How to change Combat XP Settings in Runescape3?

One of the most often asked concerns regarding Runescape3 is how to adjust which combat skills acquire experience.

Changing these parameters offers several advantages, the majority of which are with long-term training efficiency. It is possible to boost your Defence numbers or avoid them entirely.

It’s worth noting that, unlike in Oldschool Runescape, training Defense alongside your major abilities does not slow down your ability to fight enemies or develop your skills.

The simplest way to modify your Combat XP settings in Runescape3

The Settings option is by far the simplest method to change your Combat XP settings. To open the settings menu, hit the “ESC” or Escape key on your keyboard. Alternatively, you may quit the game by using the exit button on the Minimap menu or the top-right corner of your Runescape window.

When you access the settings menu, look for the “Skills & Experience” menu, which is found in the Gameplay section. When you initially visit the options menu, the Gameplay section appears by default, making it simple to adjust these settings on the fly.

The first option in the Skills & Experience menu is Combat XP, which enables you to determine how to allocate the experience you acquire. For each of the three skill styles, at least one setting must be active at all times.

Unlike in Oldschool Runescape and before the EOC, it is possible to obtain just Defense experience through Magic and Ranged combat training.


How to Modify Combat XP Settings on RS3 Mobile

Changing your fight XP settings in RS3 Mobile works in the same way. Locate the settings menu by clicking the cog symbol on the right or left side of your screen and then following the instructions to find the Skills & Experience option.


The other method for changing your fight XP settings

If you are unable to alter your combat XP settings via the methods described above, you can switch to the Legacy interface by login into one of the Legacy-Only worlds or by changing your layout in the options menu described above. This allows you to choose between battle types using the “Melee” options menu, which is situated beneath your Inventory tab.



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