Top 5 Best Daily Tasks in RuneScape 3

Nowadays, daily activities are a significant component of playing Runscape3. However, the sheer quantity of chores might be intimidating. As a result, we’ve developed a list of five everyday tasks you should engage in to earn money.

Some of these jobs have rather high prerequisites, but if you want to unlock them, you can do so within a week of starting a new account.

Draynor Village Reaper Tasks (Daily Boss Task)

If you just completed one daily activity, Reaper Tasks are the obvious option. You can visit Death in his abode near the Draynor lodestone every 24 hours. The sole prerequisite for beginning Reaper Tasks is a fighting level of fifty or above.

Reaper Assignments are tasks that require you to combat bosses all across the globe of Runescape. These can range from the most basic, such as Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, or the Barrows Brothers, to the most difficult, such as Araxxor or Telos.

The payout for completing Reaper Tasks ranges from one to five million gold, based on the quantity of Reaper Points. More points are awarded for more tough bosses.

Buying an Incomplete Hydrix gem for about 62 Million GP is the means to pay out your Reaper Points. The current value of the Incomplete Hydrix assigns a value of 200,000 GP to each Reaper Point.


The Wandering Merchant is a platform for deep sea fishing.

Newer players sometimes overlook the Wandering Merchant, but staying on top of its daily reset may be quite beneficial. Most of the time, it provides players with mini-game points or XP boosts for various locales. However, it brings one or two “Gift of the Reaper” parcels for 1.25 million gold multiple times a month.

Each of these crates has twenty Reaper Points, which is equal to four million gold. Purchasing them is a significant investment, but it is well worth the few minutes it takes to accomplish every few days.

The Wandering Merchant is locked behind the level 66 Fishing prerequisite to reach the Fishing Guild. To contact the deep sea fishing site where the Wandering Merchant is located, you must first get access to the Fishing Guild.

You may find the current globe where the Wandering Merchant is situated by using the Deep Sea Fishing discord.


Purchasing Runes and Magical Supplies (All across Gielinor)

Buying stuff from the Store to sell on the Grand Exchange is one of the most underappreciated aspects of Runescape.

The two primary things worth completing regularly are purchasing stuff from the many Rune Stores across Gielinor and purchasing items from the Fresh Meat Shop.

The numerous Rune Stores around the game have progressively onerous criteria, however, it is possible to complete a new level three account in the Varrock Rune Shop under the Varrock East bank.

Other places include Baba Yaga (after Lunar Diplomacy), the Magic Guild (after 66 Magic, though this may easily be enhanced at 63/61), Ali Morrisane in Al Kharid (needs The Feud Quest for increased stock), and the Magic Store at the Void Knight Outpost, which can be accessed via Port Sarim.

The Runescape Wiki includes a list of the most lucrative Runes to buy. Buying Soul Runes, Fire Runes, and Air Runes from the Magic Guild, Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle, and Ali in Al Kharid for a profit of 1,100,000 GP in under five minutes is the most profitable option at the moment.


Purchasing the Fresh Meat Store (located within the city of Oo’glog)

The availability of the Fresh Meat Store is something that many gamers overlook. The Fresh Meat Store may be found in Oo’Glog after completing the As a Last Resort quest.

Buying the boxes at this store produces a profit of nearly 450,000 GP in less than a minute, including the trek from the Lodestone.

This choice is extremely crucial for Ironman players, as the raw meats offered in this market are the best source of meat for the Player Owned Farm and Summoning.

From level 52 onwards, the Raw Bird Meat from the Fresh Meat Store is the greatest method for Ironman to spend their Gold Charms.

The pouches made here are an excellent supply of materials for the Invention talent, giving several Flexible and Crafted pieces that may later be utilized to make Invention Tools and Augmentors.

Mining Red Sandstone and making Potion Flasks (Away from the city of Oo’glog)
The final Daily assignment we’d want to go through is mining Red Sandstone.

The Red Sandstone assignment has the most demanding prerequisites, with 81 Mining and 89 Crafting (Crafting is only required to cash out, but you can start collecting sandstone at 81 mining).

It takes roughly a minute to collect the daily limit of fifty Red Sandstone, which is situated just outside of Oo’Glog, near the shortcut entry to the city. Combining your Fresh Meat Store purchasing with the Red Sandstone collection is good advice.

This offers you an extra 750k Red Sandstone every day, which you may sell by creating Potion Flasks valued at around 14,000 gold each.



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