Why you should practice PVM at the new Arch-Glacor Boss?


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The Arch-Glacor, the second Elder God Wars boss, will be available in Runescape 3 on August 31. The second monster in the City of Senntisten introduces the first fully configurable boss fight in RS3, as well as the first T95 Melee Dual Wield weapons.

The T85 counterparts of the new T95 Dual Wielding weapons are available in the normal version of the Arch-Glacor boss fight, but the T95 materials are only available in Hard Mode.

Why is Arch-Glacor the finest RS3 learning boss?

For various reasons, the new Arch-Glacor combat will be the finest spot to practice PvM in Runescape 3. First, the boss has unlimited deaths in standard mode.

You can go in, give it your all, and attempt as many times as necessary to master the fight’s dynamics.

You don’t lose anything throughout the learning process, unlike practically every other boss fight in RS3.

Second, you can disable all of the Arch-Glacor fight’s mechanics. (Except for the ice wall, which limits the size of the possible battlefield.)

Several mechanics were demonstrated during the reveal stream, including ice falling from the sky, a powerful dragon-breath-like attack, and the ability to summon Glacors onto the battlefield.

In Normal Mode, you can turn on and off each of these mechanics as needed, but in Hard Mode, every mechanic is on by default.

I’d like to try

That’s fantastic! Starting August 31, you can take on the Arch-Glacor. All you need to get started is some basic battle gear and a level 84 Slayer. Although having a Glacor slayer assignment has many advantages, it is not required for some kills. D

uring the reveal stream, the developers said that fighting the Arch-Glacor without mechanics is about as difficult as fighting a King Black Dragon, but with more health.


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