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The community that surrounds Runescape is one of its finest features. Several organizations help players with all elements of the game, from Skilling to PVM, Clues, and whatever mini-game you can think of.

Here are five Runescape Discords worth joining if you want to enhance your game.

The Skilling Discord server

Learning all of the new Skilling systems was difficult for me when I initially switched from Oldschool Runescape to Runescape3. There is an almost unlimited amount of stuff to discover in Runescape, thus knowing what the best approaches help the learning experience.

The Skilling Community discord offers instructions for all 28 abilities presently available in Runescape. Many of these tutorials have also become official resources on the Rune Wiki. Below is a link to join!

The Skilling Discord!


The PVM Dictionary

The PVM community, like the Skilling Discord, created its content collection. In the discord, you may discover help getting started, the fundamentals of Invention Perks, and strategy tips for every boss in Runescape.

Furthermore, the community provides VOD-reviewing to help you better at specific bosses if you can’t figure out how to improve or perform certain things, which is fast becoming one of the most useful tools for learning PVM.

The PVM Encyclopedia


The Discord of the Clue Chaser

Clue Scrolls is one of my favorite pastimes in both versions of Runescape. You may share your newest prizes, contribute to the Clue Chaser’s collecting record, and ask any clue-scroll-related queries in the Clue Chaser discord.

Also, seek suggestions on the best approaches to solve or get clues. You may also participate in the Clue Scroll tournaments for additional rewards!

Join the Cluechaser Discord!


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