What you must know about mining Phasmatite Ore in Runescape3?


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Along with Necrite Ore, Phasmatite Ore is one of the key resources used to make the tier 70 material Necronium Bars.

Unlike Necrite Ore, however, Phasmatite Ore can only be found in one place in the entire Runescape universe. Let’s talk about your options and where you should mine Phasmatite Ore.

Phasmatite ore mining locations

Players can find phasmatite ore in four different places in Runescape. The Haunted Mine and the deep-Wilderness Lava Maze Mine are the places with the most phalsmite rocks. Also, it’s easier to get to two places in the Dwarven Mines and south of Port Phasmatys.

The Haunted Mine is the worst place to harvest phasmatite ore because of the distance between it and the nearest banks in Burgh de Rott.

There are better options accessible for players that want to use Signs of Porter.

The same principle applies to deep-Wilderness phasmatite rocks; there is no need to mine in such a remote place with the risks that the wilderness entails.

The Dwarven Mine, located north of Falador, is the “ideal” location for mining phalamite ore. The Dwarven Mine’s phasmatite ore has the closest access to a bank.

Players must have at least level 71 in Dungeoneering and have completed the Demonheim Hard Tasks to reach the Phasmite Rocks in the resource dungeon there.

Ironmen, in particular, may find themselves having many of the prerequisites for completing the area duties.

As a result, completing the difficult activities may be worthwhile. To reach 80 smithing, ironmen require more than 1600 phasmatite ore.

Why should you mine at the South Mine of Port Phasmastys?

What you must know about mining Phasmatite Ore in Runescape3?In addition to the three places described previously, most players hunting for phasmatite ore should visit one more area. With only three phsmatite rocks, the Port Phasmatys South Mine is the smallest phsmatite ore.

The mine is located south of the Archeology Everlight Digsite and is the second closest to the bank. The only thing you need to do to get into the area is finish Priest in Peril, which is needed to get into the Morytania zone.

Because the prayer experience is optional and the Priest in Peril quest requires no other quests or talents, there are no restrictions on when or what types of accounts can access Morytania.

Using Phasmatite Stone Spirits dramatically boosts the profit and ore players can collect each hour due to their low cost. Ironmen, on the other hand, probably won’t be able to get Stone Spirits by the time they train these skills unless they get a prize from the Rare Drop Table every once in a while.


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