Why people buy Burnt Meat in RS3?

Players will occasionally approach you in the Grand Exchange or in Lumbridge, offering to buy any leftover Burnt Meat or Crushed Gems from your training.

New players, in particular, wonder why anyone would do such a thing and why they would utilize such obviously pointless stuff.

Why do people purchase “useless things” such as Burnt Meat?

The most common reason individuals buy “useless” products like burnt meat, burnt fish, and crushed gems is to collect them. The things are useless and cannot be sold on the Grand Exchange.burnt meat

Because they are more difficult to get than more common goods like as Feathers or Spirit Shards, the collector’s community regards them as more valuable. Players who turn to gather stuff like these frequently have too much money to burn.

Some people PVM a lot, while others win a lot of money through staking and have more money than they can spend on gear, cosmetics, and other stuff.

burnt meat
The second set of folks, who are more likely to be the players you encounter at Lumbridge or the Grand Exchange, buy these things in order to resell them to collectors for a profit.

The generally publicized costs range between 500 and 2000 GP per “collectible,” however higher-level fish and meats are worth more than that to the proper players because they are less common overall.


What to do with your burnt meats from cooking practice?

The simplest method to recoup the money you spent on training the Cooking talent is to sell the charred meats at a price you are comfortable with.

Finding purchasers for 500 to 1000 GP per item is simple, but finding people willing to pay more requires some effort.

It won’t make you rich any time soon, but the extra gold might be a nice boost, especially for beginning players.



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