Why these are the best themed Rs3 worlds for you?

Themed worlds are a huge part of Runescape. It’s critical to use the right Rs3 worlds to make the most of your time. Here are five planets that can significantly increase your experience rates and completion times for mini-games and tasks.

World 84 – Community Mobile Skill

World 84 is without a doubt one of the most beneficial worlds for all of your skilling requirements. The Portables may be found in Lumbridge just north of the Castle (near the Teleport site), at the Grand Exchange, or in Prifddinas at the Lodestone for high-leveled players.
If you’re new to Runescape, you might not be familiar with the term “portables,” so here’s a brief review of some of its advantages. Portable skilling site bonuses include a 10% experience increase for activities performed for skills such as Firemaking, Crafting, Cooking, Herblore, Fletching, and Construction.

Another Portable site is the Plank Maker, which allows you to make planks for the Construction skill while only being one square away from the bank.

Furthermore, each of the movable places for the aforementioned talents offers an extra impact. For example, in Cooking or Herblore, you can manufacture more fish or potions that are immediately placed into your bank, lowering or boosting the cost or profit of mastering these abilities. You can save crafting supplies or planks instead for something like Crafting or Construction.


Gilded Altars (World 31)

World 31 is undoubtedly more constrained than many other worlds, yet it fulfills its function admirably. Almost every day, someone from the W31 group hosts a golden altar at the Waverly lodestone. Commonly goods like Torstol Incense and Perfect Juju Prayer potions (giving a 2 percent and 5 percent, lasting a full hour) are offered by these hosts, at no cost to the community.

For players who do not have access to their Gilded Altar community, the planet 31 Gilded Altar community is one of the greatest venues to develop Prayer talent.

Or for those who simply don’t want to pay the cost of lighting the altar (~200k GP/h) for the marginal experience increase. Keep in mind that the community and the hosts pay for this out of their own pockets or via donations from the community.

For further information, join the “Altar” chat, which manages most things relating to the altar community.


Planet 79 is the finest world for learning Community Divination.

Since the last Divination update in late April, World 79 has been consistently crowded. For individuals who are new to the Divination update, it is now advantageous to practice the skill alongside other players. All players may now lengthen the duration of the wells of memories (to a point), allowing everyone to develop the skill more efficiently and AFK.

The enhanced memory-spring time isn’t the sole advantage of practicing with others, but it’s a key factor in boosting the duration and frequency of memory overflow. Because a large number of players are placing Chronicles in the same spot, everyone benefits from greater rates of Enriched recollections, which offers more Energy and Experience.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Chronicles of other players who choose not to capture or do not notice them are available to you and the other players. Because the alternative techniques are rather sluggish until you reach level 63 for Red Chinchompas, this is an effective way to learn the early Hunter levels.


Penguin Hide & Seek (W60 or W71)

The Weekly Penguin Hide & Seek minigame is a fun weekly assignment to do. There are no introductory missions or requirements to begin playing the mini-game. There are, however, various tasks you may accomplish to increase the number of Penguins in the Runescape realm.

Finding all of the Penguins, on the other hand, is more difficult than it appears. Joining the W60 world, which concentrates on the Penguin Hide & Seeks minigame, is an excellent method to improve the time it takes to discover all of the Penguins for the week.
Other gamers are participating and helping each other out on W60, where the Penguins spawned that week.

W60 is also the principal planet for the buddy chat “W60 Find Pen.” The buddy chat is a fantastic resource since the gamers can assist you with all of your penguin-finding requirements. They often contact places, answer quest-related inquiries, and assist you in locating the enigmatic Penguin.

After completing multiple Penguin tasks and Desert Treasure, which changes around all potential spawn sites every minute or so, making it extremely difficult to spot, you may unlock the invisible Penguin.


W2 – Buying and selling in bulk

W2 is a world that you get to appreciate much later in the game. Consider the World 2 Grand Exchange to be an early Runescape world where players used to purchase and trade things.

While the Grand Exchange is just more convenient for many things, there are several products that you will require in quantity as the game progresses. Many of these difficulties are addressed by W2 by selling vast amounts of things or products and collectibles valued by the community for more than the Grand Exchange limit of 2.147B GP.
One of the most typical occasions you’ll utilize the W2 market is in the later phases of the

Archeology skill, where the Grand Exchange restriction of Chronotes severely limits you. It should be noted that the costs of these bulk commodities are frequently greater than those found on the Grand Exchange.


W88 – Shade of Mort’ton (Quest / Minigame)

World 88, the official name for the Shades of Mort’ton minigame, gets an honorable mention. While it is now feasible to finish the Shades of Mort’ton quest on yourself alone, it is far simpler to do it with the World 88 crew.

Furthermore, the World 88 community is amazing for gathering Sacred Oil required for different missions and completionist material. The sole disadvantage is that the mini-game is only popular on nights in US time zones, making it impossible for players from other locations to participate.



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