Complete these tasks daily for the best Exp in RS3

Daily activities provide several of the finest experience rates in Runescape3. Look here for our page about generating money using daily. In this quick roundup, we’ll go over three Dailies that will help you earn the most XP.

Guthixian Cache Divination Training

Usually, learning Divination takes a long time. While standard Divination training has improved tremendously thanks to the latest overhaul, it still pales in comparison to the Guthixian Cache. You should aim to acquire a hundred points in the Guthixian Cache twice a day by deactivating robots and giving Memories to the middle of the chamber.

Except for Draynor, you may find the Guthixian Cache at (nearly) every Divination site.
The Cache starts once per hour, at the beginning of the hour, with a daily limit of 200 points. If you do not meet the 100 points per game maximum, you can play more games throughout the day until you do.

The Guthixian Cache grants experience dependent on the player’s current Divination level. The Guthixian Cache’s experience per point starts at 33 XP per point at level 1 and rises to 734 per point at 99 Divination. Even if there are no other players on your current planet, earning the most points in every game is relatively straightforward.

Assume you can complete six Guthixian Caches in one hour (Each game takes a maximum of ten minutes, although faster completion is very likely at higher Divination levels). In such instances, you get experience ten times faster than with standard Divination Training.

Furthermore, the Guthixian Cache provides players a chance at the standard Divination outfit, which grants a 6% increase to Divination XP but has no effect on the Guthixian Cache XP award.


Runesphere – Runespan

One of the finest ways for players to practice Runecrafting (apart from training at the Abyss) is to complete the Runesphere once every day. Simply enter the Runespan at the top of the Wizards Tower and jump planets until you locate a Runesphere that you may gather.

In addition to the experience gained through siphoning the Runespan, a total of 1000 Rune Dust can be gathered each day, earning up to 25,000 experience in the Runecrafting skill. From as low as level 16 Runecrafting, it is possible to complete the Runesphere in one planet. However, starting at level 22 or 29 Runecrafting allows you access to a larger portion of the lower-level Runespan map.


The Great Chinchompa

The Big Chinchompa minigame is a unique approach to training Hunter. The Big Chinchompa minigame, like the Guthixian Cache, may be located in a random Hunter Training site once per hour at 30 minutes past the hour. The best method to find the Big Chinchompa game is to go to the Nyriki’s Portal in the Gnome Stronghold, which is located beneath the Gnome Stronghold agility course.

Simply capture the best Moths you can and feed them to the Big Chinchompa until it falls asleep, finishing the round, to win XP and goodies from the minigame. You may earn up to 1500 points every round, or up to 3000 points per day, however, this might be difficult to achieve if the world’s population is largely owing to fewer Moths available for each player to capture.

The major Hunter XP, on the other hand, comes from the prizes rather than the minigame. At extremely low levels, it may be worthwhile to purchase the Hunter XP Lamp for 5,000 XP for 1000 points.

However, for the majority of players, conserving points for access to the Private Hunter locations is preferable. Carnivorous Chinchompas, Pawyas, and Grenwalls are ideal for both Hunter XP and profit.



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