Zamorak’s Demons Invade! What you need to know for important prizes


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The Legacy of Zamorak, Runescape’s next big upgrade, will be released in only two weeks. The Legacy of Zamorak, which will be released on June 6th, adds the fourth Elite Dungeon to Runescape, with Zamorak himself as the final monster.

Ahead of the update, Zamorak’s demons are assaulting towns around Gielinor for players to take on, rewarding them with different prizes and improvements to help them with the next difficulties.

Demons are attacking – What you need to know

Zamorak’s demons can spawn in six different sites at around two-hourly intervals. Because the spawn timings vary on each planet, your best chance is to stay online and fight the demons whenever you see the broadcast in your chat.

Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Burthorpe, Ardougne, and Yanille are among the cities attacked by Zamorak’s followers.

Finding the combat location is critical to obtaining the daily prizes while the followers wander Gielinor, as they only stay on the map for six minutes at a time.

Although all four awards can be unlocked in a single spawn, lower-leveled players may need to attend two or more events to guarantee they earn all four rewards each day.

Here’s a simple way to find Zamorak’s followers’ spawn points:

Lumbridge: Slightly north of the Lumbridge Market / North-west from the Lumbridge Lodestone. 

Varrock: Varrock East Gate

Falador: North of Falador, near the Falador Lodestone.

Burthorpe: South of the main city, near the lake and slayer cave (between Burthorpe and Taverley.)

Ardougne: South of the city, under the Ardougne Zoo. 

Yanille: North-east of the city, near the Yanille Bank.  


The rewards of the Zamorak’s Demons Invade! pre-release event

Each day, gamers may receive four major prizes from the Demons Invade event. The most important prize is the Zamorak Reroll token, which allows players to reroll awards after defeating the Zamorak monster.

The “Slivers” – The Sliver of Pain, Strength, and Power – are extra gifts that will improve existing equipment.

It isn’t much known about what or how that works yet, but with Slivers being the primary portion of Zamorak’s drop table, there’s reason to suppose having an early start on collecting them will be valuable.

The prizes are simple to obtain; all you have to do is take out 80 of Zamorak’s demons each day, with a guaranteed payout for every 20 demons.

There is no minimum quantity of damage necessary to receive the prizes, therefore employing multi-target skills and engaging in a greater population world is very advantageous to speed up the process.


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