How to safe spot Dagannoth Rex as low-level Ironman (RS3)?


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The Dagannoth Kings provide several essential commodities for the Ironmen. The Berserker Ring (melee), for example, can only be obtained by fighting the Dagannoth Rex.

In Runescape 3, the Berserker Ring is the greatest early-to mid-game ring. The Dragon Hatchet can also be obtained from any Dagannoth King.

Later on, only the Dagannoth Supreme and Prime can obtain the Seers (Mage) and Archer (Range) rings.

Today, however, we’ll concentrate on Dagannoth Rex, the simplest of the three. This meta is only viable for Ironmen of all varieties due to their access to free normal (and fastest* with a trick) speed-instanced boss encounters.

Accessing the instances costs 200k for each created instance for regular players, which is significantly too much for what the bosses offer low-level players.

The Berserker Ring and Dragon Hatchet, on the other hand, are must-haves for Ironmen players and should be obtained as soon as feasible.

The admission requirements for the Rex Safespot and Dagannoth Kings in RS3

The method of killing Dagannoth Rex is technically open to all Ironmen. Due to the aggressive Spinolyps inside the Kings’ lair, a minimum of 50 magic and 40 defense is quite advantageous. Because the Spinolyps can poison you, bringing an antidote potion from the store immediately south of the Karamja lodestone is a good idea.

The safest way to find Dagannoth Rex in Runescape 3

You’ll want to establish a portal to the Dagannoth Kings’ lair in War’s Retreat after completing your first Dagannoth Kings’ murder (you’ll have to walk to the entrance at least once or earn a Dagannoth Kings’ Reaper assignment).

This allows you to access the lair indefinitely and quickly, reducing the loss caused by slight faults in the technique.

Start a private instance at a normal pace now that you’ve arrived at the lair’s entrance. Ironmen get free access to creating regular speed lairs for all RS3 bosses, even though the lair costs 200,000 coins according to the menu. Enter the lair and exit the instance immediately.

To enter the lair, click the ladder once again, modify the respawn speed to “Fastest,” and utilize!

The “Rejoin” button is quite important. Don’t start a new instance because it will cost you money. You can use the “fastest” spawn time for free by using the Rejoin button!

Now sprint all the way east of the lair to the arena’s farthest tiles. You are secure from any Dagannoth kings spawning here. Open the tab below to see a graphic representation. Take a few steps north while hugging the east wall once Rex has you targeted.

Walk to the “safe area” tile next to the South-East rock when Rex gets close. That square, in particular, creates a complete Dagannoth Rex safe zone that is just beyond Prime’s assault range.

While the southern rock’s location appears to be similar, there is a tile where Prime (with unusual but probable) pathing can surprise you.

Rex Starting Tile
Rex Starting Tile
(exact tile is optimal. South one works, but has higher chance for error.)
(exact tile is optimal. South one works, but has a higher chance for error.)

Simply keep luring Rex on repeat, save the bones for later, and you’ll be able to obtain those crucial improvements!

Making amends at the Dagannoth Rex haven

You may walk too early on occasion, and Dagannoth Rex may move too quickly south. The correction is straightforward.

The first option is to just teleport. Restart the instance and prepare a safe place to attempt again. This is primarily for hardcore Ironman players who attempt to do it at a low combat level.

\Walking north, along the eastern wall, and then crossing through Dagannoth Rex back to your safe place is a certain fix for those with protection prayers or some food.

Teleporting out is “safer” for those who require it, whereas traveling north (along the wall) is faster, but at the penalty of taking multiple melee assaults from Rex.

Final thoughts

It’s important to note that you can change your skybox settings. Because the cave is rather gloomy by default, one of the brighter filters may be preferable.

Simply “right-click” the minimap button and select “Change Skybox” from the menu.


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