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Your RuneScape gold can be used to buy in-game items such as potions, weapons and armours. It can also be used to improve your skills and stake it in the Duel Arena.

RuneScape now on Steam

Steam has now added RuneScape’s popular MMORPG as a game to its collection. This is sure to prove to be a major move for the company. Although RuneScape has seen its popularity fluctuate over the years, it still retains a large number of loyal players who remain true to the game. RuneScape’s Steam addition will ensure that there is a huge boost in playership and popularity as Steam opens up to the vast community of gamers.

You can jump online now, whether you are a beginner or a veteran player, regardless of your level.

Gamers playing RuneScape Mobile while on the go

With RuneScape mobile, RuneScapers can now take RS3 with them. There are still people who want to trade gold but they don’t intend to purchase RuneScape Mobile gold. The servers that run the PC and Mobile versions of RuneScape are shared. Players can play on both platforms seamlessly and with their friends on other devices.

What is RuneScape Gold exactly?What is RuneScape Gold exactly?

RuneScape gold is also known as RuneScape GP and RS GP. It is the main currency of RuneScape. It is different for each game version. It’s also known as OSRS gold for Old School RuneScape or OSRSGP for Old School RuneScape. It is referred to in RuneScape 3 as RS3 gold, RS3 GP.

How do I buy Runescape Gold

  1. Please enter the amount of gold that you wish to buy.
  2. Make the payment. (Paypal, Credit card, Bitcoin, etc.)
  3. For delivery information, contact our live chat.
  4. For a face to face trade, meet traders in-game

The RS Gold is delivered to the specified pick-up location, either in F2P or PoP world. Most orders from our clients are fulfilled within five minutes.

Is it safe to buy RS gold?

Mostly yes, all sellers claim to have got the gold legaly but take it with a grain of salt. This ensures that you have as much safety and security as possible, and is most likely not banned.Is it safe to buy RS gold?

RS3 Gold Sellers usually allow customers to choose between F2P or P2P trading options.

Is it possible to be banned from buying RuneScape Gold?

We have never heard of anyone complaining about their account being banned from buying OSRS or RS3 gold. This is despite 8 years of selling in the RS Gold industry. We have a system that ensures your account is protected and secure when you trade RS Gold with us. Jagex will not be able detect trades made with us. We only use RuneScape accounts of high level.

Why would someone buy RS Gold

It is not easy to get RuneScape Gold, or OSRS Gold. To stay afloat you must keep grinding and invest a lot of time. All of these activities are necessary to get RuneScape gold.

Probemas offers a more practical solution – Buy RS Gold and get started immediately.

Customers may also see buying Runescape Gold, as buying time that they can spend with loved ones rather than grinding RS.

Get Cheap RS Gold from Professionals

We felt the pain of those players who couldn’t get RuneScape Gold, so we decided to offer cheap RS gold services to all.

We have over 8 years of experience, tons of feedback and a lot of satisfied customers to back our services. You can feel confident that you have found the best place to buy RuneScape Gold.

We handle all aspects of the process, including minimizing any risks and delivering a safe product for our customers. Our customer service team has been thoroughly trained to assist you in your RuneScape gold purchase.

How safe is Runescape Gold?

Many customers continue to buy billions of RS Coins every month, and they do not get banned. Technically, there is no safe amount. All amounts are safe provided you’re a Runescape player.

High-level accounts are used to ensure safety and avoid getting involved in trades with Venezuelan or botted Gold. Our gold is all from players like you who stake at Duel Arena or participate in Bossing and other activities.

We recommend that you start with a minimum of 5M gold or a mule to get your gold from us if you’ve never purchased RS GP. Probemas will show you that RuneScape Gold is safe.

How will I receive the RS GP?

After you have successfully paid, you will receive an Order ID. You can send the Order ID to our 24/7 chat to get the location where you can meet. Trades are available in both F2P and P2P worlds.

One of our live chat agents will trade the gold once you have arrived at the spot. The entire process usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Delivery delays can happen occasionally, but they are rare and you will receive your RS-gold within 24 hours.



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