How to make money through Deadman: Reborn starting late (OSRS)?

While Deadman: Reborn’s player base has begun to dwindle, it’s not too late for you to join in and earn some RS GP.

While the slayer road is unlikely to be worthwhile, there is still plenty of opportunity for those who look in the appropriate locations.

Here’s how to get a head start on Deadman: Reborn and earn millions of old-school Runescape GP per hour.

Tournament Qualification for The Deadman: Reborn

For those unfamiliar with the Deadman: Reborn tournament, it will be down to the total level by the end of the season, which will be in about four weeks.

Many wealthy individuals and clans are eager to stock up on commodities that will become scarce as the season progresses.

The expectation sets the total level requirement above 2000 total level, one of the highest quality requirements for a Deadman Tournament to date, because of the extraordinarily fast experience rates.

What do the PKers require in order to qualify?

Players attempt to train a variety of talents in order to acquire speedy total levels. Fletching, for example, and logs for fire-making.

Cooking training with raw fish from the fishing skill To quickly learn mining and smithing ore and bars, Smithing becomes extremely valuable later in Deadman: Reborn. Players are already earning GP by using the molten glass and acquiring the appropriate materials.

You could, for example, collect buckets of sand from the Yanille house gateway and sell them on Oldschool for 1k+ GP. Alternatively, you can go through the process of making Molten Glass and then sell it for 15-20k GP in Old School Runescape.

If you know where to look, the possibilities are unlimited. End-game supplies, in particular, become highly expensive, since players must finally learn talents into their high-eighties to nineties, depending on the skill.

Please keep in mind that these materials may take some time to become as valuable as you desire.

However, if you are ready to put in the effort, Deadman: Reborn might help you earn a lot of Runescape GP.



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