Why now is the time to craft Royal Dragonhide?

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Many resources witnessed a huge price reduction with the arrival of the Kerapac, the Unbound boss in the new Godwars Dungeon expansion.

The Royal Dragonhide, a frequent drop, is one of the most intriguing prospects for many players.

The primary method, crafting to train the skill, has a minimum level requirement of 87 (boostable from as low as 79 for vambraces/boots), or 85/93 for bodies, which is optimum.

All players may get money by tanning Royal Dragonhides into Royal Dragonhide Leathers, which is a comparable process.

How can you make money by making Royal Dragonhide armor?

Aside from cutting gems, one of the finest ways to improve your crafting skills in Runescape 3 is to make Royal Dragonhide armor.

Thousands, if not millions, of Royal Dragonhide materials, are entering the game every day as a result of the new Kerapac fight, and demand is outpacing supply.

Royal Dragonhide’s price has plummeted from 4000 GP to under 2600 GP since its debut only a few days ago. Due to the value of applying the High Alchemy spell on the final armor, the Royal Dragonhide hides have a “minimum” worth of 3720 to 4150 GP apiece, as with many crafting goods.

The main source of opportunity here is the creation of Royal Dragonhide Bodies. Creating Royal Dragonhide Bodies using Alchemy on the bodies (or with an Alchemy Machine) yields a profit of (at least) 5000 GP.

This profit does not include any additional bonuses or cost savings, such as the Portable Crafter or the Scroll of Dexterity, which both lower the amount of Royal Dragon Leather you use.

Why should you use Royal Dragon Leather to tan?

While the price of Royal Dragonhide has reduced significantly, the price of Royal Dragon Leather has remained stable. Comparable to the Crafting Training approach, tanning the leather can yield a similar profit.

Leather tanning at the Lumbridge Market or at a portable tannery are the two most frequent methods. Alternatively, higher-level players can make tanning machines in the Invention Guild.

Without any input, optimal usage of the optimized hide tanners provides for a daily profit of almost a million gold.

Players that want to use the Optimised Hide Tanner must have at least level 94 Invention and use an Extreme Invention potion to achieve the level 111 required for building and discovering the blueprint.

Furthermore, as the Extreme Invention potion requires a boostable (assistance not attainable) level of 95 Herblore, players without the Invention requirement must have at least level 87 Herblore.


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