Herblore – an expensive, bank breaking skill… Or, is it? A guide to making money with Herblore.

Although it’s a wall full of text, it’s worth reading if you want to train your herblore but don’t have the money.

Would you believe me if I said that herblore could generate over 20gp per experience? I don’t think you are crazy to say that 99 herbs could yield over 200m in earnings. Do you really think anyone wants to make unfinished potions up to 99?

It’s not impossible, but it’s still very quick

It's not impossible, but it's still very quick.

Many people tout this page as a great resource for seeing which potions will result in the least loss. However, it’s not clear to me how to read the page. The Super Ranging Potions make 7.8K profit per each, with the Scroll of Cleansing. However, they still give -7.55gp/XP. What?

The page doesn’t give you all the information, which is beyond my inability to understand it. Super Ranging potions make a profit of 4-5gp per XP and not nearly -8.

You’re probably curious where the extra money came from. We need to get a few things and do some math.

The first item you’re going to want is a portable well. You get a 10% bonus experience for each potion you make, but no bonus. This stacks with any gear/etc. Bonus experience. They also give you a chance to create an additional potion if you mix any non-combination potion. Each one lasts 5 minutes and costs 40k. They cost approximately 500k/hr.

Many people aren’t keen to spend money on portables. However, you can make approximately 2500 potions an hour. You can make an additional 125 potions for every 5% you add to your current batch. If you consider super-range potions, which are approximately 10k each, that will result in an additional 1250k worth of potions from the well alone. This would give you an additional 800k profit. Although wells can be found at the combat academy bank, w84, I want to make it clear that you can still make a profit even if your wells are not purchased by them. To help you out, throw in some wells from time to time.

Next up are Botanist’s Amulets. They were 4000 each when I bought them. However, we will use the current GE price to calculate the cost. If you are patient, you may be able to make more. The botanist’s amulet costs 5 and offers a 5% chance of making a 4-dose potion instead of a 3 dose. You have a 5% chance of making 33% more profit per pot at a cost of 1.2k. Or, you can see it as 1.6% higher profit per pot at 60 gp.

This would add 125 additional to the super-ranging potions and cost 150k. The GE super-ranging potions cost about 3.3k per dosage, approximately 400k more in potion doses or 250k profit. These are not worth the cost of cheaper potions. However, expensive potions can make a significant difference.

We now get to the non-tradeable items, the annoying, greedy ones

rs money making

First and foremost is the Scroll of Cleansing, which saves about 11% of the secondary ingredients spent on a potion. Although the scroll claims it saves 10%, it is actually closer to 11% in real life. These secondaries can be used to create more potions or sold back when you’re done using the potion. This is a great way to get the item into your system. The wines of Zamorak don’t cost 9k; they are 8.1k. While it doesn’t make you more, it does reduce the initial investment cost. To make 2500 potions, you only need 2200-2300 secondaries. For 20K tokens, you can purchase the Scroll of Cleansing from the Dungeoneering Rewards Trader.

The next is, to my mind, the most irritating. The Modified Botanist’s Mask. This mask has the same buff as the portable well to make an additional potion, but unlike that well, it will work with combination potions. This mask will give you 1250K more gold per hour and super-reliable potions. You can obtain the Modified Botanist’s Mask and the initial Botanist’s Mask from the Flash Powder Factory minigame, which requires 75 thieving and 75 agility. The Mask and Upgrade each cost 1K points and can be obtained at 600 points per hour. Although it’s not an easy task, it is definitely worth the effort.

Finally, is the Factory Outfit. Although the 5 pieces set effect is not significant, wearing 3 pieces will give you a 10% chance of making a 4-dose potion instead of a single 3-dose. This means that you can make potions with a 3.3% higher gold yield or 800k more gold per hour with the super-range potions. If you enjoy the flash powder factory, you can purchase the Factory Outfit using the same Flash Point Factory points. Thaler is available if your preference is to AFK the spotlight. The gloves, boots, and top are recommended so that you have enough space for Morytania Legs 4 if/when you make Prayer Renewals. The legs are more affordable than the top if you don’t plan on praying renewals.

How does it all work together? It’s really quite simple.

Here are the calculations for how much you will pay/make for each potion mix:

(3-dose potion cost + 14.5%) - ((secondary-10%) + (unfinished cost)) - 60

The 14.5% comes from the 1.5% amulet, 5% well/mask and 3% factory set. The cost of the amulet is minus 60. You can check the profit with the amulet by using 13%. Don’t subtract 60 at the end. You can add 6% to prayer renewals if you use the 4th set of morytania legs. Although this formula isn’t perfect it’s easy enough to trust. Let’s return to the super-ranging potion example. I’ll be using the current insta-buy and insta-sell prices for this. So make sure you check your own prices, and decide whether you want to complete transactions or make transactions over time instantly. For rough estimates, the difference is approximately 250k per hour per 100 gold. Let’s add these prices to the formula.

(9933 + 13.5%) – ((9200-10%) – (2649) - 60 = a profit of 384 per potion or approximately +2.5gp/xp. You can make more if you are patient with your GE offer. However, even at instant sell/buy price, herblore is still gonna make money.

Let’s take a look at some other potions of high quality, shall we?

Aggression Potions(48900 + 14.5%) - ((40000-10%) + (19500)) - 60 = 450 profit per potion. Side note: I bought all my unfinished potions for 17000, which resulted in 3K profit per potion. However, the history proves that it is no longer there. Aggro pots may have seen a price increase, so be sure to check your margins. :

Super Saradomin Brews (60000 + 14.5%) - ((69300 - 10%) + (6510)) - 60 = 240 loss per potion, well they can’t all be profitable.

Prayer Renewals
(9563 + 20%) - (7904 – 10%) + (4057)) -60 = 157 per potion but a lot less than 1gp perxp

Super Strength
(6711 + 14.5%) - ((2149 - 10%) + (5271)) - 60 = 418 profit per potion

Saradomin Brews
(6698 + 14.5%) - ((2750 - 10%) + (5451)) - 60 = 316 loss per potion

Super Defence
(4141 + 14.5%) - ((1679 - 10%) + (3317)) - 60 = 146 loss per potion

I won’t go through every potion, but you can look at the lower levels and make decent money.

As you can see, not all potions are going to be profitable. However, if you do your research you might make some decent cash. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a good profit with Aggro Pots. These boosts can also be used to make overloads. The mask/SoC can also be used in combination potions. If you buy supplies for 1k 3-dose overloads, you can expect to see somewhere in the neighborhood of 1050 4-dose overloads, which should turn into approximately 1150-1200 holy overloads. This is a significant improvement on the 700 you would expect to see.



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