What is the best place to mine luminite in RS3?

The Dwarven luminite mine under Falador is one of the greatest areas to mine Luminite.

The secret entrance to the Dwarven Mine resource dungeon, where you’ll discover a bank deposit box, can only be reached with at least 15 dungeoneering experiences.

mining luminite

Banking may be completed in a fraction of the time.dwarven mine

With an adamant ore box, the player may store more ores before having to bank them. As long as you’re at your peak, you’ll get the best results.

Geodes that are made of sedimentary rock will also be found while mining, which may be opened to find spirit shards and other valuable jewels.


Amulet of glory wearers have a 1% chance of getting geodes. Using the best pickaxe possible will result in more ore being collected every hour. Using various degrees of mining and pickaxes, the table below estimates the hourly profit.


Luminite stone spirit

It is possible to get an extra luminite by mining luminite rocks by using a luminite stone spirit.

Each extra ore acquired will consume up to one spirit of luminite stone. Can be obtained by mining luminite ore and consuming a perfect juju mining potion.

A Blessed flask can’t be made without the help of Luminite Stone Spirits.



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