How to gold farm after the June ED3 balance change in Runescape

The community was astonished by this week’s game update (June 20), since the third elite dungeon, the Shadow Rift, received significant balancing modifications years after its initial release.

Previously, the elite dungeon (ED3) was the go-to technique for collecting money and experience for both ironman and regular accounts, since nothing else gave comparable resources.

While many in the community disliked the incentives in ED3, many did not expect the adjustment to occur so soon after its release.

While the majority of the community is pleased to see the dungeon undergo required modifications, many players are left wondering how they can acquire money and experience in the early stages of Runescape.

Here are three options to consider during your next training session.

Arch-Glacor – The beginner option

Arch-Glacor, a recent addition to the game from the third Godwars dungeon, is easily one of the simplest alternatives for farming materials and gold.

Aside from the incredible prizes, the main advantage of Arch-Glacor is how straightforward and accessible the boss is to players of all skill levels. It’s a great place to start because it offers free deaths, has no entry restrictions, and is accessible to players of all skill and combat levels.

The 0-mechanic Arch-Glacor is a popular location for players to earn a huge amount of Charms for Summoning, but as players gain more experience, levels, and gear, the higher mechanic settings of Arch-Glacor exponentially enhance the benefits.


Vyres – High requirements, high rewards

The “Vyres” grind, which many players opt to complete to unlock 95 prayers for Soulsplit and damage-boosting prayers, has long been a fixture of Runescape Ironmen.

Aside from prayer and fire making experience, Vyres are a reliable source of supplies, money, and fighting experience. Vyres is also one of the most AFKable training sites in Runescape, which makes them an excellent pick.

While this all sounds fantastic in principle, Vyres has several disadvantages when compared to the other solutions on our list. The main disadvantage is a large number of conditions players must meet to finish the quests and efficiently collect all of the important things needed to farm Vyres in the Sanguinesti region.

The major challenge is completing the tasks required to gain the Sunspear, which needs level 75 in all melee combat stats, 79 Construction, 76 Hunter, and 78 Slayer. Similarly, the Branches of Darkmeyer quest, which is a prerequisite for the Lord of Vampyrium quest, needs 76 Woodcutting, 70 Fletching, 70 Mage, 64 Crafting, and levels 63 in Agility and Farming.


Croesus – The best skilling money maker

Croesus, like Arch-Glacor, is a new addition to Runescape from the third god wars dungeon update. While there are no technical prerequisites for Croesus, it is strongly advised that players have at least some experience in Hunter, Woodcutting, Mining, and Fishing.

Furthermore, having access to Super Restore potions and a decent firemaking level (45/60+) is quite advantageous to increasing your Croesus contribution score.
While Croesus is by far the least AFK, he delivers some of the greatest resources and money to practically all players.

You should ideally join a higher-level team of four, which you may locate via any of the Croesus team seeking buddy conversations. However, for new players, Croesus-mass planets are almost always available, with world 68 – the group bossing world – being the most frequently active.

Another advantage of Croesus is the variety of unique things that players may obtain, even with extremely low contribution scores. Some of the most critical and lucrative artifacts for Ironmen and main-account players are pieces of Cryptbloom Armor, skilling off-hands, and even the Book of Bik.



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