How to obtain your first Bond in RS3 in F2P worlds


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Before we go into how to effectively earn a Bond in the free-to-play realms of Runescape, consider this a caution. Obtaining a connection in the F2P world is an objectively unpleasant and time-consuming activity.

If you have the option, it is highly recommended that you purchase at least two weeks of membership (or wait for a Twitch Prime deal) before launching your account.

Earning enough GP in two weeks to maintain your Membership through in-game cash is significantly simpler than earning the requisite 26M GP in a free-to-play environment.

However, some individuals do not want or cannot afford to pay for their first Membership, therefore here is an easy path to take to earn the GP needed to continue your exploration of Gielinor.


How to Get Your First GP in Runescape 3 F2P

Earning your first GP in Runescape is a difficult task, especially on a new account. Picking raw potatoes from the Potato Plants near Freda’s house in northeast Burthorpe is an excellent place to start (the location you first enter the world of Gielenor).

Each potato inventory is worth roughly 25k GP, giving you an excellent starting position. Collect roughly 200 potatoes before proceeding with a decent number of GP for the following phase.


The Great Trade

The Grand Exchange will play an important role in the rest of your adventure. Follow the Grand Exchange instruction at the entry and sell your Raw Potatoes for a substantial cash stack of 175-200k GP, depending on current values. From here, you wander around all the stores you can find, looking for stuff to sell on the Grand Exchange for a profit.

Because stores refill daily, it’s vital to note where you have the most profit potential, as you’ll want to repeat these every day until you unlock your first Bond, after which it will continue as a regular activity but with more particular stores in mind.

Several Magic Stores in Port Sarim, Varrock, Burthorpe, and Al-Kharid are excellent choices for Free-to-Play gamers. Purchasing only these four stores of Fire & Air Runes costs roughly 50k GP and yields a profit of approximately 160k GP every day when sold on the Grand Exchange in a matter of minutes.

The Ranging & Armor stores in and around Varrock Square are another option. Both of these offer good profit margins on a variety of things, so check if any of those are worth picking up. Harvick’s Armour, for example, sells a variety of Black, Mithril, and Adamant things that Members can use to dismantle for the skill Invention.

Lowe’s Archery Emporium, which offers Studded and Leather armor for Clue Scrolls, Invention, and low-level Ranging gear, is the same. Many of the things below have profit margins of 1000 or more GP per piece.


Why creating numerous accounts may expedite the process

Because there are no prerequisites for creating more than one Runescape account, creating multiple accounts is one technique to speed up attaining your first Bond. However, there are other limits in place that make this a less desirable alternative.

The limits are in place to combat gold mining. The trading limit for new accounts that have not previously been Members is 25,000 GP per hour. However, because the restriction is based on real-time, you can check in once every hour to trade a share of the earnings.

If you are prepared to go through the process, you may easily improve your gold to bond revenue by 100-200k each day for each account. This dramatically shortens the time it takes to obtain your first bond, but it is no longer beneficial after you have at least one member’s account.


Fletching or Mining Training for Consistent Money

Fletching and Mining are the two major methods for free-to-play gamers to earn active money. These abilities have advantages and disadvantages, but they are currently the greatest “constant” moneymakers for free-to-play gamers.

Fletching Yew Shortbows, which needs level 65 in the Fletching skill, is the best accessible money-making option in Free-to-Play. Because of the Yew Shortbow’s component value for the Member’s talent Invention, they are extremely profitable, yielding up to a million GP each hour profit.

There are two major downsides to this strategy that you should be aware of. The first disadvantage is the amount of money necessary to regularly do the talent. To acquire the most money per hour, you’ll need materials worth around 3 million GP every hour of stringing the bows, which is a lot of money for free-to-play users.

The other disadvantage is the amount of labor and attention necessary to obtain the optimum Fletching rates. Stringing bows for Fletching, unlike many other talents in Runescape, only allows for about ten to fifteen seconds of “AFK” time between actions, which is quite intensive by Runescape standards.


Why Mining is a fantastic Free-to-Play Alternative

Mining is another way for free-to-play games to make money. Mining and smithing abilities have increased greatly with the overhaul in January of 2019. Mining Adamant, Luminite, and Runite Ore earn free-to-play users 500-750k every hour.

The biggest advantage of this strategy, though, is how much more relaxed the mining skill is today. Players can AFK for up to a minute while keeping ideal profit rates, or for up to five minutes while earning a reduced profit per hour.

The Mining Guild, which is located in Falador and needs level 60 mining to access, is the greatest location to train. For free-to-play players, the Mining Guild is also the only place to find Runite Rocks (apart from the Wilderness).


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