Does wearing the wrong armor type reduce your damage in Runescape3?


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The armor kinds are one of the most challenging components of Runescape3 to master for newcomers.

Players frequently employ the wrong armor type, causing them to absorb greater damage, because what each item accomplishes outside of damage and “armor” value is never properly stated.

For those new to Runescape, each armor style is better against one type of armor and weaker against another.

As a result, you must ensure that your attack style and armor are compatible with your opponent’s.

Runescape3 – Armor types & styles

Let’s quickly go over the basics of armor kinds and styles before we get into how wearing the improper armor type affects your stats. Power Armor and Tank Armor are the two forms of armor available.

Tank armor is straightforward; these items do not boost your damage, but they frequently have a high armor level for their tier.

Power Armor, on the other hand, has a lower average armor value but gives damage boosts that increase your character’s average and maximum hits.

There are four different armor styles to choose from.

Melee Armor, Range Armor, and Hybrid Armor are the four types of armor.

While the three major kinds are straightforward, Hybrid Armor is a little trickier. There are various sorts of Hybrid and “All-style” armors in Runescape3.

Trickster, Vanguard, and Battle-Mage are the three real “Hybrid” armor sets available through the mini-game shop.

There are also “All-style” armors with the “Hybrid” designation, such as the Godwars faction Armors and the Vanguard set from May’s Quest Caravan.

The downside of wearing the wrong armor type in Runescape3

A widespread misunderstanding among newer Runescape3 players is that they should wear armor with magic defense, such as Ranged armor, even when fighting with Magic or Melee weapons.

While it may not be immediately apparent when playing Runescape3, having the incorrect armor for your attack style reduces accuracy significantly.

While there are times when wearing the incorrect armor style makes sense, such as when fighting Crystal Shapeshifters. But there’s no need to be concerned about it right now.


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