Five reasons why you should try Runescape 3

As a long-time Runescape and Oldschool Runescape player, I’ve seen a lot of criticism towards Runescape3 from the Oldschool community these days. Sure, some of it is correct.

Many misunderstandings and simple lies, however, prevent people from enjoying a game that is more similar than distinct in many respects.

I hadn’t played Rs3 in over a decade, but I decided to give it another shot a few months ago due to the severe content drought that Oldschool is presently facing. Here are five reasons why gamers of Oldschool Runescape should try Rs3.

The missions and lore are fantastic

The missions in Runescape in general become more enjoyable as you play the game more. The narrative, tales, and perks in both Oldschool and Runescape3 are great, and the new mission releases in Oldschool were some of the finest experiences for many players.

Nobody in the Oldschool community, however, talks about how Runescape3 didn’t stop developing things after the Evolution of Combat update many years ago.

There are scores of new end-game missions, progressions of incomplete questlines, bosses, awards, and much more that the Oldschool community is just unaware of.

Playing through these missions, as well as the years of enhancements to the original quests, is an incredible experience you won’t want to miss.

In addition to the new missions, there are several quests with completely voice-acted dialogue, something I had no idea I desired until I tried it.


Misconceptions about the combat system

The Evolution of Combat update was and continues to be the most contentious in Runescape’s history. To be honest, getting used to it will take some time at first. However, after you reach the mid-game powers, mechanics, and boss fights, you begin to understand what is possible beyond Oldschool Runescape’s point-and-click paradigm.

Aside from the Inferno, there are no difficulties for an expert player in Oldschool Runescape.

However, in Rs3, you may push yourself as far as you desire. Several bosses include a “enrage” mechanism that makes the boss increasingly tough and punitive as you fight it. Because the difficulty grows with the rewards, learning the hundreds of various boss fights is a fun experience.


The new abilities

In comparison to Oldschool, Rs3 has four new talents with varying effects, benefits, and enhanced skilling techniques. Archeology, a talent that requires players to dig up and repair relics from all around Gielinor, is one of the most intriguing.

As you level up the skill, you will get access to several prizes that will enhance your skilling, PvM, and global drop chances.

Another is Invention, a skill that allows you to modify your greatest tools, weapons, and armor in an almost limitless number of ways.

The Invention talent is perhaps one of the finest abilities in Rs3 for the economy because practically every object has some worth owing to the “pieces” you can deconstruct them into for upgrades, tools, machines, and many other things.


The Scrolls of Clue

Clue Scrolls are many Runescape users’ ultimate favorite pastime. And for Rs3, they’re a fantastic method to make money on a new or veteran account.

The Scrolls of ClueFurthermore, as you continue through the game’s endgame levels, there are techniques to help you proceed through the clues faster, making them worthwhile even for the most experienced gamers.


Minigames and Daily Distractions

Only a few of the minigames in Oldschool are ever played by anyone. Due to the power of the Void Knight armor, the major exception is the Void Knight minigame.

However, practically every single mini-game in Rs3 has people playing it because of the numerous prizes provided by the main Thaler system.

There are reasons to play practically every mini-game, ranging from skilling outfits to equipment and powers.

Furthermore, on a rotating basis, one mini-game every time offers additional incentives, allowing even “non-meta” mini-games to receive the attention they deserve.



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