights are put off. It can accommodate four variety of high-performance device platforms such as a workstation, gaming console, WIFI router, and even a television.

With only 100 watts, the duration of usage will last up to 1 hour and 13 minutes. There’s an LCD to notify about the battery UPS status. Additionally, you can purchase an extra battery pack to prolong the devices’ battery life. Another good thing about this UPS is the six-foot power cable for convenient placement.

What we love

  • Sufficient 865 watts of battery power
  • It has the power to regulate the voltage consumed
  • Several power outlets

What we hate

  • No USB charging port


APC BE600M1 Back-UPS

Bringing a UPS to your office is a thing possible with this portable battery backup. It got the attention of many office workers for its reliability in giving power to several devices.  Also works well at home.

Unlike the Pro Tower 1500VA UPS, it has one 1.5A USB port for charging smart devices aside from the five outlets for backup plugs and two outlets for surge plugs. With the use of 100 watts, it can run devices for up to 23 minutes, and overall it can last up to 4 hours.

Furthermore, PowerChute Personal Edition is software that works for monitoring energy consumed and as protection against data corruption in case of power disruption. It makes WIFI available and you can still save files on the desktop even after the electric power is out. Lastly, you can set an alarm to notify about the status of the UPS.

What we love

  • The presence of a USB port for smart device charging
  • Ideal to use at home and the office
  • Can bear WIFI router
  • Lightweight battery backup

What we hate

  • Small gaps in outlets


EcoFlow River Portable Power Station

Do you long for an on-the-go battery backup? The EcoFlow River Portable Power Station has got your back for it is known to be the best portable UPS battery. You can bring it anywhere you wanted to.

It is the best choice when it comes to lightness and is good for indoor and outdoor use. It only weighs 11 lbs. and is easy to carry for it has a built-in handle. Regardless of it being a lightweight UPS, it contains nine outlets including two USB ports for quick charging, four USB-type ports, two DC, and one for recharging.

Moreover, it is a water-resistant battery backup that adds up to its stability. It is also empowered with a 114,000mAh lithium battery-operated which can end up with up to 500 watts for use. Believe it or not, it can power up a mini fridge in about 10 hours.

What we love

  • Can hold up to 11 devices at once
  • Can power up miniature appliances at home
  • Long-lasting charged up to one year

What we hate

  • Expensive but justified by its good quality


Tripp Lite 1000VA Smart-UPS UPS Battery Backup

Investing in a battery backup with the sureness that it is compatible with your devices is needed. Well done, you’ve found the best UPS that is suitable for all your devices (May it runs with Windows or with MAC OS).

During a power outage, it can give sufficient energy for desktop and LCD TV for about one hour. There are eight outlets available, including 4 outlets that have battery backup and the remaining 4 that has no battery backup meaning for day-to-day use only. The outlet includes a USB port in case of immediate saving files.

Also, the voltage used is regularly monitored with the help of AVR without the use of battery power. Moreover, it has a noise filter to prevent hearing line noises. Most importantly, it is a RoHS-compliant system or so-called Restriction of Hazardous Substances that promises hazardous-free materials in creating it and a reusable battery.

What we love

  • Its compatibility with both Windows and MAC OS devices
  • Several sufficient voltage options
  • Comprise of six feet cord for plugging in devices
  • Environmental-friendly battery backup

What we hate

  • Expensive
  • Not easy to setup
  • Unnecessary noise on the system


Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT UPS Battery Backup

Still, want stronger WIFI connections and protection on your data even in a longer power interruption? Tripp Lite Smart UPS has more to offer (considering the one mentioned earlier) in terms of its smart specs.

Being aware of the overall status of the system is taken into consideration in this model with the presence of the LCD screen that flashes necessary status as a whole including direct access to the settings. Other than that, it has 10 outlets proportionately divided for battery backup and surge safety.

It has a voltage option of 1500VA over 900 watts that are sufficient in powering many supplies. What is more? It can hold and power high-speed networks while protecting your equipment. The power will last up to 90 minutes when used with a desktop and 75 watts TV during a power outage. The other features not mentioned are the same as the Tripp Lite 1000VA Smart-UPS.

What we love

  • A battery is not needed
  • The LCDs battery aptitude, voltage regulation, and other measurements
  • Downloadable PowerAlert management software
  • Good for high-maintenance hardware

What we hate

  • Other important details are not shown on the LCD screen


AmazonBasics Standby UPS

Do you desire a more compact battery backup like no other? You can stop the stigma of data loss and damaged devices with this AmazonBasics Standby UPS.

It is available in 3 outlet options including 6, 8, and 12 outlets that are sold in different price ranges. All outlets are equally divided on their functions such as for both battery backup and surge protection and the other half for surge protection only.

It works just as it needed to that is giving continual power to devices even power outage has occurred. A 5 feet cord serves as a pathway for electricity power it could transfer to your devices which is long enough to reach out even in a distance contact with the UPS. More importantly, it is affordable without compromising the quality it could give.

What we love

  • Several outlet options by your prepared budget
  • It is more compact and can be easily placed anywhere in your house
  • Proportionate distribution for specific power needed

What we hate

  • It has more competition which has better quality


APC Back-UPS Connect UPS Battery Backup BGE70

Since we are now living in a digital world, it takes more concern to power up your most essential gadgets. And if you’re looking for an instant answer for instant low-battery devices, here is BGE70 UPS to catch you up!

It works well even for daily charging of low-powered devices and even for heavy-powered equipment in an instance. Amazingly, it can protect your charging devices from lightning because of the special tools used during manufacture. It could last up to 3 hours of use thus giving enough power if there’s no electrical power at all.

It also allows an internet connection so you can still do your work even when power is put off. In case of being out-powered, the tool will recharge its internal battery as quickly as possible to get it ready for upcoming power interruptions. When damaged, immediately take notice of the manufacturer for there will be a 3-year warranty and a protection program of up to $75,000.

What we love

  • It can be used daily without it getting overused
  • Great investment at a lower cost

What we hate

  • It has only three limited outlets (well, it speaks the affordability)
  • The outlet limits on a 2-point  adapter


Chafon CF-UPS018 UPS Battery Backup

Is having a generator-like UPS battery backup in its most portable design possible? Absolutely yes! You can bring your kind of convenient generator indoors and outdoors at camping sites.

Who would imagine that this small equipment can bring lots of power to your devices and also convenience to the users? It only weighs 7.4 lbs. but it has the power to keep your devices awake even if power disruption has occurred or even in places without electrical connections.

It has 11 outlets with equally distributed functioning such as 3 outlets for up to 500W of appliances, 4 outlets for 120W equipment, and 4 USB ports for your smartphone or other low-powered devices. For outdoor use, there is a solar panel outlet as a way of recharging (the solar panel is sold separately).

While recharging indoors will require the use of a wall plug cord or a car charger, both are included in the package. Remarkably, there is a LED flashlight attached to it for camping purposes.

What we love

  • The Battery Management System that safely controls the whole battery backup
  • Cords are included in the package
  • Visible signals if needed to recharge or if fully charged
  • Works well outdoors

What we like

  • It overheats sometimes


Liebert GXT4-1000RT120 UPS Battery Backup

Do you want a superb UPS battery backup to help you out on your business during power breaks? The one which can power up the entire hardware without it getting overheated. However, looking at its price will somewhat stress you up: extremely expensive.

This is highly recommended for IT infrastructures or big firms as it is reliable in powering up heavy-powered hardware. It can render 900W per device which is ideal for huge firm use. Moreover, it minimizes the worry of overloads for the users as it proves its reliability for protection during outages.

This heavy power-up tool primarily needs the free downloadable app named Vertiv Trellis Power Insight in monitoring the whole state of it, including the effect of an environmental condition such as heat. The only downfall of this UPS is its high price however justifiable by the extreme features.

What we love

  • It is effective to power up and protecting business-related hardware
  • The capability to handle overload circumstances
  • EnergyStar-certified battery backup product

What we hate

  • Unnecessary noise produce by the tool


APC Smart-UPS SMT1500 UPS Battery Backup

Having a small business and planning to have a battery backup and protection for your devices? Another APC UPS model has come your way to grant your wish. Let’s discuss it further.

The 1000W can power up devices even for a larger business of yours. It bears eight outlets for both battery backup and for safeguarding your devices. There’s also one outlet that awakens its availability for businesses starting to step up. The AVR monitors the adjustment of voltages from low to high to ensure the safety of the UPS’ entirety.

To completely monitor the status, the LCD screen will envision clear information about its status and the direction-finding keys are simple to operate. The PowerChute software lets your devices shut down safely during sudden power outages thus preventing data loss and it also helps to monitor the energy consumed by the UPS.

What we love

  • High power capacity
  • The equipment is protected by a policy of $150,000 and has a 2-year warranty
  • Clearer information is presented on the LCD screen

What we hate

  • The price is less than $500, pricier than other previous products above.


CyberPower CP825AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS

Do you want to consume extra energy by conforming to the standard of nature? You can be an environmental-friendly with this CyberPower UPS as this battery backup is empowered by Green Power technology. 

Green Power technology is the reason why using it lessens up to 75 percent of energy consumption which entails more savings for you. Regardless of the lesser energy consumption, it renders prevention of data loss and protects important files on your devices in times of power disruption.

Other than that, it corrects and monitors the voltage used without spending its battery life. It has a total of 8 outlets, including 4 outlets for battery backup and protection and the remaining 4 outlets for protection only. Additionally, the LCD for the UPS’ overall status is giving clear information.

What we love

  • Being empowered by the green power technology that lessens consumption and spending
  • The LCD screen gives clearer information
  • The 6 feet cord for more distant plugging in

What we hate

  • Insufficient 450W maximum power voltage


Tripp Lite AVR650UM UPS Battery Backup

Still not convinced about the compact UPS battery backups mentioned earlier? Well, here is another compact-size up that will give you almost the same benefits as the other tools do.

The difference between this battery backup compared to the other compact backups is its power capacity as it can only render 325 watts per device that could last up to 45 minutes. It is still sufficient for a shorter period of power interruption but not for a longer duration. It has 8 outlets, including 4 outlets for both battery backup and protected outlets and the other 4 outlets for protection only.

Furthermore, the AVR monitors voltage problems without affecting its battery life. The tool complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances or RoHS to ensure the product is free from hazardous materials. Lastly, you can download the PowerAlert software at their website in safeguarding important files on your devices.

What we love

  • Immediate customer service
  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • RoHS certified product

What we hate

  • Lesser power voltage support in less than an hour compared to same-cost UPS in a compact size



The Aeiusny Solar Portable Generator is another generator-like UPS battery backup on the list but holds different amazing features which could hold your breath. It is good for both indoor and outdoor use but has more features to be applied when using outdoors.

Having a sleep apnea sickness wherein breathing could be hard during sleep? This portable UPS can power up a CPAP machine to help you breathe. In addition to that, if you love camping together with your gadgets in capturing every moment, recharging those will never be a problem if you have this power bank.

Amazingly, even a drone can power it up. However, those outdoor charging activities will be accommodated well if you separately purchase a solar panel and solar panel cord to be connected to your UPS.

The outlet, includes 3 ACs, 4 DCs, and 4 6.2A USB ports. For recharging, it could be through plugging into an AC port (included in the package), into a car charging port (included in the package), and through a solar panel (sold separately).

What we love

  • It has a flashlight for a night camping
  • Outdoor usage is superb
  • It can save a person experiencing sleep apnea

What we hate

  • Limited power voltage if without solar panel during outdoor trips


SUAOKI G500 Portable Power Station

We’re making it the more powerful portable generator on the list as it is named G500 which has 500W power voltage capacity even with no use of the solar panel. However, a solar panel is still a must-have with this kind of UPS battery backup to increase its power capacity.

Unlike the actual generator, this doesn’t require the use of gasoline to be recharged. Just a simple plugging into the wall, or car or using a solar panel can power up this tool. It can power up small appliances including a CPAP machine up to 300W.

Aside from having 8 total outlets, one of those is capable of fast charging QC3.0 and downwards compatible devices. The 2 DC outlets do not require an adapter while plugging in. For solar power charging, the built-in MPPT renders the power station a higher efficiency level of charging.  Additionally, the package also included a solar panel cord.

What we love

  • The presence of the fast-charging USB-type port
  • High voltage capacity even without solar panel charging
  • Limits the use of an adapter while charging your device

What we hate

  • Heavyweight


Pinty Portable UPS Battery Backup

It is a 500-watt power capacity that is used both indoors and outdoors. Similar to other portable UPS mentioned earlier on the list but only differs in terms of its power supply.


bXterra BG550 Standby UPS Battery Backup

It will keep your business running even power break has taken place. Another compact design UPS battery backup with a standby structure.

It is a simple and compact designs battery backup ideal for home and office use. It power-ups any smart device to keep it functioning even after the light has been put off. The shutting down of computers or any gaming console will be safer and preventing data loss is attainable.

Even network and business connections will continue running without power. It has a total of 8 outlets, equally for both backup and surges protection and surge protection only. Furthermore, the battery is replaceable in case of damage.

What we love

  • The easy mute button for the alarm
  • Quick responding customer service
  • Outlet spacing is in the desired distance

What we hate

  • There’s no AVR and LED screen


Eco Plus 412P Mini UPS

This could be the most portable power bank-looking UPS on the list. Regardless of it being “mini UPS”, it can be useful if you’re gadget savvy it serves as a typical power bank.

It is mainly used in recharging WIFI routers, mobile phones, cameras, iPad, and other gadgets that you may have.

Also, it can protect itself from overload. There is a POE port to empower phones and CCTV cameras. Another 9V/12V port to power up WIFI routers or modems to stay connected even during power breaks. Lastly, it includes 6 LED indicators.

What we love

  • Can act as a power bank
  • LED Indicators

What we hate

  • Not suitable for heavy-powered equipment



What is a UPS battery backup?

The UPS known as Uninterruptible Power Supply is used as a backup power supply whenever power interruption occurs. It allows the use of equipment or devices in a specified power capacity without the presence of electric power.

How long will the battery backup last?

The life of battery backup depends on the required consumed energy power by your devices as connected to it. The more devices demand power load, the greater must be the power capacity of battery backup.

How long will the battery backup be fully recharged?

Since it is still powering up some devices while recharging, it will last up to 5 hours of charging until fully charged. There are three ways of recharging, could be plugging in the wall, plugging in your car, and through a solar panel for energy-saving charging. Most UPS battery backups have an LED screen or indicators to give notice to the user if it’s fully charged.

What to consider for a UPS battery backup?

First, consider if the existing devices that will get a power supply benefit are compatible with it in terms of their power capacity and other important factors.

Secondly, the battery runtime depends again on your needs (may it be for a few minutes of use or overnight use). Up next is the number of outlets to accommodate your devices. Most important is the portability ideal for indoor or outdoor use and home or business use.

Why downloading power management software is a must?

It is reliably used for monitoring the entire status of the UPS. It helps devices to shut down safely when power is out and it also protects data against loss. Don't worry about it is downloadable on the manufacturer's website.


We cannot outlive each day without a power supply and that’s the reality. Home appliances, gadgets, business-related devices, and even your WIFI connection will still be running with the help of UPS battery backup when power interruption comes.

And did you not know those power interruptions and unexpected power breaks will put your devices at risk?

The best alternative remedy for expensive generators is the UPS battery backup. It’s a bit pricey but demands lesser value than superb generators.

As you take notice of the products above, it has features that are more than what a generator could give. You can look for more UPS products to find what fits your need.

If queries are playing on your mind, leave them down in the comments.



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