What you need to know about Runescape 3 Giant Oyster monthly D&D?


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Return to the underwater Tutorial Island after completing the Beneath Cursed Tides quest to take part in the Giant Oyster D&D.

The Giant Oyster opens once a month, and players can collect the equivalent of a clue scroll, which is usually worth a million or more GP.

The Giant Oyster can also drop all of the weapon and armor dyes, which can be valued up to six billion GP.

What is the best way to get back to the underwater tutorial island?

Players may return to Wizard Myrtle and complete the Beneath Cursed Tides quest by returning to the same area where they started.

Before and after finishing the quest, Wizard Myrtle may be found right outside the Wizards’ Tower south of Draynor Village.

Using a Necklace of Passage, teleporting to the Fairy Ring (d I s), or strolling from the Lumbridge or Draynor Village lodestone are all simple methods to get to the Wizards’ Tower.

Taking Care of the Giant Oyster

Players must feed a sea cucumber and a piece of seaweed to the giant oysters to begin the process of making hint rewards. The procedure is the same as it was throughout the quest. Pick the delicious seaweed patch to receive a large amount of experience that scales with your current farming level.

The sea cucumber may be found slightly north of the Giant Oyster in the fishing location. You won’t need any bait to fish in the area, and the minigame may be played with the rods on your toolbelt.

How often are you able to play D & D?

Once each calendar month, players can play the Giant Oyster minigame. You can start your first giant oyster on the 30th of the month and return the next day (or two days later) to receive your prize and begin a new cycle.

Non-Ironman players can play the minigame twice a month by purchasing a Monthly D&D Reset token from Treasure Hunter.

Because the Giant Oyster is now the most accessible monthly D&D to earn money, finishing the Beneath Cursed Tides will benefit players at any point in their adventure.


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