Why the new Nodon Guards are a good slayer task in Runescape3?


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The Elder God Wars Dungeon, which was released on July 26, 2021, introduced a new slayer enemy, the Nodon Guards, to the Runescape realm.

The Nodon Guards may be found near the Kerapac, the Bound boss encounter, in the city of Senntisten.

The best routes to find the Nodon Guards are to go to the War’s Retreat or the north of the Digsite east of Varrock.

The Ancient Gate, which connects to the city of Senntisten, is located to the north of the Digsite.

How can you get rid of the Nordon Guards?

Because they are melee fighters, the Nodon Guards have a strong susceptibility to magic. The Nodon Guards, in particular, are effective against the Nodon Guards.

The only thing to watch out for is when the Nodon Guard leaps into the air and uses a brief area of effect ability, which you can avoid by shifting any tile.

Killing Nodon Guards does require a level of 92 Slayer or above, but other than the Battle of the Monolith mini-quest, there are no further prerequisites to visit the region.

Aside from that, the combat is as simple as pointing and clicking on the enemies while collecting loot and charms along the way.

Why should you slay the Nodon Guards?

There are several reasons why Nodon Guards are currently worth killing. The first reason is the dying experience they provide. They’re a wonderful way to practice fighting and slaying skills, as they have 30,000 HP and poor defense.

The bones are the second. Each Nodon Guard killed nets you at least one Dragonkin Bone, worth roughly 12,000. Using Magic Notepaper to extend your excursions while collecting all of the bone drops is a terrific way to do it.

The drops and experience aren’t the only things you’re looking for from the Nodon Guards, though. The drops of the Resonant Anima of Jas are one of Ironman’s key attractions.

The Pontifex Shadow Ring from the City of Sentisten Quest is currently the only application for Resonant Anima of Jas (additional uses are likely once the other Elder God Wars monsters are released).

You obtain immunity to the stuns in the Kerapac, the Bound Boss-fight, by charging the ring with 1000 resonant Anima of Jas. Furthermore, improving the Ring boosts the rewards of all monsters and bosses in the City of Sentisten by providing them with enhanced Elder Trove cases.

Early estimations estimated the treasure from killing Nodon Guards at 1.5 to 3 million gold per hour without the improved Pontifex Shadow Ring. This does not include the cost of the Upgrade Kits.

Kerapac is working on a slayer task

The Nodon Guard slayer assignment also has a distinct purpose for those of us at higher levels. Kerapac, the area’s boss, is also involved in a Nodon Guard slayer mission.

Because skipping mechanics are such an important part of gathering the drops properly, the damage boost and slayer experience dramatically improve the boss.

Upgrade Kits and Coils for the Dwarf Cannon

The Nodon Guards are one of a few creatures in Runescape 3’s City of Senntisten that drop upgrade kits for the different cannons.

For the time being, the rates are unclear, although early estimations show that the drop rate is much higher on a Slayer Task, which follows the trend of Runescape 3’s new Slayer monsters.


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