Where to use your Deathtouch Darts in Runescape3?


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Deathtouch Darts have a unique ability in Runescape 3: they can instantly kill their target.

Regular players and Ironmen now have significantly more access to Deathtouched Darts than ever before thanks to the latest upgrade to Daily challenges and the new weekly challenge rewards. So, let’s talk about where you should utilize your Darts and how you can get them.

How to obtain Deathtouch Darts in Runescape3?

Where to use your Deathtouch Darts in Runescape3?Deathtouch Darts can be obtained in Runescape 3 in a variety of ways. To begin, Deathtouch Darts can be obtained through Treasure Hunter or other reward systems such as the Yak Track.

While Ironmen cannot use the first way, everyone else can use the other two. The second approach is to acquire a Deathtouch Dart for five million GP from the Traveling Merchant Shop numerous times every month.

The recently updated daily and weekly challenge system, as described above, is the third most prevalent way of getting Deathtouch Darts.

While we don’t know if a dart is included in every weekly challenge reward, the first two weeks after the rework contained a Deathtouch Dart in addition to a weekly reset and a hefty cash purse.


The best places to use your Deathtouch Darts?

The best places to use your Deathtouch Darts?It’s worth noting that Deathtouch Darts aren’t effective against several of Runescape 3’s end-game bosses.

Vorago, Solak, all of Godwars Dungeon three, and Nex: Angel of Death is among the bosses who are unaffected by the Darts. However, there are still a lot of bosses where you may make a lot of money with the dart.

The Ambassador from the third Elite Dungeon is the greatest place to utilize your darts if you have high enough stats to reach the fight.

In solo mode, the Ambassador drops Eldrich Crossbow components at a rate of 1/55. A completion of Elite Dungeon three is worth 20 million GP solely for the crossbow components.

However, since that Deathtouch Darts are available to a large number of low-level players, there are now choices for boss encounters that are significantly more accessible. The Kalphite King is a fantastic option, dropping between one and two million GP per kill.

The only prerequisite to reach the Kalphite King is 23 agility and some combat stats to survive the Kalphites in the lair, which is significantly lower than the Ambassador.

Ironman use options?

It’s worth contemplating using your Deathtouch Darts on the usual Nex fight for Ironmen in particular.

For Ironman players, all Nex items are essential, and with a probability of only 1/21 for an armor piece, you have a good chance of unlocking certain improvements.


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